Monday, December 2, 2013

Downloads- Objects & Accessories- Solo Cup

Again! Moar Crap by Sunny!

This is actually the little cup your sim uses when they do a trick shot on the pool table.

I cloned it, ditched the overlay, made a pretty poor little map, multiplier, and specular, made it into an object, flipped it upside down, made it a different object, made it into an accessory.

Both the objects and the accessory have 3 recolorable channels, and come with the same 3 presets. The first channel is the main color of the outside of the cup, the second channel is the interior and a tiny little lip on the outer part of the cup (Because solo cups have that white rim, yeah?) and the bottom is the third.


The décor Solo Cups are found in the Misc. Décor section for §1 Simolean a piece. The Solo Cup Accessories each have a custom Thumbnail in the CAS catalog for ease of use.

Accessories Download:
Décor Downloads:

Thank you and I hope you are able to find ways to use these in your own game!

TOU: DO NOT take credit for these!
          DO NOT edit these without permission first!
           If you use these items to make poses with, please DO NOT include them with your poses. Please link back to here. Also- if you use them put a link to your poses using them in the comments so others can see! C'mon. It's free publicity.

ETA: Mirumom has made a posepack using the accessory cups! You can find it HERE!


  1. Is that...Shermy? He does something besides make babies?

    1. IKR?!? I've got to get the wishacy up to date to show their new play room. Now that I've retuned half the house he actually does play pool a little bit. lol Nott well though. Ha!

  2. ^ lolololollllL!!!!!

    Also, why are there so few comments here? I know these will get tons of use!!
    Well, thank you from the community.