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Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1.1- A Brand New Life

                It had taken days and days going through the mountains and forests separating Pipersville from the rest of the known sim world. Finally, they were placing their aching feet on pavement. Solid, steady pavement. Both had blisters, scrapes, bruises and a sunburn. They were hungry for a meal instead of whatever they could scrounge out of the wilderness. They stunk, wanted an actual mattress and a place to call home.
                'Steve' Sixkiller looked out over the dusty street. The place looked deserted. He knew most of the sims who had lived here had been shipped elsewhere, but he also had heard that the Sim Nation supervised recolonization had begun again. Where were all the sims?
                'Elena Brewer' looked across the landscape and thought her heart would burst. It had been too long since she had been home. Home. What a wonderful thought. She knew they were tired and had little energy left and still had to find a place to sleep for the night, but she had to know. Stopping only long enough to enjoy the feel of pavement under her sturdy boots she strode off down the sidewalk hoping there were still enough sims in town to run the taxi services. She didn’t mind spending a few simoleans to save her feet.

                Steve watched her walk off with exasperation. In the moments since they had stepped onto the sidewalk some nutty looking old dude had appeared with a camera and some other random sim was running straight for Elena.
                “Elena?” Steve called after her. He wanted nothing more than a rest. “Elena?” a little louder this time.
                “Come on, Elena! It’s time to rest! We’re here!” He called to her retreating back.
                “Damn it,” he muttered under his breath. The guy with a camera was attempting to take his photograph. This pair was here without permission to settle here and he really didn’t want to attract authorities. “ELENA!”

                'Steve' started to walk after 'Elena.' She was so far away by this time that he had to run a little to catch up to her.  When he finally did, she was climbing into a taxi.
                “And just where are we going,” Steve asked before climbing in himself.
“Wasting simoleans we could use on a room and some food,” he thought to himself wryly staring at the taxi drivers eyes watching them in the rear-view mirror.
“I just wanted to see if-“ Elena stopped suddenly. She had to be careful with what she said. It was dangerous enough for her and ‘Steve’ to be there without being authorized to join the resettlement, but she had been under very close supervision by Sim Nation before running she had run away. This was the last place they wanted her to be.
“If something is true.” She finished lamely, her mind scrambling to come up with a story that didn’t sound too fake.
                “I saw it on tv once and couldn’t believe it was real,” Elena finally came up with this half-truth.
Steve frowned at her. Neither had offered too much information to the other one on their trek through the wilds, but this was a little strange even for the tiny amount of information he did have about her.
“It was the Blue house,” Elena added. “I thought it was really big.”
Steve couldn’t help himself this time. “We’re wasting time and simoleans to go and see a big house?”
Elena just looked at him and he dropped it. They had stuck together in the woods for safety. It would probably help keep them safe if they continued to do that. Besides, as both were keeping secrets from each other, neither wanted to pry.

                Steve was impressed by the size of the house in front of him. The taxi driver had been dismissed by Steve, who had informed Elena that they would walk to a meal and a bed from here. Elena had acted like a sleep-walker though and he was sure she hadn’t heard a word he had said.
                He turned from the driver to find her standing peering through the bars of the padlocked gate.
                “Looks like no one lives here still,” Steve said. “The government is probably still holding onto it to make sure one of the psycho’s kids doesn’t try to follow in Daddy’s footsteps.”
                The muscles in Elena’s arms and back rippled as she tensed, but she said nothing.

                “Listen, Elena,” Steve said. “Why don’t you go and get us some food. I’ll find us a place to rent for now.”
                There was no response.
                “There’s nothing more to see here. I’m hungry and it’s gettin’ dark. If we’re going to stay here this place is always goin’ to be here. Let’s go.”
                Elena didn’t even make a sign to let him know she heard him. She continued to stand and stare at the large house in front of them.
                Finally, she turned around.
                “Fine,” Elena said with a flinty stare at Steve. “Get us beds for the night. I’ll find dinner.”
                Steve rolled his eyes as he turned around. ‘Chicks can be so weird sometimes,’ he thought.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

                “My PlumbBob,” Elena said. She had just walked into the tiny house Steve had found for them to rent. He had called her with the address while she was still at the grocery store. “The cobwebs and dust have paid their share of the rent right?”
                “Course they did, Princess-“
                “Don’t call me that-”
                “-I asked them for that the moment I walked in the door.” Steve didn’t even look up from the book he had found on the dusty bookshelf.
                Elena sighed looking at the small room. It was nicer than the woods, but still a far cry from the life she was used to.

                “What on Sim Planet,” Elena had turned around finally, seeing Steve with book in hand. “I didn’t know you could read.”
                “Thanks for the vote of confidence, Princess-“
                “-Don’t call me that-“
                “-Makes me feel all special like,” Steve finished finally looking at her. “I thought you were out gettin’ food, not an attitude. And I’m hungry.”
                Elena’s stomach growled just then.
                “And it seems like you are too, Princess-“
                “-Please, don’t call me that.”
                “So why isn’t dinner in front of me then,” Steve grinned at Elena. “Food in my mouth is one way to get me to shut up…Princess.”
                Elena stomped her booted foot on the carpet before she realized she really was acting prissy and the best way to shut up any man was food. She settled for glaring at Steve and went to fix a simple salad for the pair.

                Elena didn’t bother to tell Steve the salad was finished. He looked up and rolled his eyes at her when he heard her set her plate on the table.
                “Hmmm. Thought Princesses were supposed to have better table manners,” Steve said, watching her wolf down large quantities of Cobb. “Might oughta call you Wolverine instead.”
                “Don’t call me that,” Elena mumbled between mouthfuls. She hadn’t been so hungry in ages. She could eat this all night.
                Salad, Princess?” Steve asked with disgust. “Sweetheart, I know you prefer the nicer things in life like any girl does, but salad is not goin’ to feed a man.”
                “So, sorry,” Elena snapped back. “But I was unaware I was feeding a man. I merely though I was feeding myself and the little boy I met in the woods.”
                “And don’t call me that, please,” she added wearily.

                By the time Steve had served himself a large portion of salad Elena was already washing up her plate in the dinky sink.
                ‘Hmmm,’ Steve thought. ‘Kinda fillin’ for a salad. Wouldn’t have killed her to fix desert, though.’
                “I’m going to go look through the rest of the house,” Elena told him without turning around. “Get an idea of what we’re facing here.”
                Steve raised his eyebrows. '‘Facing here?’' he thought. ‘Thought we were out of the woods.’

                Steve had just risen from the table when Elena ran back in wide-eyed.
                “There’s only one bed,” she panted, clearly horrified. “And I think I saw a mouse just now, in the corner. By the dresser. Oh my, PlumbBob.”
                “Mouse ain’t goin’ to hurcha, Princess,” Steve drawled at her. Elena didn’t even notice that he had said the magic word again. “Besides, we can share a bed. I can more’n handle myself against anything you have to throw at me.”

                Elena’s gaze snapped at Steve.
                “Throw at you?” She stared at him, agog. “I beg your pardon, but I can assure you with certainty that I am not going to throw aa-nee-thing-at you other than my boot!”
                “Oh,” Steve said calmly. “Get out of it, Princess-“
                “-PlumbBob, quit calling me that-“
                “-I’m just trying to lighten things up.” Steve said. “You haven’t bothered to ask, but this is what we could afford. There was nothin’ else out there in our price range. And it came with one, count ‘em one, bed. We’ve just got to make do.”

                Steve was about to continue when he saw he had lost Elena’s attention, again.
                He watched her curiously. She had focused on something he could not see. A smile gentle as a spring rain had softened her face. ‘Elena’ did this from time to time. She had done it through the woods and he would have to bring her back to get her to keep going. Sometimes she came out of these reveries cheerful and kind. At other times, though, she would be dark and angry. Then, there were the very rare, and very disturbing, times when she had instead silently wept, coming out of those spells hard and with a fiery determination. At those times, her do or die resolve had frightened him more than her anger ever could.
                He drew in his breath to watch, try to guess which way the wind blew today.

                Elena didn’t spend long in her netherworld this time. Slowly, she brought her gaze back to Steve and the world in front of her.
                “I’ve got to clean this place in the morning. Top to bottom and inside and out. I forgot to pick up hair dye while I was at the store and we’re going to need money to get a bigger place. There’s not enough room in this house to put another bed even if we wanted.”
                Steve stayed quiet, letting her say her piece.
                Elena’s eyebrows raised slightly. She had been expecting some comeback from the country boy.
                “So first thing in the morning, I will make breakfast,” Elena continued. “Then I will begin to clean and you will go to the store. You will deliver the hair dye and then go and get a job.”
                Steve lowered his brow, frowning.
                “Any job will do,” Elena hurried to continue before he could object. “I know the cemetery is hiring maintenance staff. I’m sure a big tough guy like you would think such a job is a great time.” Elena had pouted and simpered when saying her last line. He had been all big and tough acting at her panic over a mouse, but she had a theory he was really just a big softie and wanted him to prove it to her.

                Steve looked at her, remembering her softened features. He had wondered how she had managed to become so hardened so early on.
                He had felt her jibe about being a man. It stung. But he wanted to build a brand new life here. One where he could be the person he wanted to be, not the person he was born as. 'Steve' decided to take her advice and hope that it became a stick in her eye, not his.
                However, he did have one big glaring concern.

                “So,” Steve said. “Why aren’t you gettin’ a job, 'Elena?'”
                He had left her pet name out hoping to get a little truth from her for once. He had several suspicions, but no confirmation. They were in enough trouble sneaking here, they didn’t need any more.

                'Elena' looked at 'Steve' squarely. His challenge was fair and she meant to answer it. Her life-long dream had been to become a world-renowned surgeon. But things had changed. She needed to lie low and such a high profile job wouldn’t suit her. She still didn’t know exactly what she was going to do, but she’d figure it out.
                “I can’t get a job until I dye my hair,” Elena said with confidence. “They rooted all the colors out of this town and are only letting select ones in. I stand out too much. I need to dye it to a more subdued tone before going out in public too much. The little I was out today could have raised an alarm already. We can’t afford any trouble.”

                Elena paused, toying with an idea.
                “Of course,” she said. “If you really want, you can stay home and clean while I go out and get dye, use it, then go back out and get a job.”
                She smiled sweetly at him, leaning forward slightly.
                “And then,” honey dripping from her words. “If I find a single speck of dust, or evidence of mice, or anything else not perfect and clean, I’ll go and alert the authorities myself.”
                She sat back watching the effect of her words.
                “I’ll have to alert them! I’ll have killed you!”
                Laughing at his shock, she turned and headed toward the bedroom.
                “And you’re on the couch tonight,” Elena called back over her shoulder. “Sugar.” She added with another saccharine smile, shutting the door with a snap.

                Steve settled onto the couch without a murmur. After all, ‘Elena’ was scary when she was mad. Besides how hard could working at the cemetery be? It’s not like there would be ghosts or anything.

                'Elena' would never tell ‘Steve’ that she was afraid of what deep sleep would cause.
                Her fears were verified when she plunged into a nightmare the moment her head touched her pillow. She was immediately in the courtroom, sitting in the back, racked with fear. Any moment, the jury would return, the panel of judges asking them for a verdict.

                It had been nerve wracking walking past the officers and armed sims guarding the building where the highest-profile case of the century was being tried. The officers had gotten to know her as she slipped through them to attend the proceedings every day. And though they didn’t harry her, they weren’t kind either. The public watching her progress was even worse.

                Thankfully, her mind jumped from the verdict to her flight after the worst day of all. The woods would most likely haunt her longer than anything. She woke with a yell and covered in a cold sweat.
                Looking around the drab room she settled back down. Nope. No way Steve would sleep in the same room as she did. Ever.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Welcome to my Random Legacy!
I’ve decided to copy several others who blog and only reveal my roll as the story progresses to where it should be.
And also, sorry for the rather uninspired title. Usually I can find a phrase within my chapter that summarizes it well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one of those this time. My poor Sims were being too cautious to speak freely.
There are a lot of red herrings in here, and a lot of references to my previous story. I’m really really really trying to make it so that you can read this without a knowledge of my previous story. However, I loved that story and thought it was really well done (mostly) for me, so go check it out if you can! I worked really hard, also, while writing that so that ‘Elena’s’ story will be revealed here more than it ever was there. I’ve been working toward this for weeks. The wrap-up and tie-in of it all should be quite something, if I do say so myself. I’m rather proud of my plot twisting abilities, in my head at least. ;)
We’ll see where this takes us.
Just in case anyone is wondering, I removed all of 'Elena's' skills and cleared her inventory out  excepting 3 items classified as relatively worthless, (a prom photo, and two awards from the ghost hunter career) and I will never sell them during the course of the challenge. I created 'Steve' in CAS and merged him with the 'Brewer' family. Once I'd gotten rid of the other family members, I then set the family funds to §18,500 and proceeded to move them into the tiniest house I've ever built. But knowing what I know I knew I'd need the funds. Then I went in and edited the heck out of the town killing off like 3/4 of the population and putting in random other households. This kept family trees intact as well as brought in fresh blood. It's also AMAZING how much faster the game works without 180 sims in town...  
BTW- This is where I got the name from: The very best pages of our local phone book, ever.  >:D

How can you not use that?


  1. Great start on your legacy! I love the name, I don't blame yo for using that when you found it. =D

    1. Thanks! We live really close to a reservation so there are a lot of fun surnames around. My husband's favorite is Squirrel. Ha!

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    Also, it is perfectly easy to read. :)

    1. I had a lot of fun coming up with the back stories for these two. I just hope that their secrets don't disappoint!
      And thanks for letting me know the trees didn't interfere with the font and readability. I really like the background, but I know sometimes it's more difficult to read black on grey.

  3. First of all, your layout is awesome. It's kind of eerie but enchanting at the same time. I don't know how to describe it, but it's wonderful.

    Secondly, epic start to your legacy. I love the plot layout! I can't wait to see where you go from here!

    1. Thanks! I had so much fun coming up with the plot and then twisting the heck out of it. It should be an interesting ride. ;)
      And I'm really glad you like the layout. I wanted it to be just a bit cold feeling as these two are in rather hostile territory with each other, but I didn't want to turn anyone off with it either.

  4. First: as everyone else has said, I can read the blog perfectly well, the comments are a little harder, but they don't matter really :p

    Second: LOVE this. An amazing way to start a legacy! I've not read your other story, but I will definately check it out (tomorrow, after work. I meant to go to bed hours ago but never got round to it :s) I am wondering though, as the names are in quotes does that mean they're going to change? I'm awful with names as it is and don't think I can handle name changes! Will be a shame when 'Elena' dyes her hair, I live interesting hair colours.

    Looking forward to chapter 2, and lol at the names in your local phonebook!!

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the beginning for my story! Thank you for reading!
      Sadly, the quotes around the names 'Steve' and 'Elena' do indeed mean that they are simply using those monikers to hide their true identity from the world. As their secrets come out into the open their names will be revealed. There aren't a whole lot of characters in this story though, so it should be fairly easy to keep up with who is who.
      I love that page in the book! The top name is Betty Rose Sixkiller, and everytime I flip past it I picture a flaming redhead with a pair of pistols on her hip. lol

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    1. Thank you! It'll all come out... well... most of it. ;)

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      Hopefully, you'll enjoy the story. My characters have a lot to hide, and a lot to tell. ;)

  8. Wow! What a start! I am hooked! I am especially intrigued by the obvious complex relationship between the two! Where will it take them! What secrets are they about to reveal?!?!?

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    I don't, I was just going to be creepy and go "Hey, remember this?", but then I realised Marsar had appeared from nowhere a few hours ago...

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    1. Hi! Oh wow! That summary is... Good golly almighty it's unwieldy. lol.

      Nah, it's not going anywhere, and it's not moving very quickly at the moment either. Ha! I'm so glad you're reading, and really embarrassed that you started here. This bit is... really bad. Haha.

      Yeah, confused is about right. It gets better. I promise. It might take a bit though. lol

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