Saturday, December 19, 2015

Downloads-Sunny's School Set

Not just one or two items, but a whole slew of things to make a kindergarten/preschool/small child's classroom with!

Most of this was used in Chapter 3.13-Less Than Frigid. However, it was not in a state where I could release it at that time. So after much work polishing, remapping and learning new mesh techniques here it all is. Two tables, two chairs, a bulletin board, a worksheet and poses enough to get an entire classroom of kids to behave and learn. (Poses were used here: MTS 2016 Calendar Contest)

Sunny's School Tables

Table #1 is a crescent shaped table. Usually the teacher sits behind it with a semi circle of kids surrounding her.
This table has 18 slots. They're wonky and all over the place but I've kind of quit caring that they're not perfect. =D   PolyCount:1152/301

Table #2 is a standard rectangle large enough to accommodate 6 kids. It has 21 slots.PolyCount: 700/298

Both tables have 3 recolorable channels, but only one preset. They can be found under Kids' Misc and Surfaces->Coffee Tables for §200.

The slots are a little aggressive and you will need to use MoveObjects On and DisableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt True with Alt Shifting to get the chairs to go around the table instead of on the table.

Sunny's Classroom Chairs

Both of these chairs are identical. Only one, the larger one, is functional. PolyCount for both chairs:908/301

The decorative, smaller chair has a slot allowing it to stack with other chairs, though I didn't get the legs meshed quite correctly and there's a bit of clipping. It also has a slot on the seat. This chair requires poses for kids to sit on it.

There are 2 recolorable channels and 5 presets. The larger chair can be found in Comfort->Dining Chairs.. The smaller one can be found in Kids->Misc., Decor->Sculptures and Misc. Decor. They are priced at §40 each.

Sunny's Classroom Bulletin Boards

This is the bulletin board from Uni, made BG compatible and with new Simlish images based on bulletin boards I've eyeballed at my kids' schools. There are 4 presets, one recolorable channel and it's shiftable.

These can be found in Decor->Wall Art, Misc. Decor and Kids->Misc. for §50.

Sunny's Classroom Worksheets

A simple Simlish worksheet to put on tables for kids to use. It has 6 presets and one recolorable channel.

It can be found under Misc. Decor and in Kids->Misc. for §5. PolyCount: 4/2

Sunny's SchoolDaze Posepack

16 poses  to create that ideal learning enviroment. xD 6 of the poses came from EA's homework animation. The other 10 poses are all original. Each of the 6 EA poses, as well as poses 1-4 of the SchoolDaze set and c_sunny_student use the Extracted Pen Accessory included in the archive.

These poses WILL require MoveObjects On to place them on the chairs/around the table.
As per the usual, The above posecoded images are included in the archive for your convenience. There are two versions, Posecoded and NOT Posecoded. Only put one in your game or you'll have two in your game.

Pen Accessory for Children
This is the in game pen that has been extracted several times before by others (PickyPikachu has an accessory for teens/adults here. BabaYaga extracted it and uploaded to MTS years ago. Link below.) I extracted it again and made it an accessory for children.

It is not recolorable. Found under the accessories tab in CAS.

(TOU found HERE applies to all downloads offered on this site)

Sunny's Classroom Set

Sunny's SchoolDaze PosePack-Poselisted
Sunny's SchoolDaze PosePack-NOT Poselisted

To complete your classroom I highly recommend:
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Severinka's School Set
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Artsy-Fartsy Clutter from Baba Yaga
Jennisims School Classroom Set 
Little Prodigies Learning Center-Sims3 Store (Mainly for the clothesline art and the cubby)

Well, that's all for this line of cc folks. Between this set and the drinking fountains I think my kids' schools are getting fairly suspicious of my visits. (I'm the only parent there taking pics of the chairs/tables/classwork/wall art instead of my kids. At least they were amused by my drinking fountain obsession. "This one in that hallway is different! Go see!" Sadly, the honeymoon is over. )

If you've used my poses in your game and you've posted pics somewhere, I'd love to see! Leave a link in the comments or tag me on Tumblr (sunnyssims) and I'll leave some love back!

And Merry Christmas!


  1. This is just awesome! You always amaze! Thanks so much for this set and all of your hard work. I love it :D

    1. THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it and hope you find a use for it in your stories. <3

  2. These are awesome! I've been hoping you would upload these eventually!

    1. Thank you! You're the reason I kept them around to polish them up. =D So really, Thank YOU!

  3. Hello! I am not sure if you will see this, as it has been a few years. I was just wondering if you'd be up for having someone convert this set to Sims 4? I really really would enjoy it in game.

  4. Hello! I am not sure if you will see this, as it has been a few years. I was just wondering if you'd be up for having someone convert this set to Sims 4? I really really would enjoy it in game.

  5. Hi, I'm trying to place the set in my files but they appear as packages and I don't know how to turn them into TS3 Custom Content for the game to read it as CC.

    1. Hi! These instructions are pretty thorough so you can use package files in your game.

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