Sunday, July 5, 2015

Selfie Sunday and Apologies

About 4 weeks ago I took this pic as a joke for hubs. Turned out the joke was on me after I landed in the hospital later that night. I’m not dead, I’m not ignoring messages or comments or posts, I’m just a little sore (still) and trying to get my life back on track.

This will sound incredibly silly, but I had severe heat/sun stroke and severe second degree sunburns across my neck, back, shoulders and both legs after working outside at my parents home. I didn’t even know sunburn could be so bad they would talk about possible skin grafting. (We did Not need to go that route, thankfully.) Anyhow, parents home is 500 miles away. I wasn't hospitalized the entire time, but there was no way I could drive my van/kids back home on my own until few days ago. It took 2 days for my knees to forgive me for the trip as it is. My autistic child still hasn't forgiven Mommy for her stint with stupid and has to be touching me at all times to make sure I'm okay. His healing will probably take a little longer. :(

For anyone wondering, I did have on sunscreen (SPF 50). I did drink water. I just ignored a lot of other ‘signs’ that things weren’t going so well. (Once the power tools start overheating after 15 minutes use it might be too hot out for you, too. We won't go into the hallucinations about the belt sander and high torque drill and their conspiracy to overthrow me at the annual power tools ball. O_o)

Sitting at my computer hurts my shoulders and my knees quite a bit still so I’m not back at this moment, despite being at my home again.  But I feel horrible about not responding to all the things I see going on. If you’ve messaged/commented/posted and haven’t had a response please be patient just a little while longer. Healing at home is better, but it will still take some time. <3