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Chapter 2.39-Unseeing Eyes

       “Layla,” Sabria breathed with relief. “Who was that, honey?”

        And then her eyes finally saw past her daughter-in-law, sweeping over the bare room. Well, bare in comparison to what it had been just a not so long ago when she had last been in the house.

          But Layla took another step, drawing a shuddering breath, not answering.

          “Hello?” Sabria repeated. “Layla? How are you?” Waving her hand behind Layla’s back didn’t really make anything better, but she felt like she was making more of an effort to get attention.

          When it didn’t work she repeated her first question.

          “Who was that that just left? What did he want?”

          Finally, Layla stopped her pacing.

          “That was Matthew,” she said in a small voice. “You know, he’s the one who runs the consignment store where I sell what I find.”

          Sabria took a step nearer to hear her better. Layla had been much quieter since her return and didn’t realize when it was difficult for others to catch the words she spoke so softly.

          “Well?” Sabria asked. Matthew and Layla had always had a wonderful rapport according to both Layla and Ignacio. Though Layla wasn’t as close to Matthew as Raul was.

          “Iggy says the gems and things lying around aren’t good for Mariah when she’s on the floor so much,” Layla admitted slowly. “So I had Matthew over to help me sort things, and then he’ll sell them for us.”

          “I see,” Sabria rolled her eyes a little. Whatever Layla wanted to blame the lack of clutter on, so long as it wasn’t in the house anymore.

          “It just feels, so-” Layla faltered.

          Sabria took another look around the room feeling there was still plenty of ‘stuff’ lying around if that’s what had Layla so nervous.

          “Empty,” she finished. “It doesn’t feel right.”

          “It will,” Sabria said. “Just give it time. You’ll get used to it. And Iggy is right that it wasn’t good for Mariah to be around all of that.”

          Layla nodded slowly.

          “Come on,” said Sabria. “Go get Mariah and let’s go to the park. We need to talk.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          Because she hadn’t heard what had happened from her daughter-in-law yet, Sabria decided to begin with that immediately asking what had happened to Phedra. Mariah had found a fire truck and played happily in the sandbox in front of them.

          Since she’d been home Layla had been in touch with both of her brothers trying to figure out exactly what had happened. The answers they received were piecemeal at best, but it was all anyone would ever know. Phedra and George had gone on a flight with two of the scientists within the expedition. They never returned.

Bits and pieces of what was thought to be the airplane had washed up ashore around the islands, but nothing that could be positively identified. Henry was officially the ward of Cyrus and Olivia, and as the teen had never known any other parents it wasn’t the loss it might otherwise have been. He was saddened, but he would be able to move on.

          Mariah had driven her fire truck farther than she could reach, making her wriggle sideways to be able to grab the toy again. Layla watched her with unseeing eyes. Sabria, knowing Layla needed another moment, waited, keeping her peace.

          “It’s over now.” Layla finished.  When she had returned she’d spent days crying in her room, finally letting everything wash over her. Once her grief was spent, she’d come out different, broken. It saddened Sabria to see her in such a state when the first blush of marriage should have been joyful. Ignacio and Layla had opted for a private marriage in front of a Sim of the Peace just a few days earlier.

          Sabria nodded sagely. It was over. Time to move on. A marriage should herald a new beginning, one she was anxious for.

          “I’d like to thank you,” she began quietly. It might not have been entirely in line with the topic, but it would help her ease into what she felt she needed to say. “You’ve taught my son a lot of patience.”

          “I’ve taught Ignacio, a lot,” Layla repeated slowly. “A lot of patience?” The words said ‘insult,’ the tone did not, and her confusion was clear as she narrowed her eyes a little quizzically.

          “Yes,” answered Sabria. “Yes, you have.”

          Layla decided to take it as a rebuke, but one she deserved. Looking away she tried to form the apology she knew she ought to make, but Sabria interrupted this line of thought.

          “Iggy had known for a very long time that there would be someone who would come into his life that would trust him implicitly, immediately. And that person would be incredibly important to him. From what he’s told me that’s exactly what happened when he met you. And then he screwed it up; first, by being so nervous, surprised and excited that he couldn’t find the right words to say. And secondly, by being a little overconfident. By expecting it to just happen. He’d waited for so long and could hardly bear to wait longer.

          Once he realized his mistake he had to work even harder to even be able to befriend you. I don’t think even you realize all the ways he tried to do nothing more than get under your skin, hoping you’d pay attention.
          Layla blinked in confusion. Could that really be why he’d acted that way? He’d sat there, silently listening as she spilled secrets about her time spent traveling before coming to Appaloosa Plains. Then he’d attempted to blackmail her for a date. Not to forget crashing the date she was on with Ned. And making sure her brother got a job; his family, a house. Showing up to give her a gift so she could pretend to grow a garden. All of it, because he could barely stand to wait for her to wake up.

          “And if he hadn’t learned that patience,” Sabria continued. “I’m not at all sure what he would have done when-”

          Layla ducked her head again, cheeks flaming, when Sabria broke off.

          “Well,” she clucked. “You know. But it’s come into use for him with other things as well. Such as his tolerance for my gifts. In particular, related to a vision I’ve had for a long time now.

          You know how he doesn’t like it when I ‘Butt In,’ as he says. And he hasn’t let me for a long time. Until recent events, when he allowed me to See if I could comfort him.”

          Knowing that Sabria was still dancing around her flight, Layla closed her eyes, trying to listen. Trying to ignore that it was her fault that Ignacio had allowed himself to be put in such a spot. He’d been so desperate to make sure she was alright, that she was going to return home, he’d allowed his mother to use him to See. And Sabria Saw, she’d Seen everything he had worked to keep private. Layla would make it up to him though. She’d make it all better if she could.

         Sabria noted her discomfort and paused. Her intent was not to hurt her new daughter-in-law, but to give information and to see what she knew.

          “I’ve started in the wrong spot,” said Sabria. “Let me begin again. A long time ago, I had a flash of a vision with Ignacio lying dead on a floor.

          “As the years have gone on, the same scene has revisited me at different times. Sometimes there are subtle changes. Sometimes, sometimes, my son is alive.  Sometimes there are people in the room with him. While he was in his teens I made him take steps toward protection even. But I’m now having the vision more often and the changes are becoming less. Something is solidifying, and what I learned by using Ignacio as my medium leads me to that conclusion. Though I’m still missing something. Maybe you could help me.”

           “When Raul was in high school, we allowed him to travel abroad as an exchange student. He became very close with his host family and had already put in a request to go back the following year when a military coup took place. Sim Nation decided to punish the newly appointed military dictator by placing embargos on all imports to the country and Raul was brought home along with all other Sim Nationals.

          “But he kept in touch with his other family and learned of the hardships they were being forced to endure due to Sim Nations’ hardline stance against the country. He felt very bad for the innocent people being punished for something they could not control and the moment he was out of school he looked for ways to help the family he had left behind.”

“Eventually, he found a way to get supplies to them. And with a little effort, and some organization, he managed to set up a supply chain to get basic supplies in to help not just his other family, but all others in need while not alerting Sim Nation to his activities.

          “For one of the basic necessities, food, Ignacio agreed to supply all the fish he could. Lottie cured and dried the fish ready for shipping. Matthew organized the shipments. Raul made sure they arrived safely. He made a small amount, enough to ensure they could afford to continue their efforts, but not much more.”

          Layla’s interest was truly piqued, it was an interesting story. But this sounded like a noble and charitable endeavor to her. She’d thought it had been shady when she’d asked about what he really did with Raul so long ago. They’d snuck around, talking in whispers in shady corners, brows lowered, glowering at anyone who dared get too close. When Ignacio had refused to answer her questions about what the two were up to, evading her questions instead, she’d exploded, assuming the worst. She was ashamed of her past behavior, a fierce pride in her husband making her eyes mist. Why was Sabria concerned over this?

          “But lately I’ve noticed a change,” Sabria continued. “I live with Raul and Lottie. I know what they make in their day jobs. But what they are bringing home and spending is wildly different, as are their attitudes and actions. Something about what they are doing has changed and I’m afraid Ignacio may not know what it is. This change could also be what has him in such danger. I know that if it goes on much longer there could be a significant chance that my son’s life will be on the line. You have to help me convince him to change his path.”

          “You have a daughter together, and you’ve helped raise his other daughter,” Sabria said quietly, her voice low and urgent. “You’ve been married for mere days and your world is still upside down… But please. Please, listen. Please, don’t let him die.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Welcome back ladies and gents! I know that was a lot to take in right off the top, but I did warn you that we’d be hitting the ground running when I had finished taking a small break (because writers block had settled right in.) And so we are! Get ready folks, because we’re getting ready to run!

A few notes: I kind of broke Layla. She’s still a little broken and might be for a while. I did, however, finally allow her and Ignacio to fulfill their wishes to get married to the other. It thrilled Ignacio. Like really. It’s so funny to see him. He’s forever doing that “Jump Into Arms” interaction on Layla. Giddy little schoolgirl that he is. Lol.

There is a new pose pack up under the downloads tab. Girls sitting on the ground talking. I can tell you definitely that was not the hold up on this one coming out. lol.

And a huge THANK YOU! to Gemma and Misty for helping me work past the block I had on this chapter and the upcoming storyline. You two rock!

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Chapter 2.38-Speechless

Remember last time? Okay, good. Hit play and I'll see you on the other side. Also, the chapter is really only 5 and a half minutes. The last bit of time is just me rambling to you. Please don't be put off by the length. Please?

For starters, this is NOT machinima! It is a slideshow. It is simple but I felt it was far more effective than any words I could have given them to speak.

So this has taken months of work for me since I'm so dang slow. And making it made me totally feel like this:

 And at first, I figured when I'm finished I'm totally gonna feel like this:  
With a little bit of this afterward:
Followed by lots and lots of:
And finally ending with one of these:

Instead, all I wanna do is this:
 So no offence ladies and gents, but there will be a small delay in getting the next chapter out since I kinda need a break. Rest assured that I will still have more up soon, and that we'll be moving forward fairly quickly now. And if you hated it, don't be afraid to be brutal. I think I can handle it. ;) I'm just rather curious to see what folks think. 

Also, there is a short bit of Tibi at Prom under the Bloopers tab for anyone curious, and a good majority of the poses I made are up for download under the downloads tab above.

Chapter 2.38- Speechless Pics Pt.2

The Second half of the pics from 2.38-Speechless. Again, please be patient. There are 92 photos to load on this page.