Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Downloads- Sims- Vivia Sixkiller

ViviAAAAAAA! Vivi is loud. Let me tell you. lol

Today is the last of my holiday gifts to you. Vivia Sixkiller was a complete surprise to me and still has me reevaluating how she's changing things up.

Since I packaged her in a save that has only the basegame, Hip Hop is no longer her favorite music. lol. She's also going to look different since she's wearing a custom skinblend I made for myself. However, the ESkin Fresh ND skin is the base of it, so she doesn't look too too different if you use that. (Download instructions are in the previous post for Ceeven if Chinese isn't your thing.)

Here she is in CAS with the ESkin Fresh ND skin:

Here she is in CAS with (my) default skin:

She is packaged in BG hair, makeup and clothing. She has NO cc on her. Her traits are Artistic, Genius, Brave, Daredevil and Hopeless Romantic. I had a booboo and forgot that Genius was supposed to be Athletic. Oopsie (should have written it down before going in game. Heh.) Her LTW is to be a Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler.

TOU: Do NOT reupload her anywhere for any reason.

Vivia Sixkiller
Default Skin Version
Non Default Skin Version (Use only if you have ESkin Fresh in your game!)

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Downloads- Sims- Ceeven Sixkiller

Happy Monday! lol.

Today is my darling Ceeven.

Gosh, I love him. In the above, he's wearing a custom skin blend I made as well as this hair. (Use caution with that link. I highly recommend having Adblock Plus and an adf.ly disabler before you click on it.) Since the skin blend is made from others work, I can't give it out and that really bites. However, the main of the skin is the non-default E-Skin Fresh which you can get here: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_63f63ea90101fod7.html . (Scroll down until you see the .rar link under the word Download in Red. When the next screen comes up, you want to click on the white button to the right of the blue button at the top. It'll have 6.3M in the button.)

He's packaged using default skin, as well as with the non-default linked to above. In both instances he's wearing BG hair and clothing. He has NO cc on him. This is what he'll look like in CAS with the ESkin Fresh skin:

Here's what he'll look like in CAS with default skin:

Again, he uses no custom sliders. Though I have slider values set to 4 for him.

He comes with the Good, Loves the Outdoors, Absent Minded, Green Thumb and Hopeless Romantic traits. His LTW is The Perfect Garden.

TOU: Do NOT reupload him anywhere else for any reason. Do NOT claim him as your own.

Ceeven Sixkiller.sim
Default skin version
Non Default ESkin Fresh version (Use only if you have ESkin Fresh in your game!) 

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Downloads- Sims- Dove Sixkiller

In the giving spirit of the holidays I've decided to let my Gen 3 babies fly free before their turn to take over comes. Today is a real wrench, because I adore my Dove baby.

Above, you can see the potential cc has to make her a doll. I did NOT package her with any CC. I also packaged her in a save that is BG only, so she no longer likes Geek Rock or Crepes. However, Hot Pink still rocks her world.

Give her that Newsea Shero hair, put her in your game and take a pic and I'll forever love you.

This is what she'll look like in CAS:

I have my default slider multiplier set to 2, so if you don't have that setting and try to change her appearance her features will probably snap to your normal values. She does NOT use custom sliders though.

She comes with default BG hair, skin and eyes. She has NO cc on her. Her traits are Genius, Artistic, Handy, Perfectionist and Hopeless Romantic. Her set lifetime wish is Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler. Please note that these traits are subject to change since she's still a toddler in my game.

TOU- Don't reupload her anywhere else. After that, I would love to know if she's running around your game. =D

Dove Sixkiller.sim

Thank you heaps and heaps!

Happy Holidays!   

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Downloads- Poses- Family Portrait

Made because I love you all. lol. And because I desperately need to get a new family portrait made of my own family. HA!

5 poses. They snap together. The chair is basegame. Also, for this shot I set up a 'flying hotdog' (OMSP at 1m+10 cms (1.1m) with a hotdog chewy toy from PETS) set WAY far back that I had all the sims 'Look At' using the Pose Player Interactions Mod by Misukisu. Otherwise, they're all just looking straight ahead.

As usual in each download is a posecoded image for your story planning needs, and there are two downloads. One is poselisted, the other is not please only put ONE in your game.

Do NOT claim as your own.
Do NOT tweak them, then reupoad them offering them as your own. NO BUENO. If you want to tweak them for your own personal use/sims/story, coolio.

Family Portrait
Not Poselisted

A Huge huge huge huge Thank YOU! to Misty for putting up with my moaning and groaning while poselisting these, and all my Ooohing and Loooook! They're so Cyoot! while making them. lol.

And a HUGE huge THANK YOU to all who follow this blog or my simblr. It means so much to me. For all those who leave love, you really make it all worth it.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Downloads-Poses-Surprise, Baby!

New.Poses. Woot!

These are from the last Chapter of Sixkillers. But I figured you could use them for all kinds of different surprises. Adopt a dog when your boyfriend is highly allergic? Surprise him! Birthday party before that midlife crisis hits and he wishes to divorce you? Surprise him! Buy him a sportscar when you're already eyeball deep in debt? Surprise him! Want to show him your newest Simstoria's Secret purchase? Surprise.Him.Darn.It. lol

This pose set contains 3 sets of snapping couples poses, 2 original poses, 3 derivative reaction poses (taken from the propose interaction in game and tweaked,) and a bonus derivative child's pose (taken from the gossip interaction in game and tweaked.) But who cares how many, let's see them!

There are two downloads. One poselisted, one not poselisted. Both include images with posecodes on them.

Do NOT claim as your own.
Do NOT tweak them, reupload them, or claim them as your own. If you want to tweak them to better fit your sims/story, go for it! Just don't put them out there.

Surprise, Baby!
Not Poselisted

Check back tomorrow for another pose pack!

Merry Christmas from the Sixkillers!

Or Happy Holidays if you prefer. ;)

In the spirit of the holidays, and because I'm so touched so many people stuck around while I ended up being more out of pocket than in this super hectic year, I have a few gifts. Sure, it's just poses and sims, but hey. That's about all I really can do. Ha!

Hit "Next Post" for the first gift. =D Enjoy!