Generational Goals

These will be updated as Generations progress or as the story reveals the roll. I will update as the story reveals. Warning! If you have not read the latest chapter this may contain spoilers!

Age Settings:
Infant- 3 days.
Toddler- 7 days.
Child- 10 days.
Teen- 14 days
YA- 39 days.
Adult- 7 days.
Elder-10 days.
For a grand total of a 90 day lifespan.

Generation One:
                          Helen Blue aka                                                                                                          Buck Sixkiller
                          'Elena Brewer'                                                                                                         'Steve' Sixkiller
Traits: Disciplined, Flirty, Genius, Neat, Technophobe
Traits: Coward, Disciplined, Hopeless Romantic, Hydrophobic, Loves the Outdoors

Family Structure: Couple
Number of Children: 4
Cyrus (Imaga) Blue- son of Norris Imaga and Helen Blue
Traits: Brave. Charismatic, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal

Phedra (Pink) Blue- daughter of Trenton Pink and Helen Blue
Traits: Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Perceptive, Neurotic,
Great Kisser

Galen Sixkiller- Son of Buck and Helen (Blue) Sixkiller
Traits: Friendly, Absent-Minded, Computer Whiz,
Charismatic, Natural Cook

Layla Sixkiller- Daughter of Buck and Helen (Blue) Sixkiller
Traits: Equestrian, Loves the Outdoors, Gatherer,
Loner, Athletic
Teen CC Free version of Layla for Download:CC Free Layla Sixkiller

Requires: Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural (game hair)

The Real Teen Layla Sixkiller for Download:The Real Layla Sixkiller

Skin: Moonlight By Kanno,
Lipgloss: Tasty Lipgloss by Daluved1
Hair: Peggy Hair Special Gift Oct. '12 Retextured by Anubis
(The hair she first appeared as teen with- RoseSims hair 005 it's the second one on the page.)

Earrings: Earrings Vintage by Dasha Kirilova
And of course she requires the following expansion packs to look exactly as shown: Late Night, Generations, and Pets
She is an Aries. Favs: Fish and Chips; Latin; Violet

Primary: Photographer
Secondary: Part-Time (I chose Mausoleum Clerk just to mess with Buck)

Generation Goal: Idle-Careers (I'm revealing this now as it won't come into the story line AT ALL)

Miscellaneous Fun: Half-Siblings


Generation Two:

                              Layla Sixkiller                                                                                       Ignacio Guerra

Traits: Angler, Genius, Vehicle Enthusiast, Flirty
 and Athletic.
I gave him Genius and Loves the Outdoors at Uni.
Degree in Science and Medicine
Traits: Perfectionist, Genius, Athletic, Loner
Loves the Outdoors, Gatherer, Brooding
Degree in Science and Medicine

Note: I used a LTR to change the equestrian trait to the brooding trait on Layla. The other two traits she picked up at University and from her Social Group status. She's a total Jock, yo. Also- I used a LTR to change Ignacio's LTW from being an astronaut. (ROFL!) to the Perfect Aquarium one which he then completed in like 30 seconds.

Family Structure: Step-Children
Number of Children: 2
                        Tiburcia Guerra:                                                                                                           Mariah Sixkiller:
Traits- Artistic, Charismatic, Dramatic, Genius, Loner
Daughter of Ignacio and Melly Pelly

Traits- Neurotic, Lucky, Loner, Supernatural Skeptic
Favorites- Classical, Potato and Truffle Torte and Lime
Sign- Capricorn

Primary: Collector
Secondary: Fishersim

Generation Goal: Change of Scenery- completed when she moved to Appaloosa Plains from Riverview. Also, she moved from an original tiny house to what I hope will be the Legacy house. Doubly completed!

Miscellaneous Fun: Luxury-Completed!


 Generation Three:

Mariah Sixkiller

Family Structure: Single
Number of Children: 3/2
Dove Sixkiller
(Daughter of Andre Parker)
Ceeven Sixkiller
(Son of Roger Fox)
Vivia Sixkiller
(Daughter of Roger Fox)
Primary: Psychic- Con Artist Branch

Secondary: N/A

Generation Goal: Not Revealed (Formally)

Miscellaneous Fun: No Strangers