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Chapter 2.13- By His Side

          The couples seemed to have so much more to talk about with each other and Layla was soon left on her own to sift through her thoughts on the sidelines.

          Behind her, Cyrus’ girls played quietly and contentedly. It was still difficult to think of her brother and sister as being parents. That was such a huge step, one she wasn’t entirely sure she ever would make. The only baby she’d ever held had been on Ouroboros. And Ayala hadn’t been a baby, but was a toddler. How old would she be now? Was she still a child? It all felt so far away.

          Phedra was full of surprises, and it was beginning to be a little uncomfortable to be around her. A mother. A wife. A woman dealing with feelings she couldn’t express for fear of ridicule. It was as if she had no idea who her sister was any longer.

          And so Layla stayed on one side, overly bright smile frozen in place, while she tried to sort through her own thoughts without giving away Phedra’s.

          However, Layla wondered if Cyrus guessed some of what was going on. He seemed to be keeping just as close of a watch on their sister as she was. They made a strange contrasting pair. Layla with her bent on disclosing her true thoughts with a smile, and Cyrus who refused to mask his concern.

          Cyrus and Layla still had their eyes on Phedra as Olivia walked behind them to answer a knock at the door. Whoever the visitor was distracted Cyrus, followed by George who claimed Phedra’s attention leaving Layla to slip into her lonely reverie once more.

          “-He’s asked me to see if one of you could come and assist until things quiet down again today.”

          Jerking back to the present Layla’s nostrils flared. Why was he here?

          “Sure, I’ll go in in just a minute. But why did he choose to pull such a stunt on a Sunday? He’s already got the majority of the vote in the latest polls.”

          “I wish I could tell you. I, myself, think it was a foolish move. With any luck it will help us a little.”

          A sob from beside the sliding door broke into the conversation. Even Phedra stumbled in her conversation with George.

          “Hmmm. Your wife still grieves for her mother. Maybe I should go get someone else in. I can make your excuses to Ned.”

          “No!” Cyrus nearly shouted, drawing everyone’s attention.  “No, I’ll get her calmer and then I’ll be in.”

          Layla, however, saw only that Olivia was distressed and heard Cyrus’ emphatic negative to Ignacio. Thinking something worse was going on she marched behind him, tapping his shoulder insistently.

          “What are you doing here?” She demanded. Her harsh tones grabbing her sister’s attention in the process.

          “I am here on business. And I can assure you I had no more idea that you were here than I do next week’s weather. Excuse me-” He had been about to turn from her when Phedra interrupted.

          “You gonna introduce your friend, Laydee?”

          “-Ignacio is not my friend.”

          “-Miss Sixkiller does not consider me a friend.” They said at the same time, neither looking away from the other.

          “Phedra, this is Ignacio,” Cyrus ignored the menacing look on Layla’s face. He didn’t seem to have been unable to untangle the jumbled words the two spoke at the same time. “Ignacio is how I managed to get my job working on Mr.Hale’s campaign. He’s been a great help to us, too. He’s how I was able to find this house, and he helped me convince Ned to take on Olivia as well. Not to mention all the fishing spots he’s told me about.”

          “Nice to meet you,” Phedra beamed, glancing Layla’s way.

          “Yes,” Layla added. “Nice to meet you.”

          “Miss Sixkiller and I had a misunderstanding when we first met,” Ignacio added. “She is yet to allow for an understanding to arise.”

          “Well, I’m sure that can be arranged,” Cyrus said. “Layla is reasonable and knows when things are misunderstood. Right, Laydee?”


          “And I know that she doesn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize my job, seeing as Ignacio is my boss.”

          “Nice to meet you Mr.Guerra!” Layla’s false smile was a solid 100 watts. But Ignacio only laughed at her briefly before turning his attention to Phedra allowing Layla to escape to the other side of the room again.

          The group remaining chatted easily. Ignacio’s silken voice mingling with the tones of her family, all punctuated by the occasional laugh.

          What did Cyrus mean when he said he owed his job to Ignacio? She thought Ned had hired Olivia and Cyrus. At least that was what he indicated the one time she visited his campaign headquarters. It left her confused. She’d hate for anyone in her family to be in his debt.

          Finally, Ignacio had looked around. Did she just imagine that she saw him frown when he didn’t see her among those chatting? Maybe not, as he came to stand next to her as she leaned her head against the cool wall.

          “You are refusing to leave, but you are miserable.”

          “I’m just fine, thank you.”

          “Hmmmm. You could have fooled me. Though you do seem to be fooling everyone else in the room, so congrats on that.”

          Olivia had been having minor breakdowns all day mourning her mother. Another one stopped conversation and brought all eyes on her sorrow. Cyrus tried to comfort her as best he could while her sympathizers tried not to make a big deal over it.

          “Your brother takes good care of Mrs.Imaga,” Ignacio said quietly.

          “Why did you hire him?” She asked in a hushed voice. It wouldn’t do for anyone else in the room to hear her.

          “Ah, there is the question you’ve been dying to ask.”

          “Why did you hire him?” Layla repeated herself.

          “First- I did not know he was your brother when I hired him. So do not imagine that it was done to flatter you,” Ignacio prefaced his answer. “And I persuaded Mr.Ned to hire him because seeing a desperate man makes me ill.”

          Layla allowed a tiny frown to show in a crease between her eyes.


          “Yes,” Ignacio’s sober whisper made her shiver. “Ned was not going to hire him. Your brother has no education, no work background that he could give legitimately, and no experience in the political arena. It was a risky move in the best of circumstances. Your brother could have been a liability to Ned’s campaign even. And he’s too proud to beg with his words, but you could see it in his eyes so I talked to Mr.Ned. I told him the story of a family needing food, a place to sleep and prayed that it was true. Unfortunately it was. Ned decided to bring on Mrs.’Livia when it was proven to be just like that.”

          “The house?” Layla whispered back. “He said he owes you for the house.”

          “Oh, you’re not going to grudge them the roof over their heads are you?”

          “You don’t own it do you?” she asked him.

          “No,” he said. “No, Ned owns it. But Ned has no idea of exactly what properties he owns in town. I manage all of that for him. And most people in town don’t want this house. It’s dark and old fashioned and rather small. But your brother wept with joy when I gave him a tour and again when I gave him the keys.”

          Layla turned to look at Ignacio, her mouth agape. Cyrus had cried? But Ignacio met her eye briefly only. It was just long enough for Layla to become aware how closely together they were standing. A small jolt tightened her stomach along with the realization.

        “He said they have never had such a spacious home, and they have never had their own yard for their children to play in.”

          “But back to you,” Ignacio smoothly continued. “In front of me I see your sister and your brother having a warm reunion and conversation. When I first entered it was the same. And yet you stand over here taking your comfort from the cold plaster of a wall. And I happen to know the whorls of that plaster has some sharp spots. Why are you over here torturing yourself?”

          “I’m not torturing myself.”


          “I’m-” Layla stopped herself. What could she say? “It’s just not quite real to me yet that Phedra is here. And stuff.”

          “Yes, ‘And stuff’ can be pretty torturous. And I am guessing you haven’t run off to your favorite spot in the hills because you are afraid you might miss something.”

          Determined not to satisfy him Layla stayed silent. She was starting to be a little too aware of his nearness. Her left arm was actually warmed by his body heat.

          “Miss Sixkiller, I have avoided you on purpose since our last meeting when you let me know just how reprehensible you found me by your manner. I have proven that I will keep your secrets. And you still hold so much against me.”

          “Look in front of you,” Ignacio wasn’t going to let up. “That is a lot of family happiness. And it makes you happy to see this no matter anything else. Right?”

          Despite herself, she smiled watching the other four interact. Her eyes closely watching her sister and brother. It did make her smile. It made her happy. Maybe she’d been focusing too much on everything else.

          “Ah, that’s better. There is your smile. You have more happiness in this moment than you thought.”

          “It is good to have Cyrus and Phedra here at the same time,” she finally admitted.

          “There, see? I’m not such a bad guy am I? I got you to remember what you should be focused on. Forget your troubles for a moment. I can listen. And I can talk. And my advice is not too bad either when I give it.”

          Layla blushed a little at the allusion to their first meeting and she turned hoping to glare at him. But when their eyes met, she found she couldn’t do it.

          Instead, she found herself wishing he might brush her arm with his. That maybe he’d comfort her with a hand on her shoulder or betray more interest than his habitual smirk allowed, and her face burned. Damn him.

          But Ignacio spared her, averting his gaze first. Then she remembered why he was here.

          “I thought you were supposed to be fetching an aide to help smooth over some campaign wrinkle.”

          “This is more important, and there is no smoothing out the wrinkles anymore. I will get someone else over to the office in a few moments and explain the delay to Ned when it’s time.”

          “There isn’t any more smoothing out of the wrinkles?” Layla misquoted, baffled.

          “We are so far behind in the polls it would take a miracle to catch up. Mayor Martingale has been in office for so long and the town trusts him implicitly. They do not know Ned, and most of them have decided he is a wealthy snob. The Mayor can do anything right now and get away with it. There is nothing we can do to stop him.”

          “Why is Ned running then?”

          “I tried to talk him out of it. But he is wanting to impress you and he is convinced that he can do it without any previous experience. He will be humiliated. And the only thing left to do is stand by his side.”

          “Wow, you’re cheerful,” she said sarcastically, catching his eye again.

          “I am realistic. And you need to know, ‘cause he is going to need to lean on you, too, when it is over.”

          Unfortunately, Layla wasn’t thinking about how she could help Ned. She was thinking that it was a shame that having a civilized conversation with him had come too late to completely salvage her opinion of him. Why did he have to start things off with her so badly?

          Ignacio still hadn’t broken away from her gaze and Layla couldn’t bring herself to do it either. And so they stood, oblivious to everything else around them.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          This was kind of Ignacio’s way of saying ‘I’m sorry’ without using those actual words. However, he is right when he says that he hasn’t betrayed Layla. He never intended to. Still, threats aren’t cool.

Also, he has not done an about-face this chapter. This has been how his character really has been since the beginning. Layla just finally let down her guard enough that he didn’t feel he had to try extra hard to break through, though she still isn't entirely sure he's telling the truth and will go to some trouble to verify his story. He also wanted to make sure that she knew just how much Ned was going to need her since he is rather devoted to Ned. 

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Sim Download- Cyrus Pink-Imaga

So! I love me some Cyrus but I've gotta warn you- he makes a very awkward and gawky looking teen.

Anyhow- Except for his skin (which can be found here) his everything is from the game. Only his suit is from an SP, High End Loft Stuff I believe.

His traits are as follows: Brave, Charismatic, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal, and Absent-Minded

Olivia will be up for download later.

He's a .sim so you just drop him in your saved sims folder and Boom! You'll then find him in your sim bin. Easy enough right? So what are you waiting for? Go grab him!

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Download- Sim Phedra Dean

In all her Porcelain Glory it's Phedra Dean, Nee Pink!

(The download is titled Phedra Pink because I had saved her before she married George)

This .sim Phedra has a lot of CC-

Her Skin can be found here-

Her Hair is NewSea's Desperate Hairstyle Retextured by Anubis360 here-

Her Eyeliner is from the Set of 6 Winged Glamorous Eyeliners by emmzx here-

Her Lipstick is one of the Simply Sweet Tasty Lipsticks Set for Females by Elexis here-

Phedra's earrings are from Showtime (Thanks Gemma!)

Phedra's outfit can be downloaded with a donation here- or without one here *whistles and walks away*:

Phedra's bracelet can be found for subscribers here- or without a subscription here *whistles even more loudly looking at the ceiling*:

I'll get a few more pics up or her later. I've really only got her head shot and in game shots.
Her traits are: Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Perceptive, Neurotic, and Great Kisser.
I'll jot down her sign and favs also next time I'm in game.

Chapter 2.12-The Harder I Try

          Cyrus’ house did not have nearly enough places to sit. Though, for once, Layla was able to use tact instead of blurting out that eating here would be difficult. Instead she proposed eating out and just coming back here for conversation afterwards. She even offered to pay. That way, the kids would have toys to play with and stay out of the adults’ hair while they talked later. It also meant there wouldn't need to be any clean up afterward. Wasn’t she clever.

          Corinne, however, had cornered Cyrus begging him to read her a book while Olivia expounded on her new job to George. And though Layla embraced to opportunity to talk more with Phedra, the group was fractured where she would have preferred more harmony. There were more Sixkiller siblings in one room right now than there had been since Layla was Corinne’s age. Shouldn’t the three of them be more in sync?

          Corinne refused to hear no and had approached her Aunt Phedra for storytime instead. So Layla made her way over to Cyrus.

          George had spent most of the day staring between his wife and sister in law. Their temperaments were incredibly different. Their coloring was nothing alike. But to him, it was as if they shared the same face. Only Layla’s jaw was stronger than Fay’s. He found the contrast between the two fascinating.

          “Claudia looks like LilyPad,” Layla meant it as a question. She kept confusing the girls’ names.

          “No,” Cyrus chuckled. “You haven’t figured this out yet Aunt Layla?”

          “No,” she sighed. “And it seems like the harder I try the worse I do. I think I called the oldest one Candice a little while ago. That seemed to offend her, so I’m pretty sure I got that wrong.”

          “Watcher help us if you ever have kids, Laydee,” he said. “That is Corinne. And at her very ripe age you really offended her by calling her by the toddler’s name.”

          “I’m not that bad.”

          “Oh, yes you are,” Cyrus rolled his eyes. “But it’s why we love you. ’Cause no one else could stand to have you around.”


          “It’s just the truth!”

          “So the Lady Bug kid is Candice?”

          Cyrus’ laughter rang through the room.

          “Laydee, I’m signing you up for a logic course! This isn’t that hard!”

          “Says you,” she retorted. “You live with them. Back to Lady Bug Girl.”




          “Yes, you sweetie!” Cyrus turned to smile at the toddler who’d responded to her name.

          “So…” Layla shrugged at him.

          “Corinne is the oldest. Candice is pink.”

          “And lady bug girl is Claudia.”

          “-Yes, that’s Claudia.”


          “Aunt Layla is just being silly, sweetheart,” Cyrus turned back to his daughter. “You’re ok.”

          “Thank the Watcher Henry is still swaddled in blue or I’m afraid you’d really be confused!”

          “Look, until a short while ago I had no nieces. I had no nephew. I had Galen- which basically means I had Arden- and I had dad with mom’s occasional presence. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.”

          “You’ll get it,” he patted her arm in a reassuring manner while looking anything but.

          Layla decided to ask if Cyrus had been able to take up fishing again since he’d been in town while Phedra and Olivia chatted.

          George was again comparing profiles.

          The Sister In Law.

          His wife.

          He’d been prepared for the same nose or mouth or something, but these two looked a lot alike.


          Sister In Law.


          And nothing of Cyrus in either of their looks. Strange.

          Wandering back to Layla, Phedra went into explaining some more of the expedition she had George had signed up for. Unfortunately, behind her, Cyrus was closely questioning her husband.

Olivia and Cyrus said they would be happy to take care of little Henry until the return of his parents. However, they couldn’t understand how the two had been able to make such a decision. The tight grip George kept on Henry almost confirmed to them that there were misgivings.

          Trying to talk a little louder and more enthusiastically fooled only Layla. Even Phedra’s face showed she felt the sting in Cyrus’ words.

          “So I’ll get to do a lot of solo flying without a scientist on board,” she plowed on, raising her voice a little more. “I’ll have the potential to actually discover an island that no one has ever set eyes on before!”

          Showing her approval with smiles and pats on the shoulder, Layla could hardly tell anything was amiss.

          “It’s going to be hard enough for me to walk away from him in the morning,” George’s deep timbre tones easily carried the short distance to his wife and sister in law. “I know Fay has got to be feeling it even worse.”

          “So will you get to name any islands you do discover?” Layla asked, not noticing how far away her sister was suddenly.

          “But she’s determined. It’s like she’s pushing for this as some kind of punishment for herself. So we’ll go.”

          “Uh, Fay?”

          Drawing a breath Phedra focused again on her sister.

          “I’m-I—I’m-I’m sorry,” she stuttered. “What-what was that?”

          “I asked if you’ll get to name any islands you discover?”

          “Um, I don’t-I, uh-I- I don’t know,” she said. She tried to smile at Layla but it quickly fell, along with her gaze.

          “It’s a big step. And don’t get me wrong, a baby will be nice around the house again, but we just want to make sure you two are really sure.” Cyrus wasn’t about to let this drop.

          “I’m not cut out to be a mom,” Phedra whispered to Layla. “I have no idea what to do when he cries. And he cries so much, and sometimes I just want to get away from him. I need to get away from him. And that makes me the most horrible mother ever and George has no idea. I can’t wait to go.”

          “Hey!” Layla stooped to find Phedra’s gaze, whispering. “Hey, you’re a great mom I’m sure. Look, Cyrus’ girls already like you better because you are a mom.”

          Tentatively, Phedra’s eyes met hers.

          “And you know what? You’ll be back before you know it. And then Henry will have grown out of the baby stage and will be able to tell you what he wants and needs. Then, when he’s grown up enough, he’ll be able to tell his friends all about how his mom discovered ‘Henry’s Island’ and how you named it after him. He’ll be so proud! Just think of it!”

          “Yeah,” Phedra still struggled to find her smile, but she did try to reassure Layla. “Yeah, he’s not going to know we were ever gone. We’ll be back before you know it and he’ll be so proud one day.”

          “There ya go.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

George really did keep staring between Layla and Phedra. I finally put a stop to it by keeping someone interacting with him as I was afraid he’d end up with Wimbeldon neck. Then, I almost ran into a problem with George and Olivia. Catch it on the blooper page along with a zombie-rific party thrown by Cyrus.

There is a little more of Phedra’s explanation. She's not really sticking around to see if she can deal with it, but being a mom can be an incredibly foreign feeling for some and maybe Phedra can better come to grips with how things have turned out away from Henry. She’s lost her way and is resentful toward a lot of things and people, most of all toward herself. She has handled falling in love, but she really wasn't ready for a baby. She’s got to let go and accept life as it has happened before she can move on. Layla's answer and opinion left a lot to be desired, but Layla had no idea how to respond to that. And that's going to haunt her for a long time. Really haunt her.

This is kind of a two parter also.  Just FYI. There'll be more of this particular scene in a few days.