Are 9 million chapters a little overwhelming to start out with? I agree! I also apologize profusely. I really really didn't intend for the story to take so long to tell. But that is what this page is for! Take a look here to get the highlights of each generation. And if you'd like to actually read the chapters, I've put links into the Chapter names, so you can just click and it'll take you to the chapter in question.

Also, I've added the backgrounds I've made for each generation except for the current one. (Look around. There it is.) The backgrounds were made to mimic the emotions going on in the generation they were made for. So look at them and go- 'oh! That's cool! I kinda get it!' Please?

Generation 1 Blog Background-
Blog colors were in shades of sage green

Chapter 1.1 A Brand New Life- In which we meet 'Elena Brewer' and 'Steve' Sixkiller. These two have tramped through the woods, each running from an unknown past and with secrets they jealously guard to start a new life in a new town, Pipersville. These two don't get along too well, but have teamed up to try and have a slightly better start by pooling resources. 'Elena' is shocked by the tiny house they barely have enough money to rent that is flithy and only has one bed. Obviously, 'Steve' gets to sleep on the couch.

Chapter 1.2 Nothing More- Steve gets a job at the Mausoleum as a clerk, and 'Elena' tries to dye her hair to hide better from the very few inhabitants in town. She also makes a discovery about herself.

Chapter 1.3 Long Shot-After accidentally walking in on 'Steve' in the shower 'Elena' decides to make it up to him by announcing that she is pregnant. However, 'Steve' doesn't take the news very well, pointing out that 'Elena' doesn't have a job, and he only works part time and they have very little money and live in a tiny house. Though she doesn't take the news very well, it does make her look around and think.

Chapter 1.4 In Deep Now- 'Elena' is shocked to run into an old acquaintance who calls her real name out for an entire street full of people to hear. Bianca chides Helen for hiding from nothing, and guesses that her baby is the product of an ilicit affair with a man named Norris Imaga. Later on, 'Steve' comes in to apologize to who he still knows as 'Elena' for upsetting her earlier, promising to help her with the baby, who arrives that night. She names him Cyrus and when the three get home 'Elena' is very upset that he will never know his father. 'Steve' reassures her that Cyrus will never know he doesn't have a father if she's a good enough mother.

Chapter 1.5 Nothing But Respect-'Elena' goes to the art gallery, running into someone who she recognized from her past, but who didn't recognize her. She informs him she's there to take photos and Trenton tells her that he's a fantastic photographer and offers to give her tips sometime. When she gets home, her old best friend is waiting for her. Zazzy also chides Helen for hiding things and Helen realizes that while she's grown up, Zazzy hasn't. The next morning, 'Elena' tells 'Steve' over breakfast that she's going to register as a Photographer to earn a living. 'Steve' isn't impressed.

Chapter 1.6 Roadkill- Trenton does indeed come over to give 'Elena' photography tips, but instead the two end up tumbling in bed. The next morning, 'Steve' mentions that there is a couple in town intending to invite the entire town to their upcoming wedding. They agree to go, and shortly afterwards discover the fridge has gone out and their carefully saved funds will be needed for a new fridge. After all, if they need a new fridge, they can't move away from each other. But Helen has finally started selling photos and made enough to replace the fridge without dipping into their savings. However, 'Steve' confronts her that she's been acting strangely, and that her behavior is affecting them all. 'Elena' is genuinely hurt by his words, though she'd never let him know it.

Chapter 1.7 Attached- It's Cyrus' first birthday and 'Elena' has a new pair of pajamas on and has made 'Steve' his favorite breakfast: waffles. The two talk about celebrating Cyrus' birthday and the wedding they will attend later that day, but the tension of the night before is still between them. Finally, 'Elena' decides to tell 'Steve' that she's pregnant with Trenton's baby and that she's sure that he will take care of all of them. 'Steve' is crushed that she wants to get away from him so badly.

Chapter 1.8 Nothing Holy- We see Helen crying and thinking inappropriate comments all during the wedding ceremony. In the end, the wedding ceremony is for Trenton and one of Helen's old enemies.

Chapter 1.9 Fool- 'Elena' has insisted on staying for the wedding reception and 'Steve' is alarmed that she'll make a fool out of herself, or will harm the baby. Finally, the three go home where a distraught 'Elena' finally releases all the emotion of the day. 'Steve' assures her that life will go on still and reveals that he knows her name and that he loves her. Helen tries to back off, but 'Steve' kisses her firmly (She could use a good kissing) and she melts, finally relaxing and believing him.

Chapter 1.10 The Jealousy of Magnets- Since there is no need for two seperate housing funds any more they take their combined money and purchase a larger house. Helen makes a rather ill advised attempt at teaching Cyrus to talk and goes into labor. Helen and 'Steve' bring baby girl Phedra home from the hospital. Helen decides to tell Zazzy who Phedra's real father is, even though they're telling the rest of the town that Phedra is Buck's daughter.

Chapter 1.11 Something You Choose- 'Steve' and Cyrus spend lots of time together and share a special bond. Helen is horrified to learn that the cemetery care taker played a prank on 'Steve' that made him black out. When she finally gets home with him, he spills the beans on his cowardly nature and why he's deathly terrified of water. (His little sister drowned while he nearly drowned alongside her). As he tells his story he accidentally lets his real name slip. Buck Sixkiller.

Chapter 1.12 Sometimes We Dance- Buck and Cyrus bond more, and Phedra grows into a toddler who looks nothing like her father. Helen and Phedra bond in ways she and Cyrus never have. Buck takes a one time job at the hospital and spots Trenton as he's leaving. Angry that he's raising Trenton's daughter as his own he picks a fight in a fit of temper. Once he's calmed down he's frightened Helen will be mad.

Chapter 1.13 Apathy and Ennui-But when Buck tells her that he fought Trenton, she tells him that she could care less what happens with Trenton. That Buck is Phedra's father and Cyrus' father, and that's all that matters to her. Helen decides to make it up to him by going to the graveyard with her camera to prove there are no ghosts to scare Buck. She also finds out she's wrong. When she gets home, she realizes she's again pregnant.

Chapter 1.14 How Fires Start- It's Cyrus birthday. But as he blows out his candles the cake and table and chairs catch fire. Once firefighters and neighbors arrive and put it out, the family again tries to celebrate. And just as Cyrus grows into a child, Helen's baby bump starts to show thrilling Buck. One of the neighbors at the party, Olivia Pink, is Cyrus' age and the two become friends.

Chapter 1.15 The Questioner- Buck bonds a Phedra, then takes Cyrus on his first fishing trip. While they are gone, Helen redecorates the house. But is still not finished when the two return home. So they return to the pond the next day. This day, Helen finishes. As she is showing Buck their redecorated bedroom she goes into labor. As they leave for the hospital, Helen gives instructions for Cyrus to watch Phedra until the babysitter arrives.

Chapter 1.16 Phedra's Big Adventure- Cyrus does not keep an eye on his sister, and she manages to follow Helen and Buck to the hospital and home again, where she was never missed at all in all the hub-bub.

Chapter 1.17 The Most Surprising Thing- Buck is thrilled that Helen had twins. A boy they named Galen, and a girl Layla. But Helen is angry with a prank Cyrus pulled that created more work for her. She hurts his feelings badly. However, she makes it up to him at the end of the night. Buck decides that this is the perfect opportunity to propose. Helen accepts and asks for a big wedding once the toddlers are walking and talking.

Chapter 1.18 Pesky Little Bug- Cyrus tries to be the son Helen wants him to be, but it's just not who he really is. He also shows off his dance skills, finally talking Buck into joining him. Buck tells him that he is going to marry Helen and Cyrus is happy his parents are going to get married. Cyrus and Phedra bond while playing together. Layla, Galen, and Phedra all have birthdays and Phedra offers a challenge to Cyrus. Buck and Helen train the twins.

Chapter 1.19 Nothing More Dashing- Buck and Helen get married.

Chapter 1.20 Not On Your Life- Phedra finally gets to go fishing with Buck and Cyrus and announces she wants to be a better fishersim than Cyrus. In fact, she wants to be better at everything that he is. Buck is amazed at how much his family has grown. Cyrus has a birthday and is now a teenager.

Chapter 1.21 Your Butt in Sparkling- The twins have a birthday and become children and Phedra announces her intention of travelling the world some day. The siblings bond. The family prepares to head to the summer festival.

Chapter 1.22 Too Young To Be Trusted-At the festival everyone scatters to do their own thing. Cyrus, though, has a mission. He spots the girl who is secretly his girlfriend, Olivia Pink whose mother Helen hates, on the other side of the fair grounds and tries to get her to hang out with him. Eventually she agrees. Helen spots the pair and disapproves, but decides not to do anything in public.

Chapter 1.23 So Many Mistakes- Helen meets a unicorn in the yard who causes her to forget that she saw Cyrus and Olivia together. But the next morning, Olivia's mother, Trenton's wife Lily Pad, calls to tell her and to ask her assistance in breaking the pair up. Helen agrees. Phedra ages up to a teen. She asks questions about her looks to the family at large, but Helen dodges the question.

Chapter 1.24 Tons Of Grit- Again, the unicorn appears in the yard, and again it makes Helen forget her plans reguarding Cyrus and Olivia. Phedra tries to talk to Cyrus about an upcoming Science fair the school is holding, but Cyrus acts a little clueless about it, but finally he plays along as a befuddled Galen and Buck listen in. They are stunned the teens are getting along. Galen and Layla decide that Phedra is trying to get Cyrus in trouble since she's being nice and they try to warn Cyrus, but he doesn't get their warning.

Chapter 1.25 So Proud- Cyrus gloats as Phedra does her homework, which she regularly stresses out over. He has none, and not a very good excuse as to why he doesn't have any. The next day, the day before the big science fair, is the fall festival and a day off of school. Buck attempts to talk to Cyrus as he's noticed that something isn't right with him. Cyrus admits nothing though, and shrugs it off as Helen asks him to take out the trash. Buck tells him then just how very proud he is of Cyrus. And Cyrus almost tells him something when Helen interrupts. Cyrus takes out the trash and makes a decision.

Chapter 1.26 Embarassing- The family goes to the festival where Phedra finds a man who has eyes the same color as hers. But when she asks questions, he just gives her the run around. Finally, frustrated, hurt, and confused, she leaves him alone. When the family gets home, they don't realize Cyrus isn't with him and isn't in his bed as Galen assumes.

Chapter 1.27 Carried Through- Helen recieves a phone call at 2am telling her that Cyrus had been arrested. When she gets there the officer tells her that Cyrus was caught trying to release all the frogs for the Science fair the next day. She also informs her that he's free to go so long as he writes a letter of apology to the school board. Cyrus is released, and a furious Helen takes him back home. Helen hands him the identification papers she brought to the jail, and forgets she's given them to him.

Chapter 1.28 A Thousand Pieces- The moment they are both in the door Helen lights into Cyrus for his poor behavior and insults him and calls his girlfriend a very bad name. Embarrassed, angry and hurt Cyrus runs back to his room with the identification papers. As he sits bemoaning his fate he reveals that he's failing science and that is why he released the frogs, to try to get out of his poor performance being uncovered. Finally, angry at Helen he spots the papers and looks through them out of curiosity, where he discovers that Buck is not his biological father as he'd always thought. The news rocks Cyrus' view of the world and he packs a bag. But before he leaves the house he places the documents under Phedra's pillow for her to find in the morning. He then runs to Olivia's house, rousing her early and begs her to run away with him. She agrees, and the two disappear.

Chapter 1.29 Her Daddy- The next morning the family assumes Cyrus has gone to school early to get to the science fair, Helen is still in bed. Just before the bus arrives though Phedra finds the notebooks and becomes extremely upset. Layla runs and gets Buck to look at her, and Buck sends Layla on to school along with Galen. Buck discovers that Phedra found out that she's not Buck's daughter and she wonders why they never told her, even when she asked about why she didn't look like Buck at all. Buck assures her that he has always been and always will be her father and that he loves her deeply and goes to get Helen. Helen comes in and tells Phedra about her one night stand with Trenton and how horrible he is, finally leaving her to sort through her feelings by herself. Phedra finally decides that Buck is right, he is her father and she'll continue to reguard him as such.

Chapter 1.30 Extra Verbs- While Phedra contemplates this discovery on her own, Helen is in the kitchen very upset by a call from the school informing her that not just Phedra, but also Cyrus wasn't at school. She tells Buck about the night before at the jail and what Cyrus had done, and tells him about his girlfriend also. Helen wants to go and look for Cyrus, but Buck manages to convince her that it's too late, that he's had too large of a head start. Helen accepts Bucks words, and as she grieves over the circumstancces, she realizes that Buck is incredibly upset by Cyrus running away.

Chapter 1.31 Never Die- Much time has passed, and the family is still grieving Cyrus leaving them. Phedra has withdrawn into her self. Galen doesn't come home if he can help it, and Layla runs around town looking for collectibles with a goal in mind. Finally, one day, she gathers up the courage to tell Phedra what she's been doing and how it could help Phedra. At first, she is incredulous and doesn't believe it, but when she finally realizes that Layla really means it she's much happier and things in the house begin to brighten as Phedra brightens as well. The two sisters begin to bond and Buck and Helen finally begin to heal.

Chapter 1.32 How To Escape- Galen and Layla grow into teens, and Layla tries to continue the healing process that has begun by making a joke with Buck. Helen realizes that they've focused on the kids too long and that they're falling apart and decides to make a better effort to spend time with Buck. Layla continues collecting rocks to make money. She has decided to follow Phedra wherever she travels to.

Chapter 1.33 Interested- Galen keeps trying to set Layla up with boys much to her dismay. She's really not interested in any of them and some of them are interested in other girls. Finally, she goes to Phedra with her problems and Phedra suggests she go along with it just to get them all to stop pestering her. Layla immediately latches onto this idea despite the possibility of someone getting hurt. She decides to enter into a pretend relationship with Anthony Lau with the understanding that both are in the relationship just for pretend.

Chapter 1.34 Cross A Line- Galen followed the brother of his girlfriend home to do homework and reveals that she is really the reason he keeps trying to set Layla up. Arden has planned their life out for not only her and Galen, but for Layla as well. Anthony asks Layla over to do homework since they need to look like they are really in a relationship. His sister, Amie, thinks Anthony needs to be dating her friend Selena. At Amie's prodding, Anthony kisses Layla by surprise which makes her very upset.

Chapter 1.35 Swan Song- Helen tries to talk Phedra out of leaving. She has decided to take a job teaching foreign children how to read and write, and also signed up for flying lessons which Helen doesn't agree with. But Phedra has decided long ago that she's travelling the world and sticks to her guns. Phedra talks to Layla of how much she wants to travel. Finally, Layla begs Phedra to take her with her on her travels.  Phedra tells her that she's got to quit being so dependent on her and learn to stand on her own two feet. Layla then takes Phedra to a spot with a good view of both the sunset and the river so Phedra can watch for the boat that is taking her to another city with an airport. Phedra then tells Layla that it's time Layla had some confidence in herself and that wonderful things can happen with just a little self confidence. But Layla doesn't listen. Phedra grows into a lovely young woman and leaves, promising that she's going to look for and find Cyrus.

Chapter 1.36 No One Else-Buck grows into an elder and realizes that Galen and Layla are both growing up and that he hasn't done the job he wished he had done in raising these two. He pulls Galen aside and tries to get Galen to start thinking for himself instead of letting Arden think for him. He also makes Galen promise to take Layla and Anthony to prom with him and Arden.

Chapter 1.37 Like a Dragon- Galen and Arden's pushing in Layla's life continued to irk her as Buck decides to talk to her about her future plans. At first he confesses that he's confused by her relationship with Anthony, and admits he doesn't know what Layla's plans after graduation are. She finally tells him that the only thing she wants is out of town and away from those who would plan her life for her. Layla is afraid she may have hurt Galen's feelings and so tries to make a play for him to get a computer of his own. Helen doesn't like this idea and threatens to burn a computer if it comes into her house.

Chapter 1.38 Sometimes, Maybe- Layla takes Anthony for a walk to pretend like they like each others company and that they're really a couple. During the walk, Anthony stops her and asks her if she'd actually talk to him, and act like they really a couple sometimes. Finally she shyly agrees to talk to him more. He then asks her to prom, and leaves her confused about whether he likes her or is just trying to play act more. Buck teaches Helen how to make a snowman and talks her into getting Galen a computer.

Chapter 1.39 Common Ground- The teens go to prom where Galen decides that he's going to actually ask Arden to marry him. Layla isn't suprised. Galen then asks her if she'll marry Anthony and Layla gives him a blunt reply, shocking him.

Chapter 1.40 Assumptions- Anthony and Layla are on another walk shortly before he's supposed to age up. They stand looking at the view and talking a little about plans for after he leaves school. Anthony thinks they should keep up the act so that the boys left at school will continue to leave her alone. He also asks her to give him a chance, and she doesn't know if he's serious or not. This hurts her as he should know that this is just pretend. Galen announces that he wants to live in his childhood home and that Layla can do as she pleases. Buck asks to talk to Layla privately and she takes him to her favorite spot where he informs her that he's talked to his long lost brother and that Layla can travel to them to get out of town and away from her childhood. Layla is very thankful. Buck's caveat though, is that Layla break things off with Anthony before someone gets hurt.

Chapter 1.41 Intruder- To Helen's horror, a burglar breaks in just to steal Galen's new computer. It really pisses Helen off. She totally takes the b**** down in her undies. Galen proves that he has no will of his own.

Chapter 1.42 A Little Bummed Out- Helen tells Buck how she beat up the burglar and Buck is concerned about the risks she took. Helen ages up to an Elder making Buck supremely glad that she can start slowing down.

Chapter 1.43 Intentions- Layla goes to her special spot to think about how to break things off with Anthony when he shows up. He has aged up and tells her that when he aged up his stepmother kicked him out. Layla is upset that she could be so mean, and is confused when she realizes she's planning on being mean to him too. Finally, he asks her what her plans for after school are. She tells him she's leaving and he is very upset and finally admits that he loves her and wants her to be with him. He doesn't want an answer right then, but wants her to think about it.

Chapter 1.44 Zebra Striped Lobster Tails- Coming home late that night Layla is abducted by aliens. She's rather upset by this. The next day is Galen's birthday party and Arden officially introduces herself to his parents. Layla refuses to have her birthday with a big party, though. Galen announces to Arden that he wants them to live with his parents as they are getting older. She agrees and Galen decides to propose.

Chapter 1.45 Advice-Helen follows Layla out of the party into her room where she gives Layla advise about living on her own. Layla grows up and Helen is pleased. Arden accepts Galen's proposal.

Chapter 1.46 There is No Forever- Layla arranged to meet Anthony where she and Phedra had watched the boats. Layla tells Anthony that she doesn't love him and he begs her to try. She she still refuses he falls to her knees and begs finally angering Layla. She tells him that 'it's not him, it's her' and begs him to forget her. Then she leaves to travel to islands before heading to the town Buck's brother and his family live in.

Generation 2 Blog Background-
Blog colors were in deep reds and oranges

Chapter 2.1 Cold Judgement- Layla has finally arrived in Appaloosa Plains after taking nearly a months vacation on various islands. She arrived very late and very tired and still hasn't really settled in. As she cooks her very first meal for herself her thoughts are pulled to one particular island she visited, Ourobors, where Layla left a piece of her heart. After eating she visit the consignment store where a very pregnant woman insults her. Upset, and wanting to walk around, she sets off to explore, stumbling on to a large and out of place house. As she nears, a young man appears informing her that she's trespassing and he's going to have her arrested for it.

Chapter 2.2 Lost- Begins as Layla walks to meet the young man who's just threatened to arrest her. For a moment, he gives her a hard time before telling her he was joking. She's furious, but eventually, they both calm down and she learns his name is Ned Hale and that his mother had quite a crush on Buck when they were very young. When she tells him she has to leave to go meet her family, he asks her to return sometime. Layla meets Uncle Trigger, surprised at how much he looks like her dad, Aunt Estella who tries to welcome her in her no-nonsense way, and Sally, her young cousin who prefers to be called Sarah. During dinner, Uncle Trigger makes a remark that again brings up her dad, for the 4th time that day and Layla can take no more since she misses him and goes back to her new home.

Chapter 2.3 Shattering - After feeling more settled Layla sets off to begin a more thorough investigation of Appaloosa Plains. While picking up seeds and other collectibles she comes across a man fishing and whistling, though she doesn't introduce herself. Instead, she spreads out a picnic to eat a lunch. The stranger, whom she dubs Whistling Stranger, comes to sit with her though he doesn't speak or eat the food she offers. Finally, Layla begins speaking to him, pouring her heart out to him before he goes back to fishing never having said a word. Layla is grateful for the listening ear he provided and goes home to try a new recipe for dinner. Just as she finishes cooking her long-lost brother Cyrus shows up at her door.

Chapter 2.4- Shards of Porcelain- Layla confronts Cyrus about what his sudden disappearance caused in the Sixkiller Family.

Chapter 2.5- Safe Questions- Layla and Cyrus sit down and try to regain a little lost time. But Layla discovers that she still harbors a lot of resentment toward her older brother. He tells her a little of what he's been doing the past years and that he has a family with Olivia now. She fills him in on gossip. In the course of the conversation Cyrus lets drop that Phedra calls him a lot which makes Layla very jealous.

Chapter 2.6- Such Wonderful Tales - Layla finally gets around to planting her garden while trying to remember to stay rooted in the present, not the past. Later, she goes to Ned's house for lunch and a tour. When she arrives, Ned makes it very plain that he likes her a lot. As they walk around they run across the man Layla had confided in during her picnic a while ago and that she had though must not speak Simlish. To her surprise, she discovers that he is Ned's assistant and speaks simlish perfectly well. After slipping away from Ned to make sure that Ignacio won't spill her secrets she angers Ignacio and pushes him into a koi pond.

Chapter 2.7- Dramatic Scenarios -  Sally has come for a visit while Layla works outside. Sally tries to figure out why Layla isn't boy crazy like she is. While they are talking Ignacio enters the yard with a gift for Layla supposedly from Ned. Layla is angry that Ignacio is flirting with Sally as well as with her. Especially since Sally likes the attention. As they talk it is revealed that while the gift is from Ned, Ignacio is the one who suggested it.

Chapter 2.8- Appropriate Attire - Layla has taken to dancing around the house in her underwear. One day while doing this Cyrus walks in on her and is embarrassed. He stays to visit and tells her he's found a job  with someone who is running for mayor. He also says that he'll be moving his family there soon. Ignacio comes in to deliver a message and Cyrus leaves thinking that Layla wants to be alone with Ignacio. Ignacio's message for Layla is Ned asking her on a date.

Chapter 2.9- Couldn't She - Layla is very overdressed for her date with Ned, but Ned starts off much smoother and appreciates how she looks. They eat and go outside to talk. Ned reveals he is going to run for Mayor and Ignacio arrives to interrupt their date. Layla starts by insulting him which puts him on the defensive and she has to scramble to correct her mistake in front of Ned. Finally, Ignacio leaves as Ned and Layla walk to the park. Sitting under the stars Layla finally gets a kiss from Ned, but nothing more.

Chapter 2.10- The Entire Town's Enjoyment - Again, Layla is dancing around her house. This time at night with no curtains on the windows when Aunt Estella arrives. Aunt Estella delivers a rebuke to Layla for not thinking about what she's doing. When you have on your lights inside, and you dance in front of uncurtained windows at night people can see. She also tells her that how she behaves can and does reflect on those around her and will influence Sally. Layla is angry at this view of herself and Aunt Estella leaves her alone to mull it all over.

Chapter 2.11- All The Lovely Things - Phedra stops by. No really. She just walks right in. And proceeds to tell Layla just what has been going on with her.

Chapter 2.12- The Harder I Try - Layla goes to Cyrus' house for dinner and to see all her nieces and nephew. Phedra gives more explanation as to why she disappeared and will disappear again.

Chapter 2.13- By His Side - Ignacio comes over on a mission from Ned for Cyrus but ends up staying to talk to Layla. What Layla learns softens her opinions much more.

Chapter 2.14- It'll All Be Over - Layla gets the truth from Cyrus and what she learns isn't pretty.

Chapter 2.15- Lights Out - In an attempt to just ignore everything going on that is out of her control on a hot sultry night before election day Layla lets go. When she finds a partner to let go with, things get even hotter.

Chapter 2.16- Betrayed - Aunt Estella and Sally arrive for a surprise breakfast and catch Layla in a rather compromising position. Aunt Estella then proceeds to tell the entire town of Layla's betrayal of Ned. He wins in a landslide and Ignacio loses his job.

Chapter 2.17- Feeling Superior - Ignacio reveals the new lay of the land to Layla who doesn't really believe him when Sally drops by to confirm it. Sally then talks Layla into a new hairdo and the pair head to the salon.

Chapter 2.18- I'll Just Live - At the salon the stylist confirms Sally and Ignacio's warning about the opinions of the town. Layla gets a new haircut and Ignacio meets up with someone who says he's been avoiding her.

Chapter 2.19- Time is Always Precious- Ignacio's conversation with the mysterious woman continues. Buck calls Layla to tell her that they are getting older and not doing well at all. Ignacio comes over and Layla confides in him. Then, the mystery woman shows up!

Chapter 2.20- And Ours Seems To Be Shared -  It's his MOM! lol. Sabria stays for a little while so she can get to know Layla and finally reveals herself as a Seer. She then tells Layla that their time together with Ignacio is both limited and shared.

Chapter 2.21- Pieces of My Past - Sabria explains to a rapt Layla how her gift works. When Sabria finally leave Ignacio tells Layla how happy he is that she didn't freak out. Layla then asks him to move in with her. He accepts.

Chapter 2.22- Breathe Dammit - Ignacio begins to move over, reminding her of something he'd said she hadn't paid attention to. Layla freaks out over it.

Chapter 2.23- Hearing and Listening - Layla confronts Ignacio about the surprise he brought over. He tells her that he has mentioned this before. They settle their differences, happy sappy, yada yada.

Chapter 2.24- Distracted - Tibi settles in with Layla and Ignacio. Lignacio attend a party at his parents house where Ignacio gets jealous over his dad's attentions to Layla. Layla and Ignacio's sister get along great. Ignacio's brother confronts him about some business that needs to be started soon.

Chapter 2.25- Dam Burst - Layla gets the news that her mother has passed away. While Ignacio and Tibi give Layla some space Tibi's mother comes over to beg for money.

Chapter 2.26- Out The Door - Layla goes to tell Cyrus who is not as affected by the news as she would like, angering her. When she gets home she finds Ignacio home and decides they are going to move into a house that will hold them all.

Chapter 2.27- Tell Me Everything - They move, they redecorate, they break in the bedroom floor. Then Layla confronts Ignacio about something his mother had said, and then goes on to confront him about many things he hasn't told her.

Chapter 2.28- Never Good - Ignacio and Layla are still fighting. Sally drops by to say Aunt Estella died and then stays to exchange gossip.

Chapter 2.29- Slightly Over the Edge - Sally stays to unload some of her burdens onto a very weary Layla who tries to hand them right back. This only makes Sally mad and she points out that Layla needs to move on.

Chapter 2.30- Charitable Endeavor - Tibi grows up and Layla throws a party for her. Sabria asks Layla why she isn't properly dealing with her grief and Ignacio wants to know why Raul is wearing snazzy new clothes when their business is supposed to be very low profit.

Chapter 2.31- Tiny Bit of Happy - Layla gets a call informing her that Uncle Trigger died and she makes up with Ignacio.

Chapter 2.32- Time - Time marches on. Layla has directed her emotional turmoil into keeping the things she collects. She then makes the long awaited announcement.

Chapter 2.33- I'm Alright - A phone call from Galen on Snowflake Day lets Layla know Buck has passed away. During a Snowflake Day party Layla announces she's expecting to Sabria who wants to know why Layla didn't take the day off to mourn her dad.

Chapter 2.34- At Once - Tibi grows up and Layla goes into labor.

Chapter 2.35- Her Baby - Introducing: Mariah!

Chapter 2.36- Something - Layla desperately tries to be a good mother, but it always seems to go awry. Mariah becomes a toddler and Sabria issues a warning to Ignacio regarding the tenuous state of Layla's nerves.

Chapter 2.37- Too Awful - Tibi goes to Prom and Layla gets a devastating phone call.

Chapter 2.38- Speechless -  Go watch it. Really. It's a video. Well, it's a slideshow. And it covers a lot of ground.

Chapter 2.39- Unseeing Eyes - Layla begins making steps toward healing when Sabria comes to deliver a warning to Layla regarding Ignacio and his business with Raul.

Chapter 2.40- Like So Many Clouds in the Sky - Mariah shows off her rather morbid interests while Ignacio goes to great lengths to show Layla just how happy he is that she is now his wife. Layla confronts Ignacio about what Sabria told her.

Chapter 2.41- Black Shadow Ignacio picks an odd time to talk to Raul about quitting, but he promised Layla and so he does. This makes Raul very angry. Mariah grows up and Sally invites Layla to her sons party the next day.

Chapter 2.42- Something So Deep - Ignacio avoids telling Layla that Raul is incredibly angry at him for quitting and takes steps he considers necessary. When Layla discovers what that is she throws a fit.

Chapter 2.43- The Enemy Here - Sally gets Layla 'Juiced' at Roger's birthday party embarrassing Ignacio, who spends most of the party trying to avoid Raul . Eventually he leaves early without Layla and Mariah. When Layla arrives home they find Raul there beating up Ignacio. She decides to take drastic steps to end the threat that Raul represents.

Chapter 2.44- Surrender - Mariah takes out her frustrations on a classmate and makes friends with another. She reveals that Layla didn't kill Ignacio, Raul did. But Layla killed Raul. Sabria has been taking care of Tibi and Mariah and managed to chase the girls away with her behavior.

Chapter 2.45- Burnt Toast - Mariah arrives home in a great mood to find Sabria and Layla having an argument in the kitchen and so goes to hide until Sabria leaves. Finally, smelling something she goes to find something smoking from in the oven and we learn that Layla has broken.

Chapter 2.46- How To Light a Fire - Tibi takes Mariah out and tells her she's now married, not to Emily, but to Henry. Mariah takes Roger to her favorite hiding place.

Chapter 2.47- Anything But Acceptance - Mariah plans a birthday for Layla and it goes all wrong. Mariah grows into a teen.

Chapter 2.48- So Blind - Mariah is nearly through with high school along with her best friend Roger, but an assigned study buddy threatens to come between them.

Chapter 2.49- Unknown Quantity - Roger and Mariah put their heads together to see if she can get out of studying with Andre, the former school ground bully, but there's nothing they can do and Andre comes over.

Chapter 2.50- Bad, Bad Idea - Mariah and Andre continue to work on their joint project, much to Roger's dismay, when things take a turn Mariah didn't expect.

Chapter 2.51- The Monkey Queen of the Moon- Mariah struggles with a decision about her future while her classmates prepare to move on without her. Finally, an opportunity presents itself from an unlikely source that could change all that.

Chapter 2.52- I Still Have Hope- In which Roger offers Mariah some help and she lets us in on a few of her secrets. This chapter marks the end of Generation 2.

Chapter 3.1- The Only One- It's officially the beginning of Mariah's rein as heiress and she wastes no time! In this chapter Mariah grows up, Layla passes on and Generation 4 is on the way.

Chapter 3.2- How to Ask Nicely- Mariah spills her sorrows to a stunned Roger. He promises to be there for her, but is angry and hurt that she chose Andre before even considering him romantically. While getting his aggressions out, his partner on the police force offers some sage advice.

Chapter 3.3- Mystical Psychic Power of Electricity- Roger pulls Mariah out of her head and out of the house, all while working to change her opinion of him. Mariah lets her temper loose on the newspaper girl and goes into labor.

 Chapter 3.4- Bird of Peace- Mariah's daughter (and the official 10th generation of her family, though she's only the 4th generation of this legacy) is born. She decides it's time to make sure Roger has no false ideas about what might possibly happen between them since she doesn't intend to tie him down when he can move on and tells him so.

Chapter 3.5- The One That Bakes- Despite her forever intention to let Roger go, he's still hanging around her. She's attempting to bake a birthday cake for Dove when she finally decides to let the chips fall where they may and makes a move.

Chapter 3.6- You Didn't, You couldn't, You weren't, I wasn't- Roger and Mariah are able to come to an agreement as to how they stand after Mariah made her move. Dove has a birthday and Roger tells Mariah that he has a new assignment and won't be around as much any more.

Chapter 3.7- Squeaky Hinge- Mariah figures out something important and attempts to come to terms with it. But it isn't until she tells Roger that she's able to accept things.

Chapter 3.8- Safely Planted- In an attempt to get over her stay-at-home-mommy-stir-craziness Roger and Mariah prepare for the new baby by redecorating Tibi's old room to be a nursery. Dove is cute and Mariah gets a surprise in the middle of the night.

Chapter 3.9- Shut Up, Close Your Eyes- Mariah decides to surprise Roger by showing him she had twins, instead of telling him. He's not too impressed by her idea of a surprise, but he's thrilled he has two healthy children. They name the babies (Ceeven, and Vivia) and Mariah settles into being a mom to three kids.

Chapter 3.10- These Fantasies- We take some time to delve into Roger's mind and world. First, he dreams of Mariah begging him to marry her before waking up to find he's in hot water in his undercover job. Looks like he has no way out unless he goes home.

Chapter 3.11- A Pitiless Yolk- Mariah is struggling financially, the cost of remodeling the house more than she could afford. But she refuses to accept child support from Roger and won't demand it of Andre. Dove grows up and Roger makes a surprise proposal.

Chapter 3.12- It's Not You- The fallout from Roger's proposal continues as he begins to see Mariah for who she really is. In the end, nothing Mariah says will be enough to heal the hurt she's caused.

Chapter 3.13- Less Than Frigid- Mariah's world continues to careen out of her control as she's called in to the school to discuss Dove's poor school performance. Will anything ever go right again?

Chapter 3.14- Painful Reflections- The twins become children, ready to go to school and join their dad and sister on a camping trip. While they're gone Mariah decides to take greater control of an inheritance left to her by Ignacio's mom, Sabria. But a nasty surprise or two show that no matter what Mariah does, she's not the one in control.

Chapter 3.15-Time to Move On- Mariah takes some time for herself, but she takes it as time away at her old hideaway cabin in hopes she can sweep out the old and make way for the new. However, she might not be able to just yet. A circus arrives and the family goes, finally getting timid Ceeven excited about something.

Chapter 3.16- I Believe- Ceeven's sisters find out he's being bullied at school for his over active imagination and continuing attachment to his favorite doll. But while they attempt to comfort him, Mama Mariah overhears and steps in.

Chapter 3.17- Half Answer- Trick or Treating goodies for the kids while Mariah turns up a goodie of another kind: a most unwilling mentor she has to get through before Delphine will let her take a full salary from the Institute her Abuela Sabria left her. Roger strides in at the last moment to add to her torment.

Chapter 3.18- A Sign of Peace- Roger's visit gives Mariah many mixed feelings, and mixed messages. A warning from Taylor proves helpful as Mariah introduces Dove to her 'other' family.

Chapter 3.19- My Empress- Mariah reaches a deal with Christie to ensures both are able to work side by side for years to come. Another trip to the circus gives Ceeven's sisters a chance to discuss his new friend.

Chapter 3.20-


  1. Jesus H... That's more daunting than reading the chapters! Glad I read from the start!

    1. Is it so awful really? I don't think I could do a one sentence summary for each chapter. Too much went on. Really. Way Too Much.

    2. Nah, I'm being mean. Have you seen my gen 2 summary? I thought that was long.
      My gen 3 one will be about this long. I did too much...

  2. Do you know that I had forgotten some of what had happened? And I'm the one who planned and executed it all! Kind of scared me when I look at the plans I have for this generation too. Yikes! I've still got to get a summary of 2.1 up. I will soon though. Maybe tonight. My game and I are at loggerheads so I finally gave up. lol. I'll wrestle with it later.