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Chapter 2.43- The Enemy Here

          Not even two hours later and the root cause of Layla and Ignacio’s disagreement stood right before her . Layla, Ignacio and Mariah (Tibi was on a date with Emily) had stepped through the door to find Lottie and Raul chatting with Ottawa in the front room. As this was the first time Layla had been back to the home her dad had grown up in since his passing Layla had been expecting to feel a little uncomfortable. This was a little much however.

          For Ignacio, it was just one more jolt in his gut. There had been many that day. Deciding to ignore the couple chatting with Ottawa, he brushed by them into the kitchen.

          Taking courage she didn’t feel from her husband’s actions Layla followed, making it through the door of the kitchen just as Ignacio found Roosevelt and Kristine. He determinedly made bright small talk, ignoring Layla as thoroughly as he had his brother.
          Letting out a small sigh, Layla turned her focus back ahead. Hoping Sally was in the small tv room in the back she kept going. She wasn’t in a frame of mind to play nice with strangers tonight.

          “How on Sim Planet did you manage to make your way back here without grabbing a cup or a bottle on the way?” Sally demanded the moment Layla made it into the back room.
          Layla jumped a little, turning her gaze back to Sally. She’d been so busy looking at everything she hadn’t noticed her standing by the window. The furniture had all been pushed against the walls to make more space and the room looked strange to her.
          “Get a cup. Join me,” Sally insisted.

          “I had no idea Ignacio was chummy with Roosevelt,” Sally began after pouring a generous amount into Layla’s cup.
          Not entirely sure what to say Layla took an overlarge drink, wincing as the nectar went down, burning a hole in her esophagus as it went by the feel of it. What was in this stuff? Layla might not have been an experienced drinker, but she’d made progress since Joel had poured her that first drink so many years ago. At least, she thought she had.

          Sally turned swiftly at Layla’s splutterings.
          “Oh come on,” Sally scoffed. “Surely you’ve had nectar before!”
          “I have,” Layla answered. “It’s just been a while and this stuff is strong. What did you put in it? Kerosene?”
          “I don’t believe you. Get another drink. Prove it.”
          Between yesterday and today’s events Layla gave in, hoping she’d manage to have enough to forget everything for a while at least.

          It didn’t take long before Sally had switched out the empty nectar bottle for a full one, filling Layla’s head with all the latest gossip from around town even as she kept filling the cup Layla held.
          A loud snort followed by “Oh gosh! That burns! My nose!” quite some time later grabbed Ignacio’s attention from the kitchen. He wasn’t sure how much she’d had to drink, but Layla was wobbling and wavering even as she attempted to stand still.

          Sudden raucous laughter almost covered the sound of her kicking the coffee table that had been pushed against the wall, but not quite.  Her swaying had actually seemed to get worse. If she didn’t put a stop to it soon, Ignacio would have to step in. He could care less if she wanted to get drunk, but he wouldn’t have her make a fool of herself in front of Raul and Lottie. Not tonight. No matter how stressed she thought she was.

          His stomach dropped when Raul brushed past him, avoiding his gaze, just as Layla asked Sally for a refill.
          “Are you sure you want more right now? I think we’re about ready for Roger to blow out his candles.”
          “Just enough for a toast,” Layla’s reply was slightly slurred and her eyes swam in their sockets. “For the birthday boy?”
          Sally laughed a little and poured another generous measure for them both. “Awww. Anything for my babies.”

          “To Roger!” Layla lifted her glass.
          “And to Mariah!” Sally added raising hers as well before both took deep drafts, erupting into peals of laughter that rang throughout the house.
          Ottawa chose that moment to run into the room carrying the toddler Roger in his arms.
          “Birthday Time!” He hollered as he made his way to the cake, pointedly glaring at Sally.

          The room filled with the rest of the well-wishers and Layla and Sally put aside their cups to join in, much to Ignacio’s relief. Judging by the looks Ottawa threw at Sally, he wasn’t the only one worried about just how inebriated the pair might be.
          As he watched Ottawa with his youngest son wiith Mariah standing near Ignacio suddenly realized just how close in age these two were, which brought on other, more troubling, thoughts. Could his little girl be growing up that quickly?

          It took just one look at the child Roger to ease his mind quite a bit. This poor kid would be lucky to make it out of elementary school alive.
          Reassured on that one point, he shifted his focus back to Layla. Perhaps he ought to have a word, convince her that she’d probably had enough nectar for the time being. If nothing else, he ought to go and talk to her, smooth things over. Maybe she’d be okay if he decided to take the gun back first thing in the morning.

          Ignacio followed through with his plans the moment the cake had been cut and the kids had all received a slice. Sally, however, refused to budge from Layla’s side and so he was detained chatting to the two, never noticing Raul whisper into his wife’s ear before slipping out the back door.

          Once he was able to assure himself that Sally and Layla wouldn’t open a new nectar bottle, Ignacio excused himself.
          When Ottawa detained him in the kitchen he decided he’d go ahead and apologize for Layla’s behavior earlier.

          “Uh,” Ottawa seemed genuinely confused by Ignacio’s apology. “Well, honestly, I was going to thank you for bringing your wife. Usually Sally is the only one in there drinking away. She can’t stand that her kids are growing up and Layla partnering with her slowed her down a lot. She could barely stand up for Benji’s birthday.”
          “Oooooh,” Ignacio nodded, feeling distinctly out of place.

          “Yeah, man,” Ottawa continued. “Raul was here for it. Poor guy had to help me carry her up to bed. I’d tell you to go ask him, but he already left.”
          Spying Lottie out of the corner of his eye, he was instantly confused.
          “Raul already left?”
          “Yeah,” Ottawa answered. “Didn’t say goodbye or nothin’. Give him heck for me next time you see him.”
          Ignacio nodded.

          “Actually,” Ignacio suddenly just felt tired of it all. “I think I migh’ head out too. It’s been a really long day. But I had a fantastic time. Thanks so much for having us.”
          “Yeah! Yeah, man. You guys should come over more often. Layla and Sally get along so great, and Mariah can always play with the boys. They’re all going to be in school together after all.”
          “Ah, yeah, Mariah,” Ignacio felt suddenly stupid. “Would you mind telling Layla that I’ve gone on? She’ll need to remember to bring Mariah back with her.”

          The two women were still happily gossiping away when Ottawa plopped himself down between them. For several minutes they all sat in silence. Finally, Layla leaned around him raising her eyebrows at Sally.
          “Ottawa?” Sally asked her husband.
          Ottawa still sat silently.
          With a roll of her eyes, Sally slapped his thigh. “Ottawa!”
          “Hey!” he exclaimed brightly.
          “What are you doing?”
          “Trying to remember what I’m supposed to tell Layla.”

          “You’re supposed to tell Layla something?” Sally asked.
          “Yeah? Yeah!” Suddenly, he brightened and turned toward Layla slightly. “I’m supposed to tell you that Ignacio went on home because he was feeling tired from his long day and that you need to get Mariah.”
          Satisfied with himself he leaned back, grinning.
          “Ignacio already left?” Layla asked, puzzled. “He left without me?” She was still feeling a little fuzzy, and clearing her thoughts was causing her a little trouble.
          “Yep! And don’t forget Mariah.”

Layla snorted at the thought that she could forget her daughter. She wasn’t likely to do that again.
“Well, it’s been really fun guys,” Layla began.
“Aw! Stay a little longer. You don’t have to go just because Iggy left!” Sally wailed.
          “No,” she admitted. “But Mariah should probably be getting in bed. It is getting late.”
          “You’ll be back for JJ’s next birthday right?” begged Sally as Layla stood.
          “Yeah,” she said. “We’ll be here.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          There had been a heavy downpour earlier in the evening, but the clouds had parted making for a nice night and Layla decided she and Mariah would walk home. The old farmhouse wasn’t too terribly far from home and the walk might help clear her head further.
          As mother and daughter neared the front door, she was surprised to see it standing open. Lights blazed through the windows and angry shouts carried back to them.
          Mariah turned a confused face to her mother as both ran in through the open door.

          Layla had entered the house with every intent of stopping whatever was going on, but when she saw the way Raul attacked Ignacio she was stunned into inaction.
          Raul threw punch after punch, sometimes only taking enough time between them to pull Ignacio back toward him. She had no idea how long she stood silent witness before Mariah’s gasping cries forced her to take action.

          Layla pushed all the air out of her lungs, slowly turned and walked away from the scene.
The enemy here was Raul.
Ignacio had told her that just earlier today.
Raul was dangerous.

          It hadn’t been very long since Layla had finally gained her calm happy place.
          Tibi was happy.
          Mariah was happy.
          Layla was happy.
Ignacio could be happy too, if it weren’t for Raul.
          Raul was a threat to Ignacio. Therefore Raul was a threat to Layla, Tibi, and Mariah. She needed Ignacio. They all needed Ignacio. And now, Ignacio needed her.

          Ignacio had brought the gun into the house with the purpose of protecting his family. Now Layla would use it to protect his family, and she would protect him.
          Around her, everything moved in slow motion. But Raul still moved too much. Her deep breathing steadied her nerves, and she carefully kept an eye on Raul’s back.

          Beside her, Mariah sobbed, prancing on her tiptoes, begging Uncle Raul to stop hurting her Daddy.
          But the sound was distorted for Layla, muffled, unclear,  and slowly, slowly, she raised her arms. Raul had been on top of Ignacio for a few moments now. At last, he was still enough for her to get a good shot.

          Mariah’s shrieks grew louder as Ignacio’s movements became feebler. It was time.
          Layla had heard it was incredibly hard to shoot another sim. That it takes more than just having a gun, or the will, or even a reason to be able to kill in cold blood. And now, with everything she held dear on the line, Layla wasn’t sure she had that extra something.

          Then Ignacio stopped moving and Mariah screamed.
          Her daughter’s never ending scream made the rest of the world come suddenly into sharp focus for Layla. With a final steadying breath she put her finger on the trigger and

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Downloads- Objects & Accessories- Nectar Bottle

Holy Crap I made crap. Kind of.

This is the Nectar bottle that you collect from WA tombs, or that your sims make with a Nectar Maker in game. I cloned it, ditched the overlay, made a map/specular/multiplier (they're pretty crappy- FYI) and then managed to make it useable. The Bottle has 2 recolorable channels, the cap and the bottle. Uhm, I had just managed to figure out mapping when my trial of MilkShape ran out so if you use a pattern to put on the bottle in CASt beware! It will look a little odd.

Vertically oriented patterns aren't as noticeable. Horizontal patterns are flipped upside down on the sides. As soon as I get money to blow (LOL!) I'll buy MilkShape and fix the mapping.

 Solid colors look alright though. It comes with 4 presets that are identical for the accessory and the object. The first three have a different label a piece ( I swear the first and third labels are different) with a "nutrition information" label on the back of the three with labels. The 4th preset doesn't have any labels on.

The Nectar Bottle Object costs §5 Simoleans in game and is found under Misc. Décor.

The Accessory is only for the Right Hand, it is a bracelet so unless you have mods allowing for more than one accessory per location it will remove any other bracelet your sim has on. Sorry there is no pic of the accessory. Just suffice it to say it goes in the right hand. If you go check out the poses I made for it you'll see.

I know these seem a little out of place, and it's been forever since I've posted, but I'd made these ages ago specifically for the next chapter and then life happened. I've been ready to release them since the end of October, but just haven't been able to. So I'm putting these up as a "Hey look! Sunny isn't dead!" offering. The Sixkillers will hopefully have a new chapter up very shortly as it's about half way shot. And as there is supposed to be a lovely ice/snow storm heading our way mid week, what better excuse to curl up to my nice warm computer? lol ;)

Anyhow, thank you for viewing these and I hope someone out there gets as much enjoyment out of these as I have.

TOU: DO NOT take credit for my work. DO NOT edit without permission first. DO NOT direct link to the download, link to this post. DO NOT include this in your download. If you make poses with this accessory, please leave a link in the comments. C'mon. It's free publicity if you do.

Downloads- Poses- 99 Bottles

This is my 99 Bottles Pose Pack. Just another one to use the nectar bottle and solo cup accessory. Also, to give a slightly different idea of using these as décor also. And yes. There are 99 nectar bottles in that shot.

The following are the pose images included in both downloads:

 You will have to use Alt to push the sim up against the wall, or door, or couch, or whatever. There are two versions of this download. One that is Poselist Enabled, and one that is not. CHOOSE ONLY ONE.



Thank you! Hopefully your imagination will find new ways to use these poses. If you do use these poses in your story I'd love to know about it! Leave a link in the comments and I'll even comment back!

Downloads- Poses- Sunny's Happy Hour

This is my Happy Hour Pose Pack. It consists of 10 total poses. 5 of them need my Nectar Bottle Accessory, 5 of them need a Left Handed Solo Cup Accessory, and 5 of them need a Right Handed Solo Cup Accessory.

On a_sunny_happyhour4 I messed up in this pic. Layla needed a_sunny_happyhour4a so that her hand wouldn't be clipping her clothes. 4a is not shown, but it is in there I promise.

These images are included in the download. There are two download options, one that is poselist enabled, and one that is not. CHOOSE ONLY ONE.

Thank you! And I hope your imagination finds ways to use these in your own stories. If you do use them in your story I'd love to see them! Leave a note or a link in the comments and I'll even leave a comment back!

Downloads- Objects & Accessories- Solo Cup

Again! Moar Crap by Sunny!

This is actually the little cup your sim uses when they do a trick shot on the pool table.

I cloned it, ditched the overlay, made a pretty poor little map, multiplier, and specular, made it into an object, flipped it upside down, made it a different object, made it into an accessory.

Both the objects and the accessory have 3 recolorable channels, and come with the same 3 presets. The first channel is the main color of the outside of the cup, the second channel is the interior and a tiny little lip on the outer part of the cup (Because solo cups have that white rim, yeah?) and the bottom is the third.


The décor Solo Cups are found in the Misc. Décor section for §1 Simolean a piece. The Solo Cup Accessories each have a custom Thumbnail in the CAS catalog for ease of use.

Accessories Download:
Décor Downloads:

Thank you and I hope you are able to find ways to use these in your own game!

TOU: DO NOT take credit for these!
          DO NOT edit these without permission first!
           If you use these items to make poses with, please DO NOT include them with your poses. Please link back to here. Also- if you use them put a link to your poses using them in the comments so others can see! C'mon. It's free publicity.

ETA: Mirumom has made a posepack using the accessory cups! You can find it HERE!