Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chapter 1.33

Chapter 1.33-Interested

            For the third time that week, and on the third day of school, Layla had been approached by one of Galen’s friends. Every day had been the same. Either they wanted to go home with her to ‘work on homework,’ or they’d invite her to their house for the same reason. Both days prior, the visit had ended when she’d been asked to go steady. Both days, Layla had laughed.
            Today’s unfortunate victim made Layla extra angry. Travis and Galen were good friends. But at least she could tell for sure what was going on now.

            “You’re so good in science! I knew I’d invited the right person over to help me,” Travis was a little too jovial. “Whaddaya say I take you out for dinner as a thank you?”
            Travis is Galen’s best friend.
            “You know,” Layla was having a hard time being nice by now. “You know what? I think I’ll pass this time.”

            The hurt air Travis put on didn’t fool Layla one bit. First of all, he had been flirting heavily with Kimbree Lindon that morning, and according to gossip had asked her to prom twice now. Also, the hurt look didn’t make it anywhere near his eyes. Then there was the small matter of seeing Galen with his head close to Travis’ during lunch.

            “Travis,” Layla’s smile widened. “Travis you don’t have to pretend to be into me. It’s ok, really.”
            Looking up at Layla, he smiled a little, though he looked worried.
            “Really,” Layla repeated. “It’s ok. And I won’t tell Kimbree. She’d be hurt if she knew that you’d asked me out.”

            “Oh, Kimbree is just for fun you know,” he tried to cover.
            “No,” Layla interrupted. “No, she’s not. You’ll get her to say yes sooner rather than later and you’re not interested in me anyhow.”
            Travis fake laughed, making Layla close her eyes and flinch.

            Sighing, Layla decided to just get it out and over with.
            “Alright, Travis,” said Layla. “Let’s go ahead and be honest. I know that Galen asked you to do this. You’ve done your part, now I’m doing mine.”
            Travis’ drew in a breath trying to contradict her without knowing what to say and not wanting to lie either.
            “Oh, now-no no no, It’s not-naw.”

            “Jus-Just, please,” Layla interrupted again. “Please. I know Galen is behind this. And you did your part. But cut the crap. You’re not at all interested in me.”
            Travis finally stopped sputtering and looked a little sheepish.
            “He’s done this to me all week, and I’m tired of it. I’m not looking for a relationship with anyone and no one is going to change my mind of that right now. Tell him that for me, please. It’s time that someone else convinced him of that. He’s not listening to me obviously.”

            “Sorry,” Travis told her timidly.
            “Not a problem,” Layla said. “Just tell him something for me? Tell him to expect to be very rudely awakened by a sharp object in a rather uncomfortable place if he tries it again?”
            Travis guffawed.
            “Absolutely not! Now I want to see what you’re going to do to him!”
            “No, no you really don’t.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            The next morning Layla decided to take her problems to the one person who might have some actual advice. Phedra was always up on all the gossip around school and had been teasing Layla about the sudden parade of suitors.
            “That little squirt Galen is behind it all. He even put Travis up to it yesterday,” Layla whined. “But now Travis just thinks it’s funny, and Galen isn’t going to quit because-let’s face it- he’s Galen and he thinks that because we’re twins we’re supposed to be together forever. It’s like he thinks we’re in some weird sibling marriage. PlumbBob, gross.”
            Phedra laughed. She’d managed to navigate the social side of high school by throwing herself into her studies, basically ignoring the social scene. Layla wasn’t dumb and tried to avoid the social chaos of the school hallways, but people were always trying to get close to her.

            “Look,” said Phedra. “I know that you don’t want all this male attention, or a relationship, but you know the old saying. ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’”
            Layla nodded slowly. This was not the advice she was looking for.
            “I’m not saying you need to fawn over every boy at school, but maybe taking an interest in one of them might send the others packing.”
            Nodding a little more enthusiastically, Layla mulled the idea over.

            “But I still don’t want a relationship,” Layla insisted after a moment of thought. “I don’t want to be tied down to anyone, or even to this town.”
            “Just because you date in high school doesn’t mean you have to get married,” Phedra chuckled a little. “Just because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean you have to.”
            “They do all seem to do that don’t they?”
            “Still doesn’t make me want a relationship.”

            “So, maybe you could pretend.”
            This statement actually brought Layla up short. Maybe there was something in that.
            “Well, that might work.”
            “It might be a little mean.”
            “I’m not sticking around.”
            “Are you sure about that?”
            “Of course. You’re not.”
            “I’m me.”
            “And I’m not?”

            Both girls laughed. Of course Layla wasn’t Phedra.
            “Well, my hair isn’t pink or anything, but I am my own sim,” Layla said. “And I’m with you. I want to see what else is out there. I don’t want to stay here and do what everyone else does. Surely there’s more to life than married, babies, work and die. And I could pretend to like someone and that’ll make others leave me alone.”
            “I shouldn’t have said that.”
            “But you did and I’m glad. I’ll find someone and pretend to like them. Then Galen will back off and I can move on with my life.”
            Phedra shook her head sadly. “Laydee. Are you sure about this?”
            “One hundred percent.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            Layla’s opportunity to get Galen to back off came sooner than she thought. Well, perhaps it was sooner than she had expected, but Galen was relentless in his campaign to get her to stick around with him. The very next day he pulled his study-buddy stunt again. This time, his patsy was Anthony Lau.
            “Thanks for having me over,” Anthony told Layla. “I’m always a little behind in science.”
            Layla pursed her lips. She would rather have pretended with someone else. Zazzy’s daughter Selena, consequently Layla’s one friend at school, had been soft on Anthony for ages.

            She hated that she would most likely gain a handful of covert enemies at school, but she’d had enough. Forcing a smile she spoke through clenched teeth.
            “I’m so glad you could come over, too.” Under the table she grabbed the table leg, squeezing hard to keep her hands from betraying her discomfort.

            The pair worked in silence for a while, finishing the science questions assigned and moving on to geography without a word between them.
            “So,” Phedra tried to keep her tone light, but this was harder than she thought it might be. “Mrs. Jeffs is a real idiot of a teacher isn’t she?”
            “Yeah,” was Anthony’s cool reply.

            “I’ve read books a century old that are more accurate than she is,” Anthony added as Phedra and Galen arrived home. Both had stayed late for after-school clubs.
            Layla’s smile brightened a little out of relief as her siblings moved to join them in working on homework. She’d really have to push herself, but she needed to fool Galen. And it would be much easier to fool him if he was in the room witnessing it.

            Layla laughed merrily at Anthony’s joke a beat too late. Anthony frowned.
            Phedra sat down heavily next to Layla, her disapprobation visible to Layla.
            Galen however, saw it as a good sign, and looked closely at Layla to make sure this was really working.
            Noticing how much of Galen’s attention she had, Layla decided to turn it up a notch just as Anthony coughed a little.

            “You know we have stuff here on hand I could get you for that cough,” Layla said sweetly. “Even a little vapo-rub I could help you get on. I know how annoying those dry tickly little coughs can be.”
            Galen’s mouth actually dropped. Did he really just hear that?

            Too bad he can’t hear her whispered remark to Phedra.
            “I could sure use a trip to your island right about now. Yeesh.”
            Phedra tucked her chin low, trying to hide her grin from Galen and Anthony.

            Silence slowly stole over the group. Layla dropped the act while Galen was so focused on his own school work, and tried to get her own done.
            She had noticed that Anthony hadn’t said a word since Galen had come in. In fact, he looked a little upset. Maybe this wasn’t something she could go through with. She really didn’t want to hurt anyone. She just wanted Galen to leave her alone.

            “Look, Layla,” Anthony finally said. “Thanks for inviting me over to do school work. Soon as I’m done I’ll head back home.
            Layla frowned. He sounded almost hurt.

            “Well, it’s raining pretty hard out,” Layla said. “Why don’t you stay at least until it clears up? You don’t have an umbrella with you, and wet clothes aren’t very comfy.”
            “Sure, fine.”
            It was the best she could do for now. Well, that and pray that the rain would end quickly so she wouldn’t feel so bad.

            As per usual, Phedra finished her homework before everyone else. Including the two who had been working for almost an hour before she’d even walked back in the house.
            “That bus driver is nuts, like fresh out of the ground peanut nuts” Galen offered completely out of the blue.
            Phedra snorted. Galen tried to keep up with what was going on, but his cluelessness could sometimes lead to some really off the wall remarks.

            “I guess you could call him a real blooming idiot then, can’t you?” Layla got Galen. Unfortunately, she was usually a pace or two ahead of him. However, instead of only Phedra getting her joke, Anthony laughed along as well looking her full in the face. His eyes held hers a heartbeat longer than she was comfortable with, making her blush.
            Not noticing what was going on, Phedra offered Anthony dinner in the form of a salad she could pull out of a bag. Phedra was awesome at making those salads.

            “Gah, this is so dumb. I’m never going to finish. Might as well skip tomorrow just to finish it,” Galen whines. “Oh, but then I’d be farther behind! And nothing would ever get accomplished.”
            By this time Layla and Phedra have both eaten. Phedra, even, already has a good start on a new book. (By the looks of it a phone book or index of some sort. Seriously EA?)
            Layla is just enjoying Galen’s struggle. After all he’s put her through at school so far, she’s going to relish every moment of his discomfort. Next to her, Anthony lays his fork carefully on his now empty plate and looks at her.
            “Dance with me.” It isn’t a question or even an offer. It’s stated that she will dance with him.
            Out of a habit of obeying others Layla got up following him closer to the little radio sitting on the floor by the front door.

            Anthony’s dancing was a little wild and uncoordinated, making Layla much more uncomfortable that she was already. It took a lot out of her thighs too keep leaning back to make sure that if Anthony fell she would be able to get out of the way.
            “I’m not so bad you know.”
            Startled, Layla finally looked at Anthony.
            “Really, hanging out with me isn’t that bad,” Anthony repeated.

            “No,” Layla replied. “No you’ve been nice.”
            Layla’s cheeks burned even worse than before. She’d hurt someone. Just like Phedra said she would.
            “Actually, nobody’s danced with me since Cyrus left. He was the dancer,” she added. “This is nice. Thank you.”

            Laughter bubbling over, Anthony stopped and clutched his side. Layla watched warily. Finally, he straightened back up.
            “Alright, alright,” he gasped. “You don’t have to go that far! I’m a lousy dancer at the best of times, so you don’t have to pretend about that.”

            “Look, let’s be honest with each other,” Anthony still smiled. “This guy? This guy asked me to come over. But I have wanted to come over and spend time with you for a while now. I just didn’t have the balls to say anything.”
            Layla’s stomach sinks. Shit.
            “Your best friend, Selena? Scares the holy hell outta me. Her mom, too. I want nothing to do with those two. But Selena doesn’t take hints very well, and you my friend, are the only way she will leave me alone. Exactly the same way that I am the only way your brother will leave you alone.”

            Lips curving into a smile, Layla tilts her head in curiosity. This might work out after all.
            “But I can’t ask you to purposely piss off your best friend,” Anthony continues. “However, I can tell you that though you lose her, you gain me. You’re good at science. I’m not. You’re good at geography. I’m not. I’m good at English. You’re not. I’m also very good at trig. You very much are not. So I think we could work out a pretty beneficial trade if you’re at all interested.”

            It takes only a moment for Layla to decide. Selena would be hurt, but she had lots of other friends and often left Layla to her own devices in favor of other, more popular girls. Also, it would get Galen to leave her alone. As she dove into her thoughts she missed the slightly hungry look in Anthony’s eyes while he watched her.
            “Alright,” she responds. “You’re on.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            And yes, this means that in game they are technically girlfriend/boyfriend. This way Story Progression would quit trying to pair both of them up with someone. Seriously, Layla had a different boy over or asked to go to a different boys house every school night for a week. It was getting SO annoying. But it works, so whatever. Galen has a girlfriend, too. Arden Swanson. We’ll see her later probably. I have no idea why I have no shots of her. Most likely cause she's not such a looker (neither is Anthony). But Galen is all about Arden. To each his own.

This will be the last update for a little while. Though I have a handful of useable photos, I've got to get my game back up and running. Nasty little bug it seems to have.


  1. I loved how their conversation over homework was triggered by the thought bubbles! Made me giggle at how you managed to do that! I have headline effects off when I remember (which seems to be all the time recently!) so it makes it easier to steer conversations :)

    I love how Anthony has the save motives as Layla, though I have this nagging feeling that they'll become closer... Arden is such an odd name! Especially for a girl, but can't wait to meet her! Galen is slow and cute, and I want to see what he's like with her :)

    I really hope you can get your game sorted soon! I'd feel really bad putting Layla into mine if you couldn't even use her! :| She will be in next chapter, which I'm about to go finish sorting now and should hopefully have done for tomorrow. :)

    1. hahaha. I had some troubles with some of it because of those darn speech bubbles. But I think it came out alright in the end. One day, one day I'm going to remember to turn those headline effects off for two whole plays in a row. It's my New Years Resolution! LOLOLOL
      Hmmm. Keep an eye on Anthony. Things might not be quite what they seem.
      Arden. Oh Arden. The last time I played I picked a save that started at like 9 am so I had 18 hours before the whole thing went kaput and I got a few shots of Galen and Arden. They are SO mismatched in appearances. The pics are actually kind of painful to look at. But but but...
      Don't feel bad about that! At least she'll be out there somewhere getting some life. Though I'm getting ready to start working on my game again this morning. So cross your fingers! And I can't wait to see her in your chapter!

    2. Ahaha about Layla - My graphics driver fail I mentioned on the thread was when I was making the sims for her scene. So I've written the second half of the chapter, and the start of the one after, I just need to go back into game now my laptop has had a rest and sort out the start of the next chapter :)

      Ooh! Lemme see Arden and Galen!!

    3. Ack! I do hope you can get that sorted out. You might regret that wish... heeheehee.

  2. Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about your game issues. I hope you get it all back and running again! I'd be so sad if the story had to end here! O.O

    1. Naw! I'm working on it all right now. I've actually got Sims 3 up and running with store content and the NRaas suite of mods. I'm about to start checking save games now. If I can't get the games themselves to work, I can usually get in for up to 18 sim hours. That should be plenty of time for me to save the essential sims for transfer to a clean game if need be. So no matter what they'll be back, just after a short break. :)

  3. I love the whole thing between Layla and Anthony about getting people off their backs by pretending to be dating, although I have a feeling Antony might not be entirely sincere about that... Galen on the other hand is very close to needing a slap, both for the fact that what he's doing is wrong and the fact that it's idiotic and liable to make Layla all the more eager to leave! Btw, I love Layla's hair in the second half of the chapter - it's lovely

    1. Galen is certainly pushy, definately Helen's son. HA! He has very little clue about the people around him and how they are inside. He only knows what he wants and will go do whatever he needs to do to get the results.
      I like Layla's hair much better that way also. You can find a link to Layla's hair by looking under the Generational Goal tab up top. Scroll down until you see her picture, and the link is next to that.

  4. Anthony's kinda cute :) Be interesting to see if something more actually develops of this or if Lay sticks with the plan of doing it just to get Galen off her back. Brothers can be so annoying, lol.

    1. Oh brothers! It's kind of Cyrus and Phedra reversed with those two. Though Layla is far more laid back and self-assured than Cyrus ever will be.
      lol. When Anthony first showed up at the door, I thought he might fit in your game better than mine! His eyes don't fit with the way I have all my sims made in my world. They're a lot larger and more open I think. I have no idea where he got them from. HA! But then the real world is far more diverse than my sims world.

  5. Poor Layla, having to deal with Galen trying to set her up.
    I'm glad her arrangement with Anthony is mutual, it would have been sad for her to outright use him. But these 'arrangements' can get sticky if one party develops real feelings...
    I hope you get your game all sorted out.

    1. It's actually all better now! Yay! I even have enough pics to get a chapter together. Unfortunately, I get my game's bugs worked out and I catch one, so the one thing I really want to do is nap. Oh well. lol. I really wanted her to just outright use someone, but I think it would have ended up being too complicated, so I made it a mutual agreement instead. However, both parties have an agenda here. Don't forget that. It'll come back later.

  6. Okay, so why wouldn't Phedra want to read a phone book? I LOLed through that whole scene, all with the bus driver being a blooming idiot...

    Now I'm curious to see how this Layla-Anthony scheme will work out.

    1. Lol! The bus drivers are scary in the sims! And their thought bubbles were So random. I had the worst time getting them to fit together. You know what? It certainly could be that Phedra would Want to read the phone book. Ha!

      Mmm! How do you think it might work out?

  7. I like Layla, and I think Anthony's kinda cute in a pudding kind of way. I like puddin'.
    Funny funny funny how they've both made it a 'relationship of convenience.' I wonder if more will come of it, surprising them. She WAS blushing after all....

    1. Indeed, she *was* blushing! As for more coming of it, you'll just have to keep going to see. ;)