Saturday, April 27, 2013

Download- Sim Phedra Dean

In all her Porcelain Glory it's Phedra Dean, Nee Pink!

(The download is titled Phedra Pink because I had saved her before she married George)

This .sim Phedra has a lot of CC-

Her Skin can be found here-

Her Hair is NewSea's Desperate Hairstyle Retextured by Anubis360 here-

Her Eyeliner is from the Set of 6 Winged Glamorous Eyeliners by emmzx here-

Her Lipstick is one of the Simply Sweet Tasty Lipsticks Set for Females by Elexis here-

Phedra's earrings are from Showtime (Thanks Gemma!)

Phedra's outfit can be downloaded with a donation here- or without one here *whistles and walks away*:

Phedra's bracelet can be found for subscribers here- or without a subscription here *whistles even more loudly looking at the ceiling*:

I'll get a few more pics up or her later. I've really only got her head shot and in game shots.
Her traits are: Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Perceptive, Neurotic, and Great Kisser.
I'll jot down her sign and favs also next time I'm in game.


  1. Earrings are Showtime. :)

    Uh.. Am I enabling by being here?
    *whistles and walks away too*

  2. Ahoy mateys! I mean, thanks for Phedra! I'm adding her to the gene pool collection plate. Danie's been stingy.

    1. Daniel, I mean. Dontcha hate noticing a typo AFTER you publish? ::facepalm::

      ::whistles since everyone else is whistling:

    2. Lol! You get a twofer! Since she is almost a clone of Helen. lol. He has good genes. All delicate like.

      Daniel! I do that so much and just say screw it and go on. lol. My fingers get overexcited. Ha!

      :whistle while you work!: