Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Downloads- Tuning Mod- Sunny's No Burglar Mod

Cop: I'm supposed to be arresting you, but your eyes are arresting me! They remind me of stars!
Ignacio: Uuuuuh? More cop less lonely bachelor please?
ZOMG! It's that Strings and Bassoon stinger meaning a burglar is about to slip onto my lot! But but but, my sim just got back those 29 gold and palladium ingots in the mail today! and I spent hours getting all those pink diamonds heart shapped cut with that machine! You're going to steal them all from me aren't you? NOOOO!!!

And so it goes.

Layla: Ah-Ha ,burglar! I might have forgotten to put in the alarm since we just moved to this house but I will foil you and get a no burglar mod! Who cares that it hasn't been updated in 5 years?
Burglar: *snort. Yeah, you do that.
Which is exactly what I did. Almost immediately after this pic was taken because at this point, my poor heiress was getting a burglar almost every other night.

Layla: Uhm, I got a no burglar mod. Why are you here?
Cop: I can't reach him to nab him! This wall is in my way!
For a few sim nights it slowed down.

Cop- Finally! I got one!
Ignacio- Wait a second. We've had that No Burglar mod for How long now? And How many Burglars does this make? I'm losing count.
Layla: Mama said they're'd be days like this, they're'd be days like this my Mama said! (Mama said Mama said!)
 But in reality, as time wore on the problem only seemed to get worse.

Burglar: I'm back Bitches!
Cop: I'm sorry to inform you that the burglar got away. Have an awesome night! And Remember, Appaloosa Plains's Finest Loves you! There. Now you should sleep better at night.
Ignacio: If the burglar got away who did my wife just beat the stew out of?!?
Burglar-For such a little thing you sure are athletic. You ought to stop by the warehouse and sign up! We're always looking for more talent and we get free donuts from the cops every Thursday!
Layla-Please just go away.
(Please note, I don't take pictures of each and every robbery. And all those pictures were taken of different burglary attempts.) This was happening a LOT. To the point I got fed up with it and decided to track down the No Burglary mod again to see what was up. What was up is that the mod was not ever really truly made to be an absolute no burglary mod. Also, the creator of the original No Burglary mod (found on MTS) has become inactive leaving me little choice but to take matters into my own hands.

What I did-
I changed the chance of a burglar to 0.000% from 0.025%.

Then I changed the <!--For each kSimoleansForOnePercentIncrease dollars of household worth, the chance of a burglar spawning is increased by 1 percent.--> to 20 million Simoleans. So if your household is worth §20,000,000 you'll have a 1% chance of getting burgled. Ha! Though that thar tuning is probably why I had been getting hit each night since the original tuning states that per household worth of  just a measley §20,000. Laynacio has about 300k in cash alone. So they have a 15.025% chance of getting burgled each night just because of their pocketbook! I can't even remember the total what they're worth including their household, but because of all the collectables the house is worth at little over 1 million simoleans, which makes a 50.025% chance of a bungler Per chance! Per.chance!

Then I changed the Min Relationship To Not Rob House to 1. So if you know him at.all from just around the neighborhood, he won't rob you ever. (Note that there are 2 burglars that spawn per neighborhood, so technically you'd have to have met them both. But still... That One you met? Yeah, he's gonna leave you alone tonight. ;) )

Also- I changed the minimum days between burglaries to 999. Which should also help in the long run. Y'know, just in case you play the same game for that long. That's almost 143 in game weeks of play before the next "Chance" even occurs at the much reduced percentage.

Have you spotted it yet? The hole in my plan? Yup, that's right. No matter what, per new game opened using this mod there is a chance on the very first night that your sim could get burgled. Sorry, that's unavoidable. Just make sure at least one of your sims stays up until after 11pm that first night and you should be fine though, even if your household is worth §112,000,000.
That was my testing household which I had to start over, and over and over, and over again some more with that super high net worth. She did not get burgled once. Ever. So I think it's fairly safe to say that this mod is almost watertight.

You want it right? Of course you do! Give your simmies peace of mind, a good night's sleep, and allow them to keep their carefully hoarded belongings with Sunny's No Burglar Mod!
Final Note- This mod WILL conflict with any other mod that edits the  Burglar_0x58b099f7ebc071dd _XMLfile in game. This mod was tested with and recommended for use with Patch 1.63. It will work with BaseGame only or with any number and combination of EPs.

Download Sunny's No Burglar Mod
Gee, thanks EA, for releasing a patch the same day I get the guts up to release this. For now, as I said above, this is compatible with Patch 1.63. I have NOT yet tested with further patches but I will do my very best to see if I can make this work for 1.66. But you'll have to be patient since I refuse to open my game without Error Trap installed and I don't know how long it will be before it is updated by the incredibly army of volunteers who have pledged themselves to keeping up Twallan's legacy.

Huge huge huge thanks to those who contributed to the tutorial on MTS/The Wiki on how to create your own tuning mod. I could Not have done this without someone holding my hand and this tutorial did just that.

Muchos Muy Muy Grande Gracias to Misty/Margaret Pendragon who helped me to test this out. Honestly, thank you ever so much for helping to test!  

And, of course, huge thanks to Gemma/Gemly_Teddie for also helping to egg me on. I need it sometimes. ;)

What are you still reading for? Go grab the goods and leave a comment telling me how much you love it! And:

Fight the Power, people!


  1. Pahahahaaa! Epic post!!!
    And I didn't just egg you on, I *was* gunna test it, I swear! But turns out I didn't download it in the first place anyway, so my entire plan was foiled. Silly me.
    Plus, I never really have burglars. And now I really never will :D Thank you!

    1. Lol. Long and rambly. I wish I could spoiler tag. Oh well. lol Oh, it's fine. Don't worry about it!

      Woot! No burglars!

  2. I love/hate it when the cop is standing RIGHT NEXT TO THE perp and says, "I'm sorry. He got away."
    Uh... "I'm sorry. Go get glasses, dumba$$!" LOL

    1. Stoopid sims and their incredibly short sight. Ha! Ah! The love hate with the burglars. They really are kind of funny occasionally. lol