Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Downloads- Objects and Poses- Sunny's Drinking Fountain Decor and Poses

Did you ever notice there were no drinking fountains for Sims 3? No? Prepare to get thirsty, because here are six to fill the void you never knew you had! And not just decor, poses for these fountains so they're not merely decor, they're poseable background decor! *confetti*

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Decorative Drinking Fountains

Under the Function Tab, these are found in the Decor category, and are under both the Sculpture and Misc. Decor subs.
Under the Room Tab, they are found in Kitchen and Outdoors, and are under the Eating Out, Accents, Lawn Ornaments, and Misc. Decor subs.

FileName Cost HLOD Poly Count MLOD Poly Count # of Channels # of Presets # of Slots
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #1 §150 454 199 3 2 2
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #1a §300 908 398 3 2 4
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #2 §200 544 200 2 2 2
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #3 §200 756 300 2 6 0
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #4 §250 2140 502 2 6 2
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #5 §250 2140 502 2 6 1

I have to draw attention to the Poly Counts on Drinking Fountains #4 & #5 as I consider those to be rather high. Be careful.

Another note, thought not so important to be bolded, the wall mounted drinking fountains (#1 and #1a) do not snap to the wall. Don't blame me if you leave your drinking fountains floating out in space and they fall on some poor sims toe.

Each of the Drinking Fountains comes with more than one usable preset. I would have made more but my brain parachuted out of my right ear promptly drowning in my coffee before I could get that done. Drinking Fountains #3, #4 & #5 are also intended more for outdoor use, but I completely forgot to put them outside for a pic. My apologies.

The Simlish on the Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains is an overlay. It says 'Push.' And you thought it said something naughty, didn't you?

Info About the Poses For the Exhaustive Drinking Fountains

There are 10 poses for the fountains: 3 for adult sims, 3 for teens sims and 4 for child sims. The teen poses are identical to the adult poses. Pose numbers correspond with the name of the drinking fountain it was made for.

Using adult/teen pose 1 on Fountain #1a will need a smidge bit of alt shifting, as will child pose 3 using Fountain #5. Pose 3 for all age groups will work for Fountains #4 &#5 as well.

As per usual, posecoded images are included in each of the pose archives.

Sunny's Drinking Fountain #1
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #1a
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #2
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #3
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #4
Sunny's Drinking Fountain #5
Or collect them all! Sunny's Drinking Fountain Collection-Merged File

Download- Poses
Sunny's Drinking Fountain Poses- POSELISTED
Sunny's Drinking Fountain Poses- NOT poselisted

The above was made using Wings3d, MilkShape, Blender, GIMP, Paint.Net, PhotoshopCS6, TSRW, S3PE, fairy dust, an oxford comma, an insane amount of coffee and a few pots of chamomile. There might have been a significant amount of alcohol fueling it as well.

Thanks to the Jones' for S3PE. CMar for the Meshing Toolkit. Wes Howe for the nifty Milkshape tools I have in there and whose name escapes me that I think I used... thanks brain *prods soggy, dead brain hopefully. To Cmomoney for the Blender addons. To Inkandchaos for the awesome Immajer-Simlish font. To OrangeMittens for the tutorials on how to make objects from scratch and how to make poses. To those who gave much needed encouragement as these were being polished up. To all who read my scribblings. And to all of you who put up with my ramblings and made it this far.

What are you still reading for? Go download the goods! ;)


  1. You are so creative! I really love these.

  2. These are really awesome! I'm so glad you uploaded them!

    1. Thank you! I think they're pretty nice looking myself. ROFL. Never thought I'd be able to say that and mean it for something I made. xD I'm glad you like them!

  3. What a wonderful idea! Putting these in all my schools and parks. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! Yes! A school set is exactly what started all of this! There are water fountains all over schools any more. And malls and parks and airports and anywhere else with a public restroom. lol. I'm glad you'll find a use for them. =D

  4. OMG this is awesome! What a creative item! Thank you for sharing :D

  5. I haven't seen a water fountain in years, I suppose health and safety going mad has something to do with that, but bizarrely I had a dream I used one last night, in a tattoo studio, while me and the (female) tattoo artist were in the bedroom chatting about what tattoo I should get and where and she doodled examples all over me of what she could do...