Saturday, December 19, 2015


Merry Christmas with a little extra love for all those simmers living South of the equator!

I'm usually in the mood for a fire and sweater, but there's quite a lot of you who prefer to go to the beach for the December holidays. This posepack is for you.

These poses were originally created for my July Entry for Heaven's 2016 Calendar Contest at MTS, but they're too fun not to share.

6 poses. To get the swimmers to hover over a pool: place an OMSP poolside. Raise it by at least 1cm. Put your sim on it and move it over the pool. Raise or lower it from there to your liking.

As per usual, the above posecoded image is included in the archives for your convenience. Poselisted and Not-Poselisted available. Only put one in your game if you don't want two in your game.


Sunny's Cannonball Poses-Poselisted
Sunny's Cannonball Poses-NOT Poselisted

If you've used my poses in your game and you've posted pics somewhere, I'd love to see! Leave a link in the comments or tag me on Tumblr (sunnyssims) and I'll leave some love back!

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