Monday, December 2, 2013

Downloads- Objects & Accessories- Nectar Bottle

Holy Crap I made crap. Kind of.

This is the Nectar bottle that you collect from WA tombs, or that your sims make with a Nectar Maker in game. I cloned it, ditched the overlay, made a map/specular/multiplier (they're pretty crappy- FYI) and then managed to make it useable. The Bottle has 2 recolorable channels, the cap and the bottle. Uhm, I had just managed to figure out mapping when my trial of MilkShape ran out so if you use a pattern to put on the bottle in CASt beware! It will look a little odd.

Vertically oriented patterns aren't as noticeable. Horizontal patterns are flipped upside down on the sides. As soon as I get money to blow (LOL!) I'll buy MilkShape and fix the mapping.

 Solid colors look alright though. It comes with 4 presets that are identical for the accessory and the object. The first three have a different label a piece ( I swear the first and third labels are different) with a "nutrition information" label on the back of the three with labels. The 4th preset doesn't have any labels on.

The Nectar Bottle Object costs §5 Simoleans in game and is found under Misc. Décor.

The Accessory is only for the Right Hand, it is a bracelet so unless you have mods allowing for more than one accessory per location it will remove any other bracelet your sim has on. Sorry there is no pic of the accessory. Just suffice it to say it goes in the right hand. If you go check out the poses I made for it you'll see.

I know these seem a little out of place, and it's been forever since I've posted, but I'd made these ages ago specifically for the next chapter and then life happened. I've been ready to release them since the end of October, but just haven't been able to. So I'm putting these up as a "Hey look! Sunny isn't dead!" offering. The Sixkillers will hopefully have a new chapter up very shortly as it's about half way shot. And as there is supposed to be a lovely ice/snow storm heading our way mid week, what better excuse to curl up to my nice warm computer? lol ;)

Anyhow, thank you for viewing these and I hope someone out there gets as much enjoyment out of these as I have.

TOU: DO NOT take credit for my work. DO NOT edit without permission first. DO NOT direct link to the download, link to this post. DO NOT include this in your download. If you make poses with this accessory, please leave a link in the comments. C'mon. It's free publicity if you do.


  1. I think the funky mapping really adds something!! :p Thank you! I'll add links at some point.

    Love these, love you, thank you! :D

    1. LOLololol! It adds an element of total nonsequitir. Ha!

      Thank YOU! Love YOU! =D