Monday, December 2, 2013

Downloads- Poses- Sunny's Happy Hour

This is my Happy Hour Pose Pack. It consists of 10 total poses. 5 of them need my Nectar Bottle Accessory, 5 of them need a Left Handed Solo Cup Accessory, and 5 of them need a Right Handed Solo Cup Accessory.

On a_sunny_happyhour4 I messed up in this pic. Layla needed a_sunny_happyhour4a so that her hand wouldn't be clipping her clothes. 4a is not shown, but it is in there I promise.

These images are included in the download. There are two download options, one that is poselist enabled, and one that is not. CHOOSE ONLY ONE.

Thank you! And I hope your imagination finds ways to use these in your own stories. If you do use them in your story I'd love to see them! Leave a note or a link in the comments and I'll even leave a comment back!


  1. Yes, I can use these! :D Thank youu!

    1. Lol! As much as Kaity and Shaena like to get drunk? I bet you can! You're quite welcome!