Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chapter 1.42

Chapter 1.42- A Little Bummed Out

            “So Layla was outside the door, and I came out and shooed Layla off so she wouldn’t get hurt-“
            In the light of day, after breakfast, a shower, and some sleeping in, Helen thinks she’s got a pretty good adventure to relate to Buck. The kids had hinted at what had happened that morning, but as they had both slept in too the school bus had arrived before they could really get into it.

            “-And Galen was standing over here, I don’t know what was wrong with him. He was next to useless-“
            The only clear thing Buck had gotten from his kids was that Galen’s brand new computer had been stolen. It was also clear to Buck that this was devastating to his son. He’d been so excited that after all these years the family had managed to talk Helen into letting one into the house. And now, it was gone again just a few short weeks later.

            “-The officer came right in, without knocking even-“
            Helen’s recounting of her fight with the intruder had concerned Buck a lot. Today was Helen’s Age-Up, she was getting older and didn’t seem to realize that she might be just a little more frail. That bones and muscles didn’t respond as well with age as they used to. If she’s doing this the day she’s supposed to become an Elder what will do when she actually is one?
            “-But I was SO tired, and the stench of that wretched burglar still clinging to me-“

            Helen still goes on with her story, Buck just thankful she didn’t die, worried about how close she might have come.
            “Next time, honey,” Buck finally interrupts. “Next time if you could please wake me up so I can help. You or the kids could’ve been seriously hurt!”

            “No offence, dear,” Helen has already thought this one through. “But I’m pretty sure once you would have figured out that there was a burglar in our house, that you would have run outside in your night clothes. Then, you would have passed out in the snow. So this morning I’d be helping you nurse a cold, and comforting you and Galen about the burglar. Though I’d have an awesome new photo of you passed out to put up on the wall!”
            Buck chuckled, nodding sagely.
            “You are most likely right, Helen. But there is one other thing we’ve got to talk about.”
            “Which is?”
            “Galen’s computer. We’re getting him a new one, right?”

            Exasperation marked Helen’s face as Buck hurried to continue.
            “Look,” Buck said. “You saw for yourself that Galen handled it responsibly. That Layla and Galen were both home more, and that both of them took a little better charge of their lives. We should replace it. It’s done good and hasn’t bothered you at all.”

            “Excuse me, I think-I think I’m-I’m gonna-ah-Ah-AAAH-“
            Helen reared her head back, Buck hurrying to cover his face.

            “Chooo!” The sneeze was very fake sounding.
            “Excuse me,” Helen giggled. “But I’m allergic to technology.”
            “We’re replacing it.”
            “Fine. Just don’t let me know when.”
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            There were six candles on her cake. There was a candle in each of the differently colored stars denominating each age up she’d gone through plus today’s age up to elder. She’d only seen a cake with this many candles on it once before, on Buck’s cake. Buck was the only Elder she’d ever been close to. And Helen was justifiably terrified of becoming old.

            Her family more than made up for her lack of enthusiasm though by being louder than usual for an age up. Apparently, it was something Phedra had cooked up earlier after calling Helen to wish her a happy Age-Up Day. Seems Helen had seemed a little bummed out about it all to her, and Phedra had called each of the others to make sure they were all extra happy for Mom’s sake. Phedra even had decided to stay the night at the village with a phone just so she could call tomorrow to make sure everything was okay.

            Taking an extra deep breath, Helen bent to blow out the six menacing candles on her cake.
            Watching behind her was Buck, so happy that maybe Helen would slow down her photography now that she was getting a little older. They had talked about it a lot lately. Helen had decided that it was time to soften her look a little bit. She really didn’t want to be that ‘scary old woman’ as an elder.

            Crap. She really wasn’t ready for this!

            Galen is stunned. Layla shocked. Even Buck is surprised. Helen is growing old.

            No use acting surprised, or hurt, or annoyed, or shocked, or any of that. Helen is old. It happens to all sims and has finally claimed her as well.

            Across the room, Galen watches his mother dig into her cake. He’d never really given a thought to how old his parents might be. And last night his mother was so vital and alive. Too alive to look as frail to him as she does now. She’s thin with delicate bones. Bones can break. Buck has even complained of aching joints and creaking bones. Maybe Arden knew more than he did when she had planned to take care of their parents. Perhaps they really did need someone around.

            Softer hair, softer make up, but still a jacket and jeans. Buck is as pleased by her age up as she was with his. It’ll take him some getting used to, but it shouldn’t be too hard. She’s still as lovely to him as when she was sprightly and young.

            A comfortable quiet descends on the table as everyone tucks into the large cake. There are two empty chairs in front of Buck that bring a jarring thought to his head. In just a few days’ time it will be Galen and Layla’s turn. Galen has asked for a party. The first one this family will have had. But Layla indicated she preferred to be left out of such a celebration, wanting to be alone when she finally became an adult.
            Buck also wondered if she didn’t want her boyfriend over for it… and it hits him what’s wrong. What he’s been missing. He’d forgotten in all the hoopla, and bringing it up in front of everyone would be awkward but he just can’t let it go. She’d promised him. And after all he went through for her she’d better have kept her promise.

            “So have you seen your young man since he aged up?” Buck tries to be discreet. At least he had waited for Helen to wander off.
            “No, I haven’t.” Layla daren’t meet her father’s eye. She’d promised to break things off with Anthony before anyone got hurt worse. But she really didn’t want to hurt Anthony at all and had no idea how to go about breaking up with him.
            “I suggest you make a point to see him soon,” returned Buck. “I’ll be quite upset if you don’t.”

            Nodding, Layla closes her eyes, sighing wistfully. If only it would get easier. If only she could find a way out and have Anthony be okay with it. If only she wouldn’t be left hurting just as badly as he would be.
            Stealing glances at his dad and Layla has Galen thoroughly confused. Does Buck really like Anthony that much? And why does Layla need to see him soon? That’s her boyfriend. Of course she’ll see him soon.
            Pushing the matter out of his mind, Galen goes about the rest of his day certain there is nothing more to it.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            Short filler chapter. I might post another chapter that's a little more to the point tomorrow. There are a couple new bloopers of Helen up. I'll get her Elder pic up soon, Buck's too. 
ETA: There's another new blooper up, and both Helen and Buck's Elder Portraits are up under the Generational Goals tab up top. Obviously, the blooper pics are under the bloopers tab.


  1. Poor Layla, I hope she manages to work out what she's going to say to Anthony soon

    1. She does, too. She knows what she's got to do, she just doesn't know how she's going to do it yet.

  2. Lol :) Love the conversation between Buck and Helen.

    And.... Helen doesn't look old?!!?!?!?!!!
    Seriously, if it wasn't for the grey hair and... sagging... you wouldn't be able to tell. No wrinkles.

    Yes, I think I might be thinking right about what the next chapter is about.
    *rushes to look at bloopers*

    1. When you get up close to her you can see her skin is a little wrinkly. But with her complexion she really just looks a little tissue-y. I think her family is just shocked that someone with so much vitality has aged. Helen is a force of nature on some things.
      lol! No hints in the bloopers. I try Really hard not to have spoilers anywhere on the site.

  3. So sad about Gen 1 being old! :( I loved Helen and Buck and will be really sad when they're gone. But...time marches on, and I can't wait to see who the heir will be.

    1. It is! There my first ones to hit elder and I'm really going to miss Buck and Helen. But, as you say, time marches on!

  4. Wow, helen looks great as an elder! So do the cake candles actually mean that, how many times theyve aged up? I havent messed with the cakes much. Hmm so it will hurt layla to break it off with anthony, eh? There are still schemes in which theyy could be together, in the future...though i must admit im looking forward to her foray into the world.

    1. Yes! The little stars are the total number of age-ups a sim can have, and for each age-up they get another candle. The candles are in the center of the stars.
      I love Helen's look as an elder. I'd wanted to change her hair for a while, but that's the hairstyle she's had since she was a teen and it really fits her character. Softer looks a lot better on her.
      Her foray into the world will be interesting for sure. lol.

  5. Learned something new today, then! I'd agree, Helen's hair *did* suit her well, but I still pleasantly surprised how elegant she looks as an elder. It's still a little sad that she and Buck are both elders now, but at the same time, I'm really looking forward to the story going forward, from what you've told me about it. Happy birthday!

    1. Thank you! I'm all excited about it too. I've even rolled for Gen 3 now (as I'm already playing gen 2, and it would be nice to know what the heir needs to shape him/her to be what they are going to be) and this generation is going to be a LOT of roller coaster fun. Only the first chapter is REALLY being mean. I Can.Not get inspired to write it. I've looked at the pictures. Cropped the pictures. ran through the pictures playing Layla's theme music. Playing another characters theme music. Nothing. So this week I need to buckle down and just pound it out. And I will. But it's going to be super cool.

  6. Wow. Helen old. Like. Wow.
    Sorry if that's too loquacious for you. I tried to keep my thoughts direct and to the point. Is it too much?

    Dang it! I wanted to get to the Layla/Anthony scene before doing what I need to do next. Guess I'll still have it to look forward to.
    Galen-still clueless as ever.

    1. Yeah, old was a shock. For that purple/blue hair to suddenly go grey was very different.

      You're getting close. :D

      He will forever be just a little slower, a little dimmer. lol