Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Downloads-Tattoo- L'Royo Dragon

I'm Back bishes! Because I don't like that word, that's why.

So I've taken a bit of a break from tattoo making because I'm hard at work on a very special edition chapter that will be coming up in a little while. But my dearest fiancé Gemma reminded me that I haven't put up any tattoos in a while. Why should you be deprived of pretties now just because I'm working on a GIGANTIC pretty for you for later? We all need some bling just like our simmies do. So let's get some pretty shall we? Ignacio? Darling! So good to have you back. Shirtless sweetie. Yup. Yup. Yup. Now that's good!

Oh don't sulk Ignacio! It so ruins the look. Well fine then. Sulk. I still love you.    

Today's tattoo was designed by the fantastically talented EON-Art At Deviantart . Go take a peek at his goods and make the artist all happy, k?
Now, he only designed this to face in one direction. But I thought wouldn't that look nifty on someone's side? And then my superstitious side kicked in and screamed that it would be bad luck if the dragon were to be placed on his left side as it would face backward! So that's just something we can't have now can we. (You guys have no idea on the superstitious thing. That's dead honest. You should see my house and then talk to me about religion sometimes. I confuse religious peddlers on a regular basis. It's fun! Join me!)
Oh. I'm rambling off topic again aren't I? Huh. Oh yeah! Tattoo time!
                                                        So I went ahead and mirrored the lovely so your sims could have one on whatever side they want without tempting the grim reaper.           *snort. Sorry. I just had a vision of 'Death by Tattoo' for in game. Oh yeah. back on topic.
And as I'm going to make good and sure there are no excuses for backward facing tattoos I put them both in one simple to download package! Yay!
So you want that sharp ass dragon for your pixel babies right?
So many thanks to CMAR for the Tattooinator and Tutorial. Also to Leefish for another tutorial. Also, Huge, Mega, Gigantic thanks to EON-Art for the gorgeous Dragon which my sims proudly wear. Thank you to Gemma for going 'Hey? Where's the goods?' All while knowing she just wanted to read some of my snark. Many kisses to you darling. When's the wedding?
What are you still reading for? Leave a comment and go download the goods!


  1. LOL! Oh, I dunno... Maybe we should start planning that wedding when you're back from your jollies?
    (If that doesn't translate... I don't know where it came from, but going on yer jollies is going on holdiay/vacation)

    I love that dragon. You should have released this when DV came out!! Oh well, I wonder if I can find someone to wear it? Most of my simmies are too young right now :(

    1. See, over here? Your jollies is uh... a euphemism for... well.. Sex. In high school we used it as slang for masturbation, but in college the upperclassmen quickly set me straight on that. But I'm back so we should start planning!

      Yeah, I should have shouldn't I? I totally didn't think about that.

  2. Nice tattoo! I'm glad you enabled it for both directions, because I have this thing about symmetry. Yeah. Now I could put it on both sides, and they'll both be facing forward! :P Thanks for sharing it! =)

    1. Lol! I'm glad you'd find it useable! In both directions! Ha! I'm glad you like it. ;)

  3. I'm going to have to get on my desktop and find all these puppies, especially this dragon. My Donovan loves dragons. 'Fiery' redhead and all.

    1. Aw. Thank you! I look at them now and *facepalm. So hard. lol. This one was alright though, so hopefully you'll enjoy. :)