Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chapter 2.34- At Once

          “No,” Ignacio said into his phone. “No, I am sure Tibi will understand. If you have to work, you have to work. I remember how he used to do that even when we were kids. Why would he stop now?

          “I will give her your best wishes,” he continued. “Yeah. Will dad still be coming then?

          “Alright. Yeah, Love you too, Mami. ‘Bye.”

          Turning around, Ignacio was confused. He could have sworn he’d heard the door open and close behind him. Frowning at his image in the mirror he shook his head. It must have been something he heard going on in his mother’s house.

          When Layla waddled from the bathroom carrying a laundry bag he’d nearly jumped out of his hide. He did jump back a step or two.

          “Why are you doing laundry now?” Today was Tibi’s birthday and the party was scheduled to start in just a little bit.

          “It needs doing?” Layla responded sarcastically. “The house is filthy. Do you mind mopping the floors?”


          “Yes, now,” she answered. “What other time would I mean? Get Tiburcia to sweep for you.”

          He turned his head only a little as she walked past him to get to their laundry basket. According to his dad this was all normal, the attitude, the cleaning, the unreasonable demands. Not being around Melly when she was pregnant with Tiburcia, he’d missed this before. Of course, it might all be worse since her dad had only just died and she hadn't allowed herself to really let that sink in “for the baby's sake.”

          “You know guests will be arriving soon,” he reminded her.

          “So then you need to get a move on don’t you?”

          “Please put the book down and sweep in here so your dad can mop,” Layla said, passing Tiburcia as she headed to the laundry room.

          “My party is starting in just a little bit,” Tibi glanced up from her book with a frown. “What are you doing?”

          “Cleaning! There are people coming and the house is a mess!”

          “From all the stupid stuff you bring home,” groaned Tibi under her breath.

          Passing by the portrait of the three of them they’d had made only a little while ago Layla remembered the one thing her mother had always said when families would call to have her photograph them. The best way to ensure your family would grow or change was to get a portrait done. Smiling wryly at it, Layla sighed. Maybe it was time for a change.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          “Owen is finally graduating,” Nalleli was saying. “So we might need to leave a little early to get there on time. I can’t wait to get that punk out of my house.”

          Only half hearing what Ignacio’s sister said, Layla had been hit afresh with memories of her dad helping her find her way after she herself had graduated.

          “So,” Nalleli didn’t wait for an answer. “What does that actually feel like?”

          “What does what feel like?” Layla was genuinely confused. Her brain just didn’t seem to want to focus like it had before she became pregnant.

          Nalleli sniffed, rubbing her nose. It may have been the first day of Spring, but it sure didn’t feel like it.

          “What does it feel like sharing your body with a parasite?” Nalleli had long ago made sure the world knew that babies were Not in her future. She could barely stand her sweet niece as it was, and snotty nosed brats running around her house was not her idea of fun.

          Layla blinked at her, before really letting that sink in.

          “It sucks,” she answered at long last. “Really, honestly. I can’t sleep, I can’t get comfortable, I can’t walk, and my brain isn’t working properly.”

          “And that is why I will never do it,” Nalleli said sagely, nodding as if she understood. “So what’s the name?”

          Mustering her filthiest look Tiburcia stared hard at the Tanzanite on the kitchen counter. All the stupid crap Mom brought home was why her birthday party was crammed into the kitchen. Once upon a time, the kitchen wasn’t overcome with stuff, but slowly, slowly, it was creeping in here too.

          At least Henry and Emily were politely ignoring it. It was Emily’s birthday today too, her party was tonight. Henry still had a little while before he aged up too. But eventually, they would all be at High School together.

          But as her eyes roved the shiny things now beginning to clutter the kitchen, Tibi heard her dad behind her.

          “Are you ready to make a wish Mija?” Ignacio asked as he lit the candles on her cake.

          This birthday was one she had been waiting eagerly for. She could now drive. She could shop for her own clothes by herself. She’d be old enough to date, and most importantly, she wouldn’t have to be home nearly as often.

          Uncle Raul raised his fists to cheer her on along with Emily and Henry behind her.

          To Tibi, it was as if they were encouraging her, giving her confidence to move forward, to step out more.

          Aunt Lottie and Abuelo had a noisemaker a piece. Both were cheering her along with the others and Tibi stared hard at her candles.

          She should have had her wish formed weeks ago, but she just didn’t have one just yet. Staring all the harder, she did her best to drown out the commotion around her as she sought the one thing she wanted most.

          But the commotion seemed to only get louder as she tried to close it out. Hearing her dad and Layla’s voices she just rolled her eyes trying to focus on what it was she wanted most.

          A cleaner house would be nice. The house as she remembered it when she was really little would be really nice. But it was just a house, and it was Mom’s house. When she graduated she’d be moving out.

          Maybe she could wish that the baby would get here soon so Mom would go back to normal. But then the ‘normal’ for Mom even before she was pregnant wasn’t the one her dad talked about sometimes.

          What if she wished for her Dad to go back to normal? Talking to Abuela and Abuelo told her that her dad used to be a lot more confident and outgoing. That sounded like a lot more fun to her. He was generally somewhat somber and always worried lately.

          Sighing as the commotion around her grew with the addition of Aunt Nalleli’s voice Tibi frowned even harder at her candles trying to concentrate.

          When the front door slammed she assumed Aunt Nalleli and Uncle Shad had gone to Uncle Shad’s brother’s graduation. What would it be like to be finished with school, ready to join the wider world out there?

          But all that would come later no matter what. It was going to happen, no use wasting a birthday wish on it.

          Maybe she just wanted it to all be a little happier for right now. And for it to be happier it would all have to change. Maybe that was it. She’d wish for change. That Mom would change back to how she used to be. That Dad would be who he used to be. That the house would change back to what she remembered. Change.

          Closing her eyes tightly she took a deep breath, blowing hard to make sure she got all of the candles in one go which thinking her hardest. “I wish it would all change.” Daddy said you’re wish wouldn’t come true if you didn’t blow them all out at once.

          Sparkles enveloped her as Roosevelt, Uncle Shad’s other brother who must have skipped out on going to the graduation for her birthday cake, entered.

          Thanks to Ballet, her pirouette within the sparkles was as graceful as she hoped to be when it was all over.

          Funny though, this didn’t seem to be as bad as the last time. Her eyes didn’t cross and she didn’t lose her balance.

          Looking around, then down, she realized the transition really had been easy this time.

          Well, this was a change. So maybe part of her wish had come true if nothing else.

          Then it hit her. Spinning around she again scanned those gathered in the kitchen to celebrate her birthday. Uncle Raul, Roosevelt, Henry, Emily, Aunt Lottie, and Abuelo.

          “Where’s Mom and Dad?” she asked.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          It had been hours since the party had finished. She’d finally sent Aunt Lottie and Uncle Raul back home assuring them she’d be fine waiting on her Mom and Dad on her own. Barely able to stand the suspence, she’d planted herself on the loveseat.

          She’d attempted reading, she’d called her friends. She was missing Emily’s party, but there was no way she could go until she knew everything was alright. She’d cleaned up the remains of the birthday party, and had swept the floors as Layla had requested so long ago. Was it long ago? Or only earlier that day?

          When the front door finally swung open, she jumped to her feet. Were they finally home? Was Layla ok? Was the baby okay? Was it a boy? Was it a girl?

          Feeling like she’d explode from the tension she took a step forward just as her dad came in followed closely by her mom.

          Ignacio’s grin stretched ear to ear, but Layla just looked tired, and a little stunned. Her eyes were fixed on the little bundle she carried in one arm. Tibi’s eyes followed hers to look at the tiny baby she carried.

          “Well,” her dad said brightly. “Happy Birthday, Mija! You are a big sister again!”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Mwwwuuuahahahahahaha! Yeah. I’m mean. Next chapter. Maybe. We’ll find out if that little spinach burrito holds a boy or a girl. Maybe. If I’m feeling nice. J/k.

And for the record: I’d not planned on Tibi’s birthday being the same day Layla was due. When that happened I thought: “Wouldn’t it be fun to do the party, and have the party End with Layla going into labor?” So I carefully calculated when Layla would give birth and pushed the party time to begin 3 hours before she was scheduled to give birth. Nope. Instead, I’d just directed Tibi to blow out the candles when Layla went into labor. I’m having enough issues with my game I really don’t need such an ado right now to really give it conniptions. But, it worked. My game survived, Tibi aged up and I even got to fix her up in CAS, and I was able to open the Burrito in Stylist to change the tortilla without a hitch! So I went with it.

Since I’m torturing you all with the Heir, I will do this though: Roll Reveal! Number of Children: 2. I’d originally rolled one, but as the marital structure (Yeah yeah I know you all know what it is, but I will reveal it my way when I’m ready in story :P) allows for one additional child so you can have a biological child, I did that. So there’s my one biological child for Layla. No.More.


  1. Oh, poor Tibi, that was kind of a sad birthday for her.
    Layla is really off the deep end. I hope she deals with her issues at some point, because she has a baby to raise. Poor Ignacio has to handle everything himself, including a partner who still isn't a fully functioning adult.
    I loved Nalleli. I tend not to be so blunt bout it, but yeah. Childless by choice, thank you very much.

    1. Bittersweet for her really. I really wanted the spotlight to be on her for the entire party, but but but. My own fault on timing I suppose. And she's heard so much of the past that is making her wish for the happier times. There might not be an ounce of abuse going on in that house, but she has recognized that something isn't right that should be. And she's very right. Layla is an anxious mess and it's all because she's refusing to deal with anything that might be difficult. Ignacio has handled it all really well, but I know the strain is getting to him too. He's a little tired of her shoving things back instead of dealing.

      Lol. I'm just a smidgen disappointed that she probably won't have kids through SP (both her and Shad have the Dislikes Children trait) but at the same time she seems like that's exactly how she's happiest. And it makes me happy that she's happy, so I kind of wanted to run with it in story too. It also makes a good contrast to Phedra's choices.

  2. ^ I have a feeling Melissa (and Nalleli) is extremely jealous that even Layla has had a baby before her... ;)

    Well! That was an eventful birthday! Tibi didn't seem to mind too much, I guess she was a little upset at first, but when she realised she was a big sister again she was just excited to mee her sibling.
    You could have at least revealed the names that won the poll! (Or.. Did you already do that? :|)

    So, Layla is thinking things need to change? Tibi is definately thinking that... Maybe your game can get a little less laggy and Layla can really clean the house? Did she ever get that laundry out before the baby arrived? Have they got a room ready for it? Did they find out the gender first or want it to be a 'surprise'?


    1. Nah. Nalleli really doesn't want kids. I'm always shocked she comes over when it's a party for Tibi. lol.

      She was somewhat excited to meet her sibling, but she was disappointed that the baby kind of took the day in the end. Tibi really just saw it as more upheaval. She'll probably get more used to the baby as time passes, but for right now she's really not into more kids. She's had a very skewed view of babies and children from her mother, so I think mostly she's a little apprehensive of what this might do. She also recognizes that Layla's facade is eggshell thin right now and who knows what might happen when she finally cracks.

      No reveal. Ha! Neither name nor gender have been revealed. I took the poll down as quietly as possible so no one would pay me much attention while I worked.

      Layla is finally starting to bend a little under the strain of carrying around bottled up emotions and frustrations. However, trying to change immediately after having a baby isn't the best timing for anything. Baby kind of forces change on it's own. And dear God I hope the change will help my game! Is it awful that I'm kind of hovering waiting so I can clean all that mess up in the house?

      Nope. Laundry was only in the washer. It didn't make it to the dryer at all. lol. Nope. They wanted the surprise, and they used Tibi's nursery as it was. It is nice and green and neutral which I had done on purpose in case the heir's gender was not in line with the fruit I forced Layla to eat by the bucketful. Ha!


      *runs away!

      Next Time!

      *runs farther

      Please don't hurt me. lol

  3. Well, that was just rude. Making the burrito wrap green. You should be ashamed of yourself. :P

    Tibi wished for change and she got it. My great grandmother always used to tell me to be careful what I wished/prayed for. I prayed for patience and married a man in the military. Now I have no choice. LOL

    Is Phedra back in town with poor Henry yet? I hope Layla deals with her issues because being in the same time zone or household as your child doesn't mean you're not an absent parent. With the way she judged her sister for leaving Henry, her being spaced out and hiding from her emotions is practically hypocritical.

    1. Lol. I have no shame. I have kids there is no room for shame. Ha!

      And God bless you for that. My brother and BIL were both military and I was raised an Army brat. You have my utmost respect and admiration. You don't just have to have patience you have to have a lot of understanding and common sense. And Tibi did indeed wish for Change. However, it might not be over. There might be a lot more coming.

      No. Not yet. However, Layla doesn't realize how backward she is in her thinking or how deep she is just yet. It's going to take something drastic to get her to wake up and really look around at what's going on around her and at herself. Hopefully she'll stay awake and take care of the mess she's creating.

  4. AGH! Stoopid green wrap. I seriously kept scrolling down while thinking "she has to tell us...right? Right? She couldn't end the chapter there!" I can dish out cliffhangers, but I can't take them. :/

    And wishing for change...that's a big wish! Tibi turned into a cutie, too (though she was already cute).

    1. Lol. I'm the same way. If I can at all leave a cliffhanger I will, just to make sure you come back. Mwuahahahahaha! But it's killer when someone else leaves one for me to deal with. Ha!

      It's a very big wish for her, I just hope she doesn't end up regretting it. She is a cutie. I love her to bits.

  5. This comment was originally written and published on here by Misty, however it seems to have disappeared into the ether so I am copying and pasting what I've got saved in my email: "
    Layla's nesting! ::claps hands::

    Ha, but worried about the house looking like a mess when, as Tibi points out, the house is jam-packed and cluttered thanks to Layla's seeming over-obsession with collecting her pretties. Layla seems to hold those objects in some sort of high regard. How can she not see what a clutter they are? Tibi is obviously getting annoyed with it.

    Hm, and she wishes Ignacio would be confident again? That everything would change. I didn't realize Tibi was that unhappy with how everything was.

    Whoa, her eyes didn't even cross? That must be a first in the history of sim birthdays! lol!

    Hah! The look on Layla's face as she looked at the baby. That is soo Layla. *snort* Tortilla? Well, it is a burrito wrapper after all. Green?! Green?? That's so mean of you to keep us in suspense! ::shakes fist:: "

    1. Yup! Nesting Layla means baby is near!

      Layla is not at all seeing exactly what she's built up around her. She is seeing them as things people aren't appreciating, and that are pretty and lovable. Tibi is extremely annoyed with it all. She remembers when the house was Not as cluttered and you could walk a straight line without running into a vase or gem. She is tired of Layla being absent even when she's physically in the house. She is tired of Ignacio being so careworn he's desperate for her attention. Layla isn't happy, Ignacio isn't happy and it's not allowing Tibi to be happy either. She's reached the age of

      I've Never had an age up without the eyecrossing. It was awesome!

      Lol. I'll have a lot more fun with the look on her face next time too. ;)

      Green! Green as green can be! lol

    2. This made me lol so hard. I love you.

      (Ps... "She's reached the age of" Uh... Yeah? Age of what?! Go on....?)

    3. Aw hell. Obviously I've reached the age of *thought trails off- Oh Look! Something Shiny!

      I believe I meant to put in that Tibi has reached the age of awareness. She's more aware of the undercurrents and the unspoken than children really pick up on. She doesn't have to be told that something is wrong anymore, to be able to sense and feel it. Before, she had been more focused on the clutter. Now she's focused on what's behind and what's causing the clutter.

      MMmm! I love you too! ;) *lick! *slobby kiss!

  6. Tibi grew up into a lovely teen! Just a shame your timings didn't work out quite right and her birthday kind of got overshadowed as a result, I hope she likes her little brother or sister (whichever it is) and that she doesn't regret wishing for change - I wonder if she's thought that change can be both good and bad...

    I hope now the baby's been born Layla can start to deal with all the stuff she's bottled up and ignored...

    1. She really surprised me with how she looked. I'm pleased though. And yeah, I really felt bad about that happening that way. However, after IP, there is no way I would have gone back in to reshoot that.

      Ah, I think her and her new sibling will be alright for the little bit of time she still has in the house, which will be good. But whether she will regret her wish or not is still to be seen. She certainly didn't think about how that wish could go two ways were it to be granted.

      Um, lol. Layla is still probably going to ignore all that stuff for a little bit at least. We'll... see... soon just how she does and what's about to happen. I'm finally leaving summer behind with the final trip over and school starting next week. So I won't leave that hanging for too much longer.

  7. You meany-head! A green tortilla? :P
    LOL I had my sim go into labor at a b'day party in my wishacy. I'd been trying and trying to get them to procreate, and she finally was. She went into labor as her future hubby blew out the candles. Then, she had triplets. Word of advice: NEVER do the following: fertility LTR for both parents + autonomous risky woohoo + allow more than 8 sims per household + wishacy. Oh, the babies! *runs away screaming*

    Tibi's wishes were so sad in a way. Hm. Change. Change isn't always a good thing. (*cough* Obama *cough*) :P hehe

    1. Green! *sigh. http://nottsofast.blogspot.com/2013/10/chapter-110-basket-of-doom.html Oh wait. Hang on. http://nottsofast.blogspot.com/2014/08/chapter-120-birthday-machine.html That one. Yup. Though I don't think it was both parents. O_o That's a very frightening thought.

      LOL. Tibi knows not what she wished for. And change certainly just happened!

  8. The house really is a mess! XD Crazy! But wow, all that stuff will bring a small fortune when/if you decide to sell!

    Wishing that things will change - uh-oh. Be careful how you phrase your wishes, missy.

    1. It was indeed a small fortune! Oh, lol. No way was I keeping all of that around in inventories or out in the open. xD The lag it caused rendering all the shinies! lol

      Yup! Tibi's wish was just a little too broad to be any good. :x