Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chapter 2.35-Her Baby

          Tibi walked up to Ignacio telling him all about her party and how it had went while Layla gazed in wonder at the tiny bundle she held. She still wasn’t sure how she’d managed to get something this large out of her. Magic or something she was sure. The doctors were genius’ was all she knew for sure.

          “I’m going to show this one their room,” Layla said quietly as Ignacio asked another question of his newly teenaged daughter.

          “Shouldn’ that top have sleeves?”

          “No! It’s not supposed to have sleeves. That would look a little weird don’t you think?”

          “Maybe pull it up a little and it wouldn’ look weird.”

          “It doesn’t look weird now, Daddy. It would look weird if pulled it up or added sleeves.”

          Exhaustion over the events of the day slowly descended on Layla. Looking at the family portrait as she passed it reminded her there was so much more to do tomorrow. She really ought to schedule a new portrait sitting. Especially now that the little one was finally here. She could already see her baby, sweetly dressed, sitting on her knee with Daddy’s other hand on their little shoulder. And Tibi. She was no longer the little girl in the photo before her. Tibi was a young woman now, a teenager eager to experience life.

          The photo of her mother at her prom nearly stopped her as she made her way to the nursery. Her mother would love to see that she herself was a mother now. But she had so many questions she wanted to ask about her baby, and her mother wasn’t the one there to answer them. Sabria would answer if she asked, and depending on how well she saw Layla that day Layla might not even have to ask. But she wanted her mother. Needed her. Shaking her head she took another step allowing her gaze to rise.

          Seeing the copy of Phedra’s prom photo she’d managed to get ahold of up on the wall brought a fresh wave of grief. How could she have ever encouraged Phedra to leave her little one behind? The warm little bundle in her arms needed her, just as Henry had needed his mother around. Layla couldn’t imagine leaving her baby behind to go off somewhere just for research. Dream or no dream. And she hadn’t really understood that until now. She’d thought It would have been best for Phedra to go instead of being an absent parent. She’d been mistaken.

          She really needed to get in touch with Phedra. She’d been trying for so long now. Leaving message after message with the secretary of the expedition was getting her down. Why wouldn’t Phedra call her back? Maybe she’d need to break down and call Cyrus to see if he’d heard from their sister. Who knows? Maybe Cyrus had already told Phedra that Henry was a boy about to be a teenager himself. At least he would understand how Layla felt. She’d made a mistake. A horrible, horrible mistake. A mistake she was desperate to rectify. How had she been qualified to give such an opinion? Such bad advice?

          Though she had been in here only this morning to clean, the nursery felt alive in a way it never had to her before. And it was all due to this tiny wiggly little sim with a sweet gummy smile. Cuddling her tiny daughter closer than ever Layla felt her heart melt anew.

          Gently and carefully lowering her into her crib, Layla was rewarded with another sweet smile. Smiling herself she was shocked at the cooing noises she made. Was it really this easy to be a mother? Loving her was so easy it was almost painful.

          Speaking of painful. Standing back up Layla rubbed the back of her neck. She never should have done the laundry this morning after she’d already rescrubbed the nursery. And after giving birth? She was absolutely worn out. Making sure the baby was alright one final time, Layla went off to get some well-deserved rest.

          Seeing Layla pass as she went into their bedroom Ignacio cut Tiburcia off as she gave her spiel about going to a school of fashion design when she left high school to get a chance to love on his new daughter.

          Tibi waved him off with a roll of her eyes, grabbing her cell phone to call Emily about some minor detail about school and boys or something. He really couldn’t figure it out while still so preoccupied.

          “You are not what I had expected little one,” he said softly. “Not with your mother. Not for me. But I am more than happy that you are here with us.”

          Cooing back at the gurgling baby, he snuggled her even closer.

          “No,” Ignacio continued talking to his tiny daughter. “Here you are early according to the calendar, but I think you are right on time. I bet you can get your Mami to wake up a little bit. She already loves you so much. I can see it.”

          “And I love so very much as well,” said Ignacio, cooing between his words. “And I know your big sister will love you when she gets to know you also. She is a little busy right now though, trying to grow up. But you, you, my little angel. You are going to still be my little girl for a while yet, yes?”

          The infant’s wiggles began to be more insistent, and Ignacio finally decided to relinquish the tiny bundle, gently placing her back in her crib so she could sleep.

          “Good night, my angel,” he whispered. “Good night, my Mariah.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

 Yes. An entire chapter just to tease you with a name. But Doggone it Layla! Quit Frowning! Also, Layla couldn’t get into bed right away. It seems Cali’s little problem with parties from her wishacy is finally happened in my game, and Layla had to wait for both Nalleli and Shad, and Lottie and Raul to finish using the hosts bed. *facepalm. Thanks guys. *thumbs up. Awesome manners.

Though a for real Thanks Guys! For voting and naming the Generation 3 Heir to you all! Layla totally did a happy dance you all picked the name she wanted. Really. She gloated like crazy, too. No matter how much I told her the vote was very very close. lol. Maybe I'll get a more manageable heir one day and will still get to use Rhodri or Chayne.

And for the record, I tried to clarify this here but just in case I didn't manage to explain this a little better: Layla is not thinking Phedra is a bad parent. She's feeling like it's her fault that Phedra has stayed away for so long. She's giving undue weight to her words to her sister and is desperately wanting to rectify that. And I have to apologize since it didn't come off that way earlier. I'm a little focused on something coming up and I've kind of neglected what has to be done correctly first. My bad, yo. ;)
Oh, for the record also, Lottie had a baby during the week I sped through with one long chapter. So this is their second she’s expecting. That was her maternity wear she wore last chapter, and she was expecting on Snowflake day as well. I also believe Sally is expecting her third. So babies! Babies everywhere in my town! But only one for Layla and Ignacio.


  1. HAHAHAAA! Couldn't dtop laughing the whle way through ;) Love how you managed to avoid even revealing the gender until near the end!

    Tibi doesn't seem like she even said 'hi' to her baby sister. Hope she manages to make a connection to her despite the age difference. And I hope she won't feel left out!

    Babies everywhere indeed! And ooh! What's coming up that's made you ignore this chapter? I think it came across that Layla was blaming herself for Phedra's absence, hopefully Phedra will come home soon so Layla can rest her conscience.

    1. I'm so glad you laugh! This one was written way back and when I reread it Monday I was like *gag! Awful! lol. So laughing is good. =D

      No. It's still Tibi's birthday though and she's got other things to think about. It's *supposed* to be her day. She'll pay attention to Mariah when she gets a chance. Promise.

      Uh... stuff. You know what stuff. lol. Ok, good. *phew!

  2. I agree with Gemma. I hope that Tibi and Mariah have a good relationship later and that Tibi takes the time to get to know her new little sister. She is a teen though and teen's can be notoriously bratty/immature, so... *crosses fingers that she comes around*

    Iggy and daughter[s] bonding time was adorable. I love how he really takes an interest, even if he isn't exactly thrilled with the current topic (i.e. Tibi's clothing choices), in his children.

    1. Tibi is still feeling that it's her day, and her party. She won't be completely immune to her little sister though. It may take some time, but that's somewhat natural too.

      Yes! Ignacio is a great dad. He really takes time out to give attention and get to know his kid(s). And what dad isn't mortified to see they're baby girl growing up? Especially one who he's primarily raised.

  3. I think Layla is putting too much on herself. Yes, the advice she gave Phedra was really dumb, but it's all on Phedra that she abandoned her child to fulfill some childhood dream.
    Still, it's nice that Layla recognizes the importance of being a parent, and this will hopefully shake her out of her funk so she can step up to it.

    I feel for Tibi, I know it's tough to adjust to a new baby when you've been the only child for so long. Well, the only child of her father's anyway, lol. But I'm guessing Mellie's other babies didn't really do much for Tibi's sense of the sibling bond.

    Iggy is a really great Dad. =D

    1. Layla really is putting it all on herself, and taking it all a little too seriously. Or way too seriously, honestly. No one else is blaming her for anything at all, yet she has the arrogance to think it's all her fault/her doing (she did this as a teen too.) Death happens, people make choices and it's not up to her to fix it all.
      Y'know, she really does. And it's from Ignacio that she learned that. Hopefully she can indeed get out of her funk and step up.

      Melly's other kids almost don't exist to Tibi. I cannot even get her to socialize with them at school. It's really annoying actually. She came into the house with the loner trait and that might have a bit to do with it though. But it was her day that was upstaged. Also, to be fair, Ignacio didn't give her much of an opening to ask about the baby and then Layla ran off with her. But I bet if we give her time she'll be alright with Mariah.

      He really is! I love his relationship with his kids. It's fun to watch.

  4. Caught up yayy! This whole chapter was filled with a lot of "Awwwww" moments :) I loved the part when Tibi was talking to her dad, typical teenager moment. Mariah, love the name!

    I hope Layla doesn't continue to beat herself up over the advice she gave, I understand where she's coming from though.

    1. Woot! Good for you! *gold starz!

      Yup! Daddy completely focused on his little girl looking a little too mature for his tastes. lol.

      It's Mariah!

      She has some valid guilt issues there, but in all honesty? That situation is completely out of her control and she needs to focus on what is currently in front of her and learn to let go.

  5. It's not Layla's fault that Phedra took her advice to the extreme. I hope Phedra comes back soon.

    Wow, Tibi didn't even acknowledge the baby! I'm not surprised (she's a teenager after all), but still. I imagine it will be hard to make a connection since they're so far apart in age. Iggy is so patient--he's going to have to be!

    1. Layla has a bad habit of affixing a value to herself in situations where her weight is zero. It's not her fault at all. Phedra had already made up her mind, Layla simply validated that.

      To be fair, Tibi also wasn't given much of an opportunity to acknowledge Mariah. Iggy really jumped in fast on the "Holy Crap! You're dressed like a young woman!" bit, and then Layla ran off with Mariah. I bet if we give her time she'll come around.

      Ignacio's patience is incredible and its lots of fun to watch how he interacts with his girls. All three of them. Ha! (Including Layla in that number before I confuse anyone)

  6. ::slinks in late:: Just so you know, I lurve you so much that I'm forgoing catching up on BB tonight because I must haz chapter before my eyes fall shut <3

    "This one to their room?" ::stamps foot:: Evil. Layla's expression still cracks me up.

    *snort. No Nacho, that shirt really isn't supposed to have sleeves. Welcome to having a teenage daughter!

    I liked the scene of her looking at the pictures on the wall. And all the clutter. Always the clutter. It's perfectly reasonable to want her mother now. It seems, now, that Layla is starting to...feel maternal? Our Layla? o.O But very telling, that she doesn't think she could leave her own child behind as Phedra did...at her encouraging. Rather silly of her to think it's her responsibility though.

    Goodness, a green nursery too? I hope Mariah likes green! Iggy was just adorable. Why do I have a feeling he's going to spoil her rotten?

    OMFG Blogger almost at my comment. Grr.
    And again!@!@

    1. ::kicks blogger again:: Ok, well at least it published this time!

    2. lol. This'll be here for a while. BB moves far faster than the Sixkillers at present! *hugs though!

      Yup! I love that that's the expression sims bring home babies with. There are no happy joyous smiles. Only doom and gloom and sadness. lol. It's like they know just how much attention those little larva really need. lol.

      He's totally not ready for teenaged daughterhood. lol. At.All. That's his baby girl, yo. She's going to be a baby forever!

      She's finally feeling maternal! However, she's only been a mom for an hour or two there. lol. She's attached far too much importance to her words to Phedra. Far.Too.Much. So, definitely silly.

      Green! As green as green as green can be! lol. It was that way when they moved in. Since I couldn't be sure if baby would be a boy or a girl I did green. Nice and neutral. Ignacio adores his daughters. lol. It's so sweet. It makes me all smiley to see him with them.

      Lol! Kick it again since it seems to be working better now! Maybe another good hard kick will get it really going! lol

  7. Aww, I love how sweet Ignacio is with baby Mariah and how thrown he was by Tibi's teenage clothes!

    I'm glad Layla is beginning to think a few things through, but she's really taking too much responsibility for her sister's choices there!

    1. Yeah, poor Ignacio. Coming home with a baby girl and discovering your other baby girl in big girl clothes really threw him for a loop.

      She's taking far far far too much responsibility for something she really didn't do. But then, she also fixated on her mothers death to the point she forgot her mom was dead. Fixating is kind of her thing. But yes! Thinking things through is at least getting her somewhere! slowly... lol

  8. Oh, she's grown up, and I'm not talking Tibi. I could feel more of an adult vibe coming from Layla this chapter. Maybe it's seeing her as a mom. But I more think it's because of what being a mom did to her and seeing the results of decisions made.
    Of course, in hindsight, as for the whole boy/girl and ?name? Issues... I could've just looked at the tabs and put two and two together. But, no spoilers for me means I put on the blinders as much as possible. :)

    1. Yes. She's finally growing up. However, she's still very much Layla. And yes. It's mostly how she feels now she's a mother herself. She's seeing just how vulnerable and tiny a baby really is, and she encouraged a mother to run away instead of facing what was most likely an emotional knee-jerk reaction.

      Lol. You're getting close to being caught up though. Really. Generation 3 is moving very slowly since I went way off the 'lets use actual gameplay whenever possible' track. I believe this will be the last generation I do it like this. lol.

  9. That family portrait really is lovely! I forgot to mention that last chapter. Looking forward to seeing the next one.

    Yay for Mariah! It's a very nice name for a green burrito. The other names are cool too - hope you get to use them!

  10. Lol. That family portrait is still hanging in the house even. xD I keep forgetting to set up a new family portrait shot to replace that one with. Haha.

    Yay for Mariah! Perhaps they'll get to be used one day. We'll see. I'm not entirely positive it'll be soon though. lol