Friday, November 8, 2013

Downloads- Objects and Accessories- Whiterider's Coffee Mug

It's a coffee mug! Yay! Coffee! We drink lots of coffee in our house so having my sims drink coffee is a necessity! How else can they keep up with the grueling shooting schedule I keep them on? ;)

For starters I have to make this abundantly clear- I did NOT make this mesh or the map or anything else required to make this mug look so awesome. This is the work of Nysha, aka Whiterider, at MTS. So go and check out her creator page as she's got quite a few goodies up on there. =D All I did was make her object an accessory.

There are 4 packages zipped in the Accessory download. Two are rings, two are bracelets. Why bracelets and rings? Well, if your sim is wearing a bracelet or ring and you don't use a mod that allows for multiple accessories per location you can still use the mug accessory and they'll keep their bracelet or ring on. Also, they are for multiple hands just because sometimes I drink coffee left handed, sometimes right handed depending on what else I'm doing at the moment.

There are 3 presets included, each with a custom thum in CAS so you know what you're clicking on.

The mugs have three channels. The outside, the handle, and the inside.

So there are lots of CASting possibilities for you to use.

I also was given gracious permission to offer the mug up as a decor item as well so you can use it for ambiance and scene setting too. Thank you so much for this Nysha! I truly appreciate it!

The Mug is found in Misc. Décor in buy mode for §18. It comes with three recolorable channels for your CASting enjoyment.

TOU: DO NOT take credit for this work. Even I don't.
          DO NOT edit these without permission from Nysha/Whiterider or myself first.
          If you make poses using this accessory mug, please DO NOT include the mug in your download! Please link back to here. Also- if you use this mug as an accessory for your poses please post a link in the comments below so everyone can find them! C'mon. It's free publicity.

Huge huge thanks have to go to Nysha at MTS for her gracious permission in allowing me to post these. You really inspire me. Thank you so very much! 

ETA: Want more poses for this mug? Check out Purple Plumbobs Poseset, Cozy On Up! 


  1. Thank you Sunny and Nysha!

  2. Not like you're fangirling, right? ;)

    Haha,yes, thank you Nysha, and thank you Sunny. All those possibilities... I could drag my generation out even further! Kaity could go all mumsy and start hosting coffee mornings... Pah! No. Move along.

    Thank you!

  3. Gah! I don't like comments like these, and I'm making one! :(

    I can't for the life of me get the accessory to download off MediaFire. The download page loads fine, but then I click the green button to download and it never does, eventually sending me to the dreaded "problem loading page" page. :/ Everything else has downloaded just fine.

    I don't *have* to have this, but I'd like it since I'm going to use it for a requested set of poses. (of course, if I release them publicly, I'll link here as credit for the item)

    Again, sorry I'm making a comment like this. I just wondered if there was anything you could do from your end. I'll check back another day (who knows, maybe it's my internet acting up on this ONE file) and see if it works. Or, if you want, maybe message me on Facebook. I'm Mypalsim Stories.