Friday, November 8, 2013

Downloads- Poses- Sunny's The Best Part Of Waking Up Pose Pack

♫♪Is Folgers in your cup!♪♫ We're coffee snobs in our house though and Folgers is rarely allowed to sully our precious coffee maker with it's plebian beans. Bah! But still, who doesn't remember that jingle? Or that Christmas commercial they tried to remake with Peter coming home as a holiday surprise? *Nostalgia eyes! Ok. Back to business. This pack consists of 4 base poses with your sim able to stand up and drink coffee while leaning on the kitchen counters. (It's what hubs and I do to plot- er... plan out our days O_o.) Thanks to Ani's Have Coffee With Me Mod it's super easy to get sims drinking coffee together while seated so I didn't bother with that. Let's take a peek at the goods then, shall we? Only I won't be looking too closely at the pics because they always make me yawn.

Picking up the coffee from the counter and then holding it and yawning. These two require a Right Hand Coffee Mug Accessory.

Base Poses


Drinking the Nectar of the Gods.


As per the normal these images are included in each download. One download has the posepack poselist enabled, one does not. CHOOSE ONLY ONE. You'll also need the Coffee Mug Accessory for these.

CC Used on the Models-
Layla's skin is courtesy of Kanno- Moonlight and can be found Here.
Layla's Hair is courtesy of- Peggy 262 Retextured by Anubis
Layla's Lips are courtesy of Daluved1's Tasty Lipgloss
Her Pajamas are courtesy of a web archive of Lilisims. The bottoms are Here. The top is Here. Both are near the bottom of their pages so you'll have to scroll down.
The Pattern on the top is #16 Here. Pattern #27 in the same set is the Pattern on Layla's left leg. The Pattern on Layla's Right leg is found Here.
Ignacio's skin is E-Skin Natural courtesy of Ephemera and can be found Here.
Ignacio's tattoos are from my very own Runic Tattoo Set "Ermigerd! Real Runes!" found Here.
Thank you! And I hope your imagination finds a use for these poses in your story. If you use my poses in your story and it's posted online I'd love to see it! Leave a comment or a link below and I'll even comment back!


  1. Me. I don't remember that jingle. Or the 'commercial' (advert). I'd never even heard of Folgers until just now.
    Hah. I win.

    I use poses in my blog, check it out
    I'm so goshdarn funny sometimes... <3

    1. Gasp!!! Hang on... That's the best jingle done by Rockapella.

      Here's the Original Peter commercial- it came out in the 80's and they played it heavily until it was remade a few years ago. WTH is up with YouTube btw? I have to rent this video to be able to like it???