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Chapter 2.51- The Monkey Queen of the Moon

                “Just a few more months until spring is here and then,” Roger said, his voice slightly hushed. “Then we graduate. Graduate! We’ll be out of that hell hole forever. Well, until we have kids and they start going and we go back for parent teacher conferences.”
                Mariah stopped short, her head snapping up. “Uhmmm,” she started.
                “Pfft,” Roger rolled his eyes at her, grinning, blushing. “Not we as in us. I just meant in general. You do plan on having kids right?”

            Mariah walked straight into the chair and chess table in front of her while Roger avoided it easily.
            Dammit. Pay attention. Mariah had been fairly easily distracted lately. Her thoughts of recent events and developments taking over her waking moments, driving her crazy.
            “I dunno,” she admitted. “I mean, I can’t imagine having little kids around my mom. And it’s not like I can leave her alone in that state.”
            “What are you going to do then?”

            But Mariah was once again not paying attention.
            “It’s crazy right?” She said. “I mean, we played at that park as kids. As kids! Wasn’t that just a few years ago? And yet we’re already being expected to act as adults. We won’t have a choice but to act as adults when we graduate.”
            Roger nodded, looking at the park they were walking past.

            “I guess I just don’t feel like I should be a grown up yet. I think I’d rather go play,” Mariah sighed.
            Roger stopped. “Look at the sunset,” he said quietly. “One less sunset to go until we’re grownups. “
            Scoffing, Mariah did as he asked, watching the sun paint the sky with a blaze of light.

            Realizing Roger had no intentions of moving any time soon Mariah stopped as well.
            “What’s got you in such a romantic mood over a sunset we can see any day?”
            “I’ve made decisions today, ‘Riah,” he said. “Big decisions.”
            “I see,” Mariah’s eyebrows shot up as she rolled her eyes at his back. “Let’s keep walking and you can tell me. My toes are going to freeze if we just stand here.”

            “It’s a huge weight off my mind, I can tell you that.” Roger had had a meeting at the police station that morning. He’d signed up for the Police Academy session beginning just a few weeks after graduation, and spoke to the Chief addressing his concerns about not going to college. “I just don’t know how my parents could have afforded all three of us at that university this fall. I might not have the fancy degree my brothers have, but I’m going to be doing just what I want to do.”
            With a heavy heart, Mariah had listened to Roger’s glowing plans for his future. He couldn’t wait for his future to start. She wished she could say the same thing.

            Sensing his buddy’s inner turmoil, he stopped.
            “I know you don’t know what you’ll do, or where you’ll go, or how,” he said, gazing at the moon in front of them. “But don’t worry about it. You’ll figure it out.”
            Nodding, Mariah dragged her feet along the frozen sidewalk a little. Mariah wouldn’t be going off to the University with other kids in their class either. She’d be stuck here, taking care of her crazy mother, forever.

            “Mariah, your grades have you in second place in our class,” Roger told her. “You’ll figure out what you want to do with that. And once you do, you’re going to shine. I just know it.”
            Sighing, Mariah nodded, her shoulders drooping. She had no idea what she wanted to do. None. Other than taking care of her mom, she almost couldn’t care. Well, that’s what she told herself anyway.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            Mariah was still feeling rather morose when she’d gone to find Roger and a shoulder to cry on. Actually, she’d originally been looking for Andre, but he was out with Kelci. Now she’d found Roger he had no idea she was here. He was busy playing games in the arcade at Pop! while she sat here and stared at him, hoping he’d sense her and come to cheer her up.
            Oh well.
            And then, to her shock, Kelci sauntered over and sat down near her.

            Mariah glared at her while the b*tch sat there giving her a vapid grin. She was in no mood to start a conversation with her. Not after their last conversation. Not after… well. And Watcher above! Kelci had on the same earrings Mariah always wore! Well, not anymore. If she could remember...

            “Hi, Mariah,” chirped Kelci.

            Narrowing her eyes even more, Mariah gave a terse nod of acknowledgement.

            “So,” Kelci must have super glued that stupid grin on her face. “How are you today?”
            Mariah was thoroughly disgusted. The tone she used suggested she was talking to a toddler.
            “I’m fine, thanks,” Mariah said tonelessly. “What do you want?”
            “I wanted to talk to you about your ‘gift.’”

            “My gift?” Mariah was thoroughly confused.
            “Sure,” Kelci continued. “You know, when we were all kids you used to predict the future and it always happened. I know you don’t do it anymore, but surely you still have that power?”
            Taken aback, Mariah sat up. It had been years since she used to make up predictions about her childhood enemies. Once, Andre had actually broken his leg after she’d told him he would and the entire class had immediately steered clear of her for months. Each and every one of them had been terrified she’d see the same grisly things if they crossed her.

            “I’m just hoping I can convince you to use your gift to help me out,” Kelci went on. “Y’know, with Prom coming up in a few months and all.”
            Looking down, Mariah frowned. All her childish predictions had been because she knew her classmates habits and lives very well. Andre always had his shoes untied and always stood too close to the staircase. His falling and breaking his leg was inevitable. JJ’s pet frog dying was inevitable. He’d had that thing for years and didn’t take the greatest care of it.
            “I’m willing to pay.”
            Now she had Mariah’s attention. Mariah never had any money to spend. It was her mom’s. And she felt awful using it unless she needed to. What if they ran out before she could get a job? She had no idea how much money was actually in the bank account.

            Noticing her continued reluctance, Kelci stuck her hand in a pocket and pulled out a wad, literally a wad, of cash making Mariah gape.
            “Now as I said, if you still have this gift, I’m more than willing to pay for a reading.”
            Forcing herself to breath, Mariah nodded at her. For that? Mariah would be the Monkey Queen of the Moon if she had to be, complete with song, dance and costume.
            “Alright,” she said, reaching out to take the bundle of bills from Kelci. Slightly afraid Kelci might change her mind she hastily stowed them in her back pocket.

            “Great,” Kelci’s voice was almost oily. “Let’s get started. I want to know if I’m going to be prom queen. And if I’m not prom queen, what do I have to do to get that crown?” And she raised both arms, sticking them out, looking like a pathetic Mummy.
            Mariah recoiled. People didn’t touch her. She didn’t touch people. What was Kelci doing?
            With an exasperated sigh, Kelci rolled her eyes. “I thought you had to touch the person to get a reading,” she said. “That’s what your grandmother always did. And you’d always bumped into the kids you’d predict about first.”
            Oh. Yeah. That.

            Summoning all her hatred of Kelci she gave the exasperated sigh right back.
            “I might need to touch you, but I don’t need to hold both of your hands and date you to get a reading,” she sneered. “I only need one of your hands. And actually-“
            Reaching out, Mariah trapped Kelci’s left hand in hers, pinching her ring finger.
            “-Actually, this is plenty.”
            “Whatever you need to see me as prom queen,” Pacified, Kelci’s voice was silky smooth again.

            Abuella Sabria didn’t bow her head or close her eyes when she’d ‘read’ others, but Mariah needed the moment to think.
            Prom Queen. Prom Queen? Lizzie and Roger usually knew more of the hallway gossip than she did. And she rarely paid attention when they’d go on about what they’d heard from whom who had heard it from someone else and so on.
            Prom Queen?

            A quick peek at Kelci, didn’t help her either. But she was wearing a blue shirt. That seemed to trigger something.
            Lizzie was on the prom committee and had told them all about the secret decisions the committee had made. This year’s colors were blue and green. Under the Sea or something like that was the theme. Cheesy in Mariah’s opinion. Not that she would be going. Not after the rumors about the football… That was it!
            Lizzie had told Roger that the early votes the committee had received had all been for Kelci. That Andre was paying the football and track teams to vote for her to make her happy. In turn, they were bullying others into voting for Kelci two months early. Alrighty then. That was easy enough.

            “I see,” she whispered slowly. “I see a lot of blue. Green too.” Shaking her head a little, she frowned. “It’s kind of dim and hard to see. Hang on.”
            Letting all of her breath out she slumped a little, bowing her head further, trying to scrape other bits of hallway gossip together when something Andre had told her flitted across her thoughts.
            “There are two girls in the lead at the start of the night. You are one of them. Wait. Your dress. It’s blue, too. That’s why it was hard to see. You just blend in with the decorations. Maybe white would be better? Yes. White. And you are Queen of the Prom in flowing white chiffon.”

            A sudden high pitched squeal made Mariah wince as Kelci jerked her hand out of her pinch.
            “Really? I am Queen?”
            Forcing her eyelids open, Mariah nodded slowly, heavily.
            “Oh my PlumbBob! I can’t believe it! But I already ordered a blue dress with a matching tux for Andre! I’ll have to cancel it. But it’s a custom and they won’t! I’ll just tell Daddy I have to get a new one. A white chiffon dress. He’ll let me. He wants me to be Queen too. Prom Queen!”

            “Oh, this is So exciting! I’m so happy,” Kelci continued to gush as Mariah slumped further down. “Thank you dear, dear, Mariah! I need to go find Andre and get him remeasured. A white tux this time. Yes. Or black. Yes. Black. I’ll be white, he’ll be black. We’ll be perfect! And I’ll be Queen! See you later, sweetie!”

            The bit about the blue dress had come from Andre who was horrified at looking like a giant blueberry in his matching tux, or like a forgotten member of the Zoot Suit Riot. It was a bright blue he’d said and she assumed it was awfully tacky.
            That had saddened her a bit, telling Kelci to change her dress color. It would make Andre happy and that was great since he made her happy. But it was with Kelci.

            Slowly raising her eyes, she watched Kelci join Andre across the room. She was still bouncing and squealing as she grabbed his arm and began to usher him toward the doors. As they left, Andre turned, craning his neck until he spotted her still in the corner, still slightly slumped. His face had clouded with concern as he’d half waved at her making her heart flutter. But she wouldn’t worry too much about him right now.

            No, she couldn’t worry about too much at all right now. That little episode had just given her some ideas. Lots of ideas.

            Pulling the money Kelci had paid for her pack of gossip and lies out of her pocket she’d quickly counted it all out. Yup. That gave her lots of ideas alright!

            Suddenly seeing the absurdity of the entire situation her pensive mood fled and her gloomy skies cleared as she began to laugh.

            She laughed until Roger noticed her. And then she took great delight in just spending some time with her friend.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          So there are a ton of holes up there because Mariah is hiding a lot from us right now. We’ll fill in a few of them next time and see some of the secrets she’s been keeping. The rest? Well. Those will come when they come.
          Also, I realize that most teenaged females would claw Kelci’s eyes out before doing her any favors, for pay or no, but you’ve got to remember that Mariah’s sense of what is right and what is wrong is very skewed. She witnessed the murder of her father and uncle and felt that her uncle’s murder was justified and then watched it destroy her mother’s sanity. She was then emotionally abused by a woman whose desperation to make everything better again drove her to extremes of cruelty in a quest for control. Since then she’s been bullied by classmates, in and out of foster homes and all but forgotten by her older sister as she takes care of the woman who is supposed to be raising her. And since Roger’s anger at her even being seen in public with Andre she’s been keeping her own council more and more. So how Mariah reacts to situations like that is going to be very different from how you or I might react. Just something about Mariah to chew on, especially before the next chapter goes up.


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    1. Okay, I've read it now.
      I feel almost sorry for Mariah, feeling as if she is forced to look after Layla. It must feel awful, as if you don't actually have any parents. She went from having two loving parents to only an insane mother and a grandmother she hates.

      I think she has a thing for Andre. When hearts flutter/race, that means they like someone!
      I'm not sure how I feel about Kelci... Is it bad that I can kind of relate to her? Wanting to be Queen? It sounds a lot like something I would do. (I would also cause harm to the other girls running but that's because I'm a tad bit of a psychopath ;) )
      I mostly hope that she gets over the feeling that she has to take care of her mother, and I can't help but wonder now if Prom will be eventful for Mariah. I know its always eventful in game, but whether or not you include that in the story is a different matter.

    2. Meh, I've got first once, I don't care anymore ;)

      ...Until you least expect it..... haha!

    3. She doesn't have parents and has basically raised herself from the time that Ignacio was killed (which was the day after her birthday.) However, she doesn't really remember having them both around either. And she usually doesn't feel sorry for herself about that. She's accepted that things are how they are, and that only time can change it.

      Of course she has a thing for Andre! She kissed him right back.

      LOL! You don't relate to Kelci. Kelci is vapid without a single original thought in her shallow, vain, empty little mind. But who doesn't want to know what's coming? Or how things might go? Now then. Wanting to harm the other girls running??? It's only okay if you're using fire. Then go right ahead. =D

      She probably won't get over that feeling. Without Mariah to care for her Layla probably wouldn't survive very long. And Mariah knows that. That being said, Layla doesn't have very long to go either. She's already aged up to Elder even.

      Lol. I decided I'm just skipping prom because she didn't go with a date, and since I have romance turned off for the 8 teenagers in town it turned into a slew of notifications of how Mariah kept getting into fights and rejected by her crush for a dance. Ha! Ah well. Maybe next generation. ;)

  2. Great update! First I want to say that was a BEAU-TI-FUL moon! I had to reread that portion because I kept staring at the moon haha...

    Dang! Kelci was loaded! I absolutely loved how that whole reading scene went. So fortune telling will be her career? I take it the con artist branch since she doesn't have any natural powers of the sight I'm aware of. I just knew Mariah would just walk away from Kelci after she requested a reading but with a wad of cash like I would make some mess up in a heart beat lol. She has great memories and observation skills I see. I really can't wait until they get older now.

    1. I love that moon! Misty's moons are awesome. I really wish I had Titan in this save, but oh well. I'm thinking of rotating the color of the moon as the legacy goes on just for fun.

      Correction, Kelci IS loaded. But we'll hear more about that next chapter. lol. Yup! That's right! Though I won't update the generational goals with that until she actually starts the career. And I couldn't resist! I needed it to be something that would overcome any qualms Mariah might or might not have regarding such an unusual request. Lol! I can't wait either! I've got some PLANS man! And they.are.epic. IMHO, at least. lol I'm so excited for this one. It's going to be a lot fun. Just one more chapter and then I can really get going on it! Woot!

  3. Oh wow, so Rogers got his whole life figured out? Well, Roj, we noticed that little slip up about "when we have kids"... suuureee... you just meant in general ;)
    I know Mariah's feeling there, though. I'm 23 and still got no idea what to do with my life. Don't worry, hun, I'm sure things will fall into place. I know it sounds mean, but maybe Layla will die soon and she'll be free? :|

    Wow, so Mariah did very well to make up that prediction, I think! She's obviously a very observant sim to pick up on and remember all those little tidbits of gossip that she didn't care about, and then to string them into a believeable prediction was brilliant too! Lets hope she turns out to be right, because I can't see it going down well with Kelci if she's not...
    And Mariah looked positively devious in that shot of her scheming with the money! I hope she's not about to run off and kill Kelci's competition or something 0.o Trying to work out what you were hinting at in the A/N

    I'm guessing by the way Mariah noticed and watched Andre leaving and the wave that made her heart flutter, that she's crushin' on him. I wonder if the feelings mutual? After all, HE kissed her, not the other way around... we think.

    A/N is very deep and there's certainly a lot to think about there! Excellent insight into Mariah and how she thinks and why, though!

    1. Hey, he blushed didn't he? ;) Yeah. I'm betting Layla will die soon enough after she graduates so... Yeah.

      She had to do some fast thinking there didn't she? She used to keep careful eye on what was going on, but she's been pretty lax as she's grown out of that phase. Thankfully, she's already close to a lot of sources of info on that particular matter. Otherwise she might have been up a creek!

      Just that Mariah isn't bothered by the fact that she just lied and accepted money for basically doing nothing. She doesn't feel any moral obligations to Kelci other than self preservation. Or, is there more in that that'll pop up later on also? ;)

      Don't forget, they're still working on that project together. We only witnessed two homework meetings between the two that occurred in the fall. It's now winter, with spring and prom and graduation closing in fast. So she's also seen him a LOT in the intervening time.

      It is a lot to think about. I just really wanted everyone to understand some of her underlying motives. None of that is anything she dwells on, or is going to harp on or talk about endlessly so it's kind of hard to have her state it without her sounding like she's stuck in the past. She's not. And at this point in her life, even she doesn't realize how all of that has impacted her and her decisions.

  4. Oh hai. You haz a lovely moon :0)

    Roger is so grown up, already. It's a little sad that he realizes his family simply can't afford him going to college along with his other siblings, but I'm glad that he seems to be happy with his choice of a career in law enforcement. For that matter, Mariah seems very accountable for her age too, and has since she was a child; she's had to be, with Layla. Even before that, she had to fend for herself a lot, and handle Sabria's tirades.

    That's really a wad of cash. I think I'd have given a "reading", complete with song and dance and costume, too!
    Well, Mariah may yet have a future as a fortune teller, lol. Sabria is probably rolling in her grave right about now.

    Secrets, eh? Secrets about Andre, I suspect, given her distraction and fluttering heart.

    1. I haz a BEAUTIFUL moon! Now I want an emerald colored one. =D ;) *hint *hint *wink *nudge *on my knees begging. ;)

      He's feeling pretty grown up right now, which is good considering he's about to graduate and head out into the world. I think he probably would have made that choice as a career whether he'd gone to college or not so yeah, he's very happy right now. Yes. Mariah is extremely accountable for just that reason. Trying to keep her situation stable and secret from the rest of the world (save Roger) has given her a very level head.

      Sabria probably is rolling all over in her grave. Ha! And for sure! For that amount of money? I'd do whatever she wanted too.

      Oh yes. Secrets. We'll see just about what next time.

    2. ::whines:: But I want to knooooooooow!

      I have a green moon planned actually, as a Secret Leprechaun gift for that girl. So, soon :)

  5. Well, well, well, Mariah's certainly taken an interesting twist there! I wonder what else she's planning... It was a very clever prediction too, the way she was able to pull so many little things together to make a convincing prediction was fascinating as was your explanation as to some of her motives

    1. I'm glad it was convincing! I'd worried that I'd left out a lot of possible explanation there. She's not got Too too much else up her sleeve. lol. But planning? She's certainly planning something now isn't she? And I wanted to show the explanation of her motives to show that she's not really doing this from a mean spirited perspective. That's not her MO. She's just.. a little skewed. lol

  6. Oh, Roger. He's got it bad for Mariah. On one of our first dates, my significant other made a similar slip (about being married, not having kids).

    Mariah's really good at making up predictions. I'm not really torn up about her basically taking Kelci's money. I love the pictures of her developing her plan. It reminded me of the Grinch: Then she got an idea. An awful idea. The Mariah got a wonderful, *awful* idea!

    Andre is such as sleaze.

    1. LOL! Oh that's so sweet though! Here's a cookie for Significant Other. Though I'm quite glad it wasn't a slip about having kids. That would be quite mortifying! lol

      That's it! That's almost exactly it! Mariah doesn't want to be too too mean to the silly little Whovillites, she just wants them to *pay* her. *snort Sorry. And I'm very happy her taking money for doing that doesn't bother anyone so far. Mariah isn't bad, per se, she's just got a rather twisted view of 'straight and narrow.' Ha!

      Yes he is! =D Remember that next time. And a few more times after that. And then... Well, don't forget it. ;)

  7. It might just be me, but I don't see anything strange about Mariah taking Kelcis money. No matter what their story is. Who wouldn't take such an opportunity at easy money, and she gets to trick Kelci at the same time. What I do wonder is why the two of them have the same earrings. Hopefully just a coincident and not a gift from Andre. That would be tacky. They are both wearing heart- necklace too I see. Hope it's still a coincidense.
    The faces Mariah pulled was great. Can't wait to see what she'll come up with.
    Actually I do feel a bit sorry for Kelci. She's really gullible isn't she. And with that w***e of a boyfriend. That makes her tricked by Mariah quite a few times doesn't it? (Ok, it's a bit funny.)
    It was great seeing Roger acting all normal for an entire chapter:) First almost like an adult, then he forgot it to play some videogames. That was great.
    That moon is beautiful, I had to look at the pictures of it several times. Which also made me wonder. Will we ever see Roger without his glasses?

    1. Lol. Hey, I'm with you on taking the opportunity to make a quick, easy, buck, I just also wanted to show what her motives are. And I'm glad you remembered the earrings, but it is just a coincidence. Ah! Now then! Noticing that... That is a coincidence, but I've also been tying them together by bouncing their looks off of each other. When you see Kelci in a dress, Mariah is in a dress. When you see Kelci in Pants, Mariah is in pants. And I've tried to use colors that are similar with each of them for their clothing also. Even though this is only the second time we've really seen Kelci.
      And that's exactly why what they're wearing is so important. Just how much is Mariah tricking Kelci, (Andre too) right now? ;)

      We'll just say Roger's mood swings have calmed down quite a bit. lol. He's realized the mistakes he's made and he's trying to make it right between himself and Mariah.

      Misty's moons are awesome aren't they? I love that one so much!

      Well, I could tell you, but that would spoil it. Which pretty much just gives it away. lol. So yes. ;) =D

  8. Haha, Roger already thinking about having kids with Mariah and then off to play video games. It's sad that Mariah sees herself taking care of her mother for the next 30 some years though. Dump that crazy lady in a nursing home!

    What baffles me the most is how Kelci trusts Mariah to give her an accurate prediction. She must know Mariah doesn't like her? Anyway, good for Mariah, that wad of cash will come in handy.

    Ok, had to google the Zoot suit riots cause I had no idea what that was about. Now i have a fairly accurate idea of Andres suit - blech! But it would be hilarious to find zoot suit cc!

    Why do I keep picturing a "Carrie" moment for prom? Um, I hope it won't include fire & blood! But I wouldn't be too sad if Kelci was to be, say, furious afterwards?

    Loved the disgusted look on Mariah's face when Kelci reached out to touch her (like a mummy! hahaha). I also really liked her peeking during her reading. And that belly laugh at the end! I'd watch out if I were Kelci.

    1. Ah, he's still a kid. And he'll forever be a nerd. lol Yeah, but Layla doesn't have too much longer, so it won't be too too long for Mariah. And with all the laughs Layla is giving me (she's playing along wonderfully as the crazy old lady in my game- here- take a peek- I'll actually reference some of it directly next chapter) I could never dump her in a nursing home. Ha!

      Ah, but remember that Kelci is a very vain person with a very empty head. She's also used to money buying her whatever she wants. To her credit, that's exactly what Mariah did.

      Yeah, make it a zoot suit in a nice bright blue too. Ha! There are some similar items out there. I've even got a few in my CC folder, but we won't get to see prom. Mariah wouldn't have gone if I hadn't made her, and since I turned romance off for the teens in town (there are only 8 and I'm using 4 of them for my story, so I didn't want anything to hinder that)Prom was just a bunch of notifications about Mariah getting into fights and people turning her down for dances. lol

      Thank you! I worked hard on those. Nah. Mariah doesn't like or care for Kelci, but she's probably not going to target her maliciously. Her ideas are more along the 'what to do with the rest of my life' lines. ;)

  9. It's sad that Mariah is not able to look beyond not having to care for her Mom, I bet once Layla dies (no one lives forever, lol), Mariah will actually feel lost for awhile.

    I find the whole Mariah, Roger, Kelci, Andre tangle quite fascinating---it's like witnessing an oncoming train wreck and you can't just look away, lol

    I loved Mariah as a fortune teller to Kelci---it really is amazing what people will believe. When I was in highschool, one year at the Halloween carnival I was a fortune teller--complete with costume and tent, haha No one could recognize me (I was wearing a black wig over my red hair, and it dramatically changed my looks) and my Mom the week before had bought this huge bag of 100 fortune cookies. I wrote down all the different sayings---there was like 25 of them---and that is what I used to *tell* my fortunes. When people found out I was the *fortune teller* they would go on and on about how gifted I was because what I had told them came true, LOL And they weren't just the cheerleader types either! ;)

    I have to ask about this Monkey Queen thing---I do believe I am missing a reference or something, lol

    I can't wait to see what happens next! =)

    1. I think she will too. A lot of her life has been caring for her mom, and while her mom give her grief... a lot of grief, it's still something she's grown very accustomed to.

      Lol. Yeah, I'm having a great time with this story line for that very reason. It's just a big tangled mess and when those strings get pulled a lot of folks are going to get hurt.

      Oh that sounds like fun! And how funny that even the non-airheads were buying into it. rofl!

      Nah, 'The Monkey Queen of the Moon' was just Mariah saying she'd do just about anything you asked of her for that amount of money. Kelci was trying to impress Mariah, as well as buy a favorable 'fortune.' Mariah just recognized that.

      Ah, what happens next is a bit tame. But what happens right after that? Ooooooooo, yeah. That'll be fun!

  10. LOL, I just automatically assumed that Kelci was leading Mariah into trap that was going to lead to her being humiliated. I kept waiting for a group of other girls to pop out, pointing and laughing.
    I'm glad she got her money & that Kelci really is just a dimwitted bitch.

    1. I could have gone that route. I even toyed with it. But the goal this time around is simplicity and speed. lol (I'm not up for another 50 chapter generation.) So Kelci gets to be stupid instead of just mean. xD

  11. I guess I can fill the holes this time. It makes perfect sense for Mariah to go into that career path. I wondered when she'd been reading that book as a kid. I have that career coming up in a roll, and I have no idea how I'm going to play it.
    Now, what will happen should Mariah get prom queen? Hm.....

    1. That roll made me cry. No lie. My sims are supposed to live happily ever after with a white pocket fence and all green motives and moodlets forever and ever amen. They're not supposed to con people. And look what popular culture does to the likes in the same line (anyone remember Miss Cleo?) Justifying it is tough and it's why generation two turned out as it did.
      Lol. Mariah went stag to prom and was my first sim ever not to get a crown for her inventory. She wasn't popular enough either. Ha!

  12. “I mean, we played at that park as kids. As kids! Wasn’t that just a few years ago?" -- or maybe even just a few days?! XD Sims!

    Okay, I'm getting excited now. I was hoping Mariah would be a con artist psychic when you had her reading that book as a child. And now it's happening!! I loved the way you showed us her reasoning for her predictions. This is going to be so much fun :D

    1. lol! Exactly!

      Yes! I wanted a good reason for why she'd be willing to do such a thing coming from 'honest and hard working parents,' lol. So lots of reasons happened!