Monday, March 17, 2014

Chapter 2.52- I Still Have Hope

            “Geez, Rog,” whined Mariah, still rather breathless from shock. “You startled me! Slam the door or something next time so I don’t nearly jump out of my skin when you sneak up like that. PlumbBob.”
            Spring was here, though it was still chilly enough for winter clothing to still be used by those venturing out. Mariah had been scratching designs in the frost flowers on the window when Roger had startled her.

            “I’m sorry,” Roger said. “I didn’t mean to.”
            “It’s alright. What’s up?”
            “You haven’t been around much the last few weeks,” Roger answered softly. “I wanted to know how you were doing.”
            Slightly abashed, Mariah ducked her head. She hadn’t meant for her disappearances to be noticed.
            “I’ve missed you, ‘Riah.”

           “Aw, buddy,” answered Mariah. “I’m sorry. I’ve had a lot of homework to do, and mom’s been extra crazy recently. Like really really bad. I’m kind of wondering if her time might be coming.”
            “I figured things must have been kind of tough,” said Roger. “I’ve been keeping an eye on the cabin to see if you’d come here. When I saw the smoke from the chimney I knew you would be.”
            Mariah nodded, unsure of what to say next, thankful this was the first time she'd lit a fire recently.

            “You know if things get too tough I’m always here to help,” Roger offered with a blush. “I know it’s been a while since your mom has seen me, but surely we can get her used to having someone extra around.”
            Noticing his blush, Mariah saw something else. His skin finally seemed to have lost the blotchiness he’d had since becoming a teen. It had cleared up and was glowing. It looked good on him. And it made her stomach flip, just a little, which confused and embarrassed her.

            “I just don’t know, Rog’,” she sighed. “She leaves pee puddles on the floor and blames them on my dad. The other day? I caught her climbing out of one of the holes she’d dug in the front yard dressed in animal skins and saying she’d been exploring a cave system that included giant mushroom filled grottos, lake systems, and trolls and troglodytes that she scared off with her ‘magic lighter.’”
            Roger snorted, then quickly tried to stifle it when he caught Mariah’s eye.
            “Sorry,” he said somberly. “I know that’s tough for you to have to control and keep quiet. But you’ve got to admit her imagination has grown by leaps and bounds.”

            Catching his eye and soft smile at her, Mariah chuckled a little to herself. Maybe, looking back at it, it was kind of funny.
            “Are you still freaking out about what you’re going to do once school ends?”
            She looked back up quickly, snapped out of the pleasantness she’d felt laughing at her mother with her best friend, instead of being horrified by it and all it meant.

            “You know,” she smiled. “You know I think I might have a few ideas about things I could do. Obviously, Mom will still have to pass first. And so it’s terrible, and makes me feel awful, but I kind of hope she does go soon so I can kind of move on with my life.”
            “It’s not terrible,” Roger nearly interrupted. “And you shouldn’t feel awful for it.”
            Mariah beamed at him, making him blush. Which made her blush. Geez, this was her best friend! Had they not seen each other that much lately? What was up with this?

            “You’re not terrible,” he repeated. “And the person at your house isn’t your mother. She’s been gone a long time now. So wanting to move on after taking care of her all these years? It’s probably pretty normal.”
            “Nothing to thank me for,” answered Roger. “Just keep your chin up.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            “Her dad? He really likes you that much?”
            “I think it’s mostly that Kelci is determined that I be well equipped when I pursue my career of choice,” Andre answered her, his thumb caressing hers.
            “She’s certainly got a lot of drive when it comes to getting her way,” Mariah said with a roll of her eyes.
            Andre laughed at her. “You have no idea.”

            For a while now, Mariah thought she’d been comfortable with the status quo between herself and Andre. But having Kelci suddenly spring up on her at Pop! made her realize that she kind of hated the girl and was even a little, dare she say it, jealous?
            When the pair would talk about her, Andre was always emphasizing how her empty headedness bothered him. How it bugged him that he could barely hold an intelligent conversation with her.

            “You’re so amazing,” Andre whispered to her, making her smile. He was trying to change the subject.
            “I know,” Mariah answered carelessly. “But still. So her father pulled strings and you’ve now got a full ride to the prestigious Simvard University. You’ve got it. Drop her.”
            “He could also pull all those strings again and I’m out,” he returned smoothly. “I can’t risk that right now.”

            “Why can’t you risk it? Wouldn’t another college do you just as well?”
            “No,” he shook his head at her. “Not if I intend to reach the heights I expect to reach in my career.”
            “How did he even manage to get her in?”
            “Money makes the world go ‘round darlin’. Schools need money, too.”
            “But there is no way she could keep up with the course work, surely.”
            Andre sighed, giving her a penetrating look.

            “Money buys admission. Money buys favors. Money buys tutors and open doors and football tickets and legs up and friends,” he told her as a mischievous grin flitted across his features. “It also buys favorable readings from pretty fortune tellers regarding who will be prom queen and what color dress the prom queen ought to wear.”
            “I saved your neck with that one,” Mariah retorted, the corners of her mouth curling.

            “You worried me sick with that one,” Andre frowned again. “When I saw you after that you looked really drained. I felt really bad recommending you to her. I hope it wasn’t too much effort to see if she’d be queen or not. “
            “So you’re the one who sent her my way?”
            “She’d been so antsy about it; just being in the same room with her was nearly impossible. I remembered you doing it as kids and assumed you must still have that gift. I assumed right. She got to wear that Queen’s Crown last week.”
            “You assumed a lot.”
            “What do you See about me?”

            Turning her head away from him, Mariah determinedly put on an unreadable smile.
            “I control myself around you,” she said with the slightest hint of ice in her voice. “And so I See nothing when we are together. I far prefer being in the moment at those times.”
            Slightly ashamed, Andre looked down. “Sorry.”

            Feeling as if was ruining the moment, Mariah reached over, forcing him to look at her again.
            “I’ve Seen things at other times,” she reassured him. “You’re going to go far. But that still doesn’t mean you need Kelci’s dad to get you there.”
            For a moment, they just laid there gazing at each other. The only sound the logs popping in the fire.
            “Come on,” Mariah jerked her head toward the black skies outside the window. “It’s getting late.”

            Mariah had already finished dressing while Andre continued to fiddle with the buttons on his vest.
            “Here, you’re crooked,” she chuckled. “You missed this one entirely.”
            But her hands betrayed the hurt she was feeling that he wouldn’t drop Kelci for her, shaking so badly she could barely manage the buttons.

            “Mariah,” Andre said, grabbing her wrists the moment she’d corrected the one missing button. “Mariah, you knew this wouldn’t last. We’d talked about this a long time ago.”
            Bowing her head, she took a deep breath.
            “I know,” she admitted. “I know and I feel stupid for it, but I just hoped-”
            “-I hoped too,” he interrupted her. “I had hoped I wouldn’t need Mr.Jenner’s help and would get in on my own merit and pay for my schooling myself so I could leave Kelci behind. But I can’t right now.”

            Still refusing to look at him, Mariah was surprised when she felt his hands on her hips, pulling her nearer to him.
            “I hoped too,” Andre told her firmly. “Okay? Do you get that? And I still have hope. I hope that once I have my degree I can climb the ladder without his assistance. Without his daughter.”
            Lips trembling, Mariah nodded slowly.
            “It’s not like we won’t see each other ever again,” he said. “And there’s still a whole month before graduation where we can see each other before I go.”

            At last, Mariah could hold back her tears no longer.
            “Aw,” Andre pulled her nearer, kissing her forehead. “Tell you what. Save graduation night. Save it for me. We’ll have that one night to remember us always.”
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Originally, my intention had been to end each generation with a Fin to close it out, to move the story on completely anew. But I really feel as though Layla’s story ended when she pulled the trigger on the pistol she held. So there is no Fin for Generation 2. Instead, we will move on to Generation 3 as quietly as possible so as not to interrupt Mariah’s story.
At the time of writing, I have to admit that I have no idea what exactly will happen next excepting a handful of events since I haven’t rolled for Generation 4 yet. This is both thrilling and daunting but I wanted Mariah’s story to be as unhindered by the future as possible. So at this point, I see many paths and an infinite number of endings. Hopefully, you’ll stick around to see just where Mariah takes us.
Also at the time of writing Ignacio has only 4 days left on his age bar and I don’t expect him to live to see Mariah as a YA. Layla has one day further than Mariah has before she is a YA. I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll survive at least until then since I can’t break a rule to save my life at this rate and I’m afraid I’d be crushed if she died before Mariah took over (because I’d FAIL! WAAAAAAAH!) If you’d like to see some of Ignacio and Layla’s adventures as Elders, check out my Tumblr as there are some funnies of the two of them being crazy old coots together. They’re really a lot of fun and I’m all sad that their adventures haven’t fit into Mariah’s story or roll.
            Finally, I want to leave you with this- In a different Game/challenge I play one of my sims’ favorite station was Geek Rock, which led me to some new music. In particular, one song stood out. Roger’s role in the story has long been established, as has Andre’s. And when I heard this song in English I realized that Roger had a theme song. So listen to it and enjoy (don’t watch if you don’t like clowns or mimes) and think of Roger. 


End Generation 2


  1. That story about Layla is to funny:) Love that you used a gamething that way.
    So Roger even suggests to move in with Mariah. Can he be more obvious? And Mariah seems to notice him differently too. Hm.
    Andre is a douche so far, but atleast he's an honest douche. But hasn't Mariah told him she doesn't have real powers? :D I think the way you're going to write her story sounds great! Not planning everything into details is a challenge on it's own.
    But where's the picture of Roger without the glasses? Your going to let me wait forever for that aren't you?

    1. I had to. As skeptical as Mariah is, there's no way she'd accept that story. lol

      Yup! Mariah is finally seeing past the fact that he's her best friend and is seeing a little more. And bless Roger. He's been looking for that moment for a while only to have her wave it off.

      Nope. Mariah hasn't enlightened him at all. I bet Roger knows though. ;) And isn't he such a douche! There's a lot of hidden meaning in his words too. He's got her on a string and knows it.

      Yeah, I'm really going into this one blind as well as planning on making my roll a little tougher for myself. Hopefully it won't be too awful. I'm glad you like how it's 'planned' so far. =D

      Ah! The next time I post a Chapter (Underline that last word) you will see him without his glasses. I promise. <3 ;)

  2. *ragequits life*
    Blogger ate my comment, just like it ate my chapter yesterday. I need to go chainsmoke and calm down. AAAAAAAAAARGGDEGHSGSAYUHDWIYVAHJbkcjfdsiufgvyhswijerfdsinwqhsxzikma
    *stabs blogger repeatedly*

    1. Right. Lets try again. Grr.

      I didn't really know what to say, so I asked a billion questions.
      Mariah and Andre are more than just homework buddies? Has Roger worked it out? Is that why he went to the cabin in the first place? Did he not knock in the hope that he'd catch them in the act? Is Mariah crushing on Roger as much as he is on her now (damn, he's cute)? Is Andre really choosing his career over a happy relationship? Are he and Mariah in love?

      There was something else that I can't think of. I may be back if I remember.
      *Punches blogger in the face, gives it a wedgie, kicks for good measure*

      *HIGHLIGHTS ALL, COPIES* Eat that, bitch! *nipple cripples blogger*

    2. *GargleBargle Blogger! Be nice! Give it back! I'm sorry, hon. :(

      Aw. I'm sorry it left you with nothing to say.

      Yes. They are having a little affair. Or a not so little one in Roger's opinion. Too bad he doesn't know.

      He went to the cabin just to see her and to propose that he help her with Layla. Which would entail, as Urunwa pointed out, him moving in with her.

      He just busted in because he's not used to having to knock when he goes to the cabin.

      Mariah isn't to the point that Roger is. In fact, I'd be surprised if she gave that little knot in her stomach a second thought.

      Yes, Andre is indeed choosing a glorious career over a happy relationship.

      Uhm... is Andre in love? I'm not going to answer that now (which really gives it away,) but go read between the lines of what he's saying and try to figure out what he left out. Is Mariah in love? Yes. Very much so I'm afraid.

      Death to glitchy Blogger!

    3. Wait a second. Nipple Cripple? I love it!

  3. I honestly feel really bad for Layla, poor Layla. *gives Layla a kind of hug because I don't want her to pee on me* She'll always be the woman who danced around in her underwear to me xD
    Hm... Methinks you have a love triangle going on here? Or maybe not so much now Andre basically told Mariah that once he goes off to college, that's it.
    I think Mariah and Roger together would be kinda cute, I'm not sure how I feel about those just yet...
    Oh, so this the official end of generation 2? Hm, I kinda feel bad because I've been on my first generation for ages now.

    1. Lol! Go peek around my tumblr. lol. She didn't really pee on the floor. It really was Ignacio. =D Yes! The Panty Dancer! She will always be my special panty dancer to me too. <3

      Yup. She's kind of ignoring that it'll be over though. Just like she's been trying to deny that it's a triangle with Andre up at the top of it.

      I think Roger is just adorable. Maybe we should wait to see him as a YA also, before judging how those two will look together. Though I have to admit, I'm a little biased. ;)

      Yes! Next chapter will be 3.1 and Mariah's roll will be the rule of the roost. Don't feel bad at all! This generation has taken me nearly 9 months to get through. 9 months! You'll get there. Plus, you've got 2 teens in your house right now, so you're making great progress!

    2. I'm totally not nearly a year into gen 4. Nope. *whistles*

  4. Grrr, Andre is just such a nasty little scumbag! I bet he never had any intention of dropping Kelci, and I hope she makes his life miserable...

    I feel so sorry for Layla and for Mariah for having to take care of things, at least it looks like Roger will stick around for Mariah (providing she doesn't do something to send him away)

    1. Very nasty piece or work. And you're right. He has never had any intention of dropping Kelci for Mariah.

      Yeah, Layla is really off her hinges, but Mariah is made of tough stuff and will make it alright. And you're right. Roger has no intentions of ever going away... at the moment. ;)

  5. Aw Roger. So sincerely helpful. It amused me that them spending less time together has made her notice him a little more. Or so it seemed. Goodness gracious though, the stories about Layla. lol. She's really fallen far.

    I KNEW IT!! SHE'S SLEEPING WITH ANDRE ISN'T SHE! And having a half clothed conversation about Kelci. huh. Yes, I imagine she's a little short on intelligent conversation. Andre seems smart enough, and seems to be able to have both intellectual and personal conversations with Mariah. Why is he still bothering with Kelci?

    Oh. University. Well, sigh, even I have to admit, that would be a hard thing to risk losing. Still, putting those opportunities above the person you want to be with is a very uncertain path where the relationship is concerned.

    Interesting that she's playing the fortune telling card with him. That he believes she can really See, and she's not disabusing him of that.

    Well Andre seems sincere enough now, but we'll see what happens with that.

    Reminds me, I need to put your Tumblr on a live feed, as I keep missing your posts even after cleaning up my dash.


    1. He's a sweetie. And Mariah needed that break to finally notice him. It's about time she stopped seeing him as the little boy she saved on the playground.

      Lol. Layla is rather a handful all on her own. Ha!

      Yup! They're not just homework buddies anymore. >:) Oh yes. Just to sink her a little further into his mire a little afterglow convo about his girlfriend.

      And yes. He's still bothering with Kelci so he can use her and her family's influence. But does he really want to be with Mariah? Read between his lines a little and see if you can find what's missing from what he said.

      I think she enjoys the mystique that being a Seer gives her. She enjoyed holding that power as a child in order to frighten her classmates off. Now she's using it as a bargaining chip with Andre to try and get him to do what she wants.

      Oh no! Some of those are a lot of fun. =D Especially when they're ganging up on poor little Mariah. Ha!

      THANK YOU!!! <3

  6. Oh Roger is so sweet. I distrust Andre, though. Remember my earlier threat to beat him to death with a book? I have a hardbound leather copy of Emma that I think would do the trick. I am so team Roger. He is such a cutie. I have a soft spot for awkward nerds.

    Poor Layla. :c I'll be sad to see her go. Her adventures sound fun at least, even if they are imagined!

    I can't wait to see how Mariah's "Sight" works out.

    Isn't it your birthday? Happy birthday! :D <3

    1. He is, isn't he? We're over the overly hormonal rampage and back to our regularly scheduled Roger. <3 I would distrust Andre too. lol. But that's probably just the skeptic in me. Ha! And keep that book handy. Or maybe get a bigger one. Crime and Punishment perhaps. Or a dictionary. lol

      She's been a really fun elder. I'm trying to let them do their own thing more and more and she's a hoot and a half. I'll miss her too.

      lol,. Oh we'll see. ;)

      Thank you!!! <3

  7. It's a shame how sometimes we fall for the guy who may be so wrong for us and the one who may be the right one is staring us right in the face and we just ignore it. That's what I thought the whole time when looking at the pictures of Roger and Mariah so close. I love close up shots like that because it shows the intimacy that is there even if the character themselves do not acknowledge it exists.

    Layla :( There is a tender spot in my heart for her because I have a grandmother who is going through Alzheimer's and I feel like I've lost her already even though she still lives. So I can understand Mariah's point of view on her mother.

    I'm late but Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoyed it!

    1. Yup. Mariah has no idea. She can't see boyond the fact that someone obviously reached out for her romantically. (Get bold Roger!) But but but, teenagers are also not known to be overly smart when it comes to romance.

      I'm so sorry! That's really difficult to go through, to see how they change even as they disappear right in front of you. *hugs. Yeah, Mariah is starting to realize that life is going to move on when her mother is gone so there's not use bemoaning that she's still here.

      Thank you! I absolutely did! Had a great day! =D <3

  8. I was so touched when Roger came over to offer to help her with Kayla! Thought the whole awkward scene was romantic. Yay for the little fluttering in the belly - the first sign of love!

    BUT THEN! *gasp* Why is Marian on the floor practically nekid with Andre??! I don't get it!! Did they trip and their clothes accidentally fall off? That's got to be it...

    Loved it! Hopefully she realizes Andre's not the man she needs (unless he grows the hell up and realizes he needs to make his own way in life, even if it's difficult!!). :)

    1. Hey! Hi there! Where've you been? How are you?

      Roger is a real sweetheart. Not so sweet as to make him soft or anything, but enough that he's not givin gup soon. So hold on to that hope!

      LOL! Of course that's it! Why else would too horney teenagers be off in an abandoned cabin on the floor with their clothes mostly shed? I can't think of another reason. *whistles. But! really. I'm agreeing with you. At least there are still a few scraps of cloth attached, right?

      If you read between the lines of what he told her, he might not want Kelci around, but he didn't say he wanted anyone else around either. In fact, he kind of tried (kind of. He's still hoping to wring another drop of fun out of his 'study buddy') to tell her that graduation night is it. It's the finale for them as a pair. So now, do you think Mariah heard that?

  9. Andre, you dog! I hope your career comes to shit and that your teeth fall out. Still not really feeling the Roger enthusiasm though, but maybe he'll grow on me, since I'm guessing it will be him in the end. His theme song was cute though! Geek rock seems to come with UL so I hadn't heard it. Parental guidance for clowns was funny. I hadn't heard them before but I recognized Stockholm's subway & streets in the video so apparently they're Swedish.

  10. Lol! Reading the next chapter first really puts a new spin on what he said/did up there huh? ;)

    It did, and I love that station now. And yes! The Royal Concept is indeed Swedish. I love their stuff tons now I know about it and went and looked. lol

  11. Just wanted to add a book title for Owl Face's consideration-Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Andre is such a selfish douche. Poor Mariah doesn't see that he is not just making excuses to justify staying with Kelci, but also reminding her she is nothing more than a F*** Buddy. Grrrr! That girl has been through enough with out that complication. Really hoping she will give Roger a chance as an adult. I think he has earned it! Layla has never been a favorite of mine, though I think you wrote her wonderfully and accurately flawed. It will be bittersweet when she passes for Mariah. Sigh. Can only hope the doorknob gets stuck, painfully, on Andre's way out the door for (hopefully!) the last time after graduation!

    1. I'd thought of reminding of that one too. ;)

      Yes, his words up there were really loaded and Mariah didn't seem to want to catch their full meaning. This is her first experience with being in love (or lust) and that first one is always the hardest and the one you don't want to let go of.

      Yeah, no matter Mariah's feelings toward her mom, it will be a sad moment for her. At least Mariah is already equipped with the power to let go when the time comes though.

      There are times I wish that too. ;)

  12. I think Andre has made my sh*t list. So, like Lawrence, he has a true love on the side.
    I understand his reasoning for staying with Kelci, but that is really a piss poor excuse. Mariah comes second to his wants for his life.
    Why do I get the feeling I know what will happen on that graduation night? :/

    1. With Andre, I'm not positive there is such a thing as true love. IMO true love conquers self and Andre isn't able to do that.

      Mariah comes second because she allows it, don't forget. She has all the opportunity in the world to march up to Kelci and tell her exactly what's going on. But she chooses not to, and so the piss poor excuse works for someone who doesn't believe they're worth first.

      lol. Because it's painfully obvious? xD

  13. Aww... that bit about Layla leaving pee puddles and exploring the hole the miner made... so sad, but also pretty funny XD

    Congrats on finishing this generation! Layla's story was so very heartbreaking though... is there going to be some sort of happy conclusion for her still? My only comfort right now is knowing that the actual sim Iggy and Layla were probably having fun together off camera the entire time :D

    Wow, good thing Roger didn't see the smoke from the chimney this time around! He'd have gotten quite an eyeful...

    1. Once you're caught up, those are up on the Bloopers tab with 'Layla' leaving pee puddles. lol. Those were fun. xD

      Oh, those two were having a ball! Once you're caught up the bloopers tab has a lot of their elder antics. And they really were Antics! Ha! And if they're not up there, I need to add them up there. lol. Or at least link to the particular posts with crazy Layla and Ignacio. Those two had far more fun than their story implied. <3

      Yes, he would have! I'd like to think Mariah was still balancing her life pretty well here so Roger didn't have as much reason to go looking for her.