Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chapter 3.4- Bird of Peace

            “Labor?!? Now? OhMyPlumbBob Whatdowedowhatdowedo?!?
            “We get a car. We get in the car. We go to the hospital in that car.”
            “In a car? Do you have a car? Can you drive like that?!?”
            “NOOOoooo! I do not have a car! You do! And no I cannot drive while the little monster-Aaaaaurgh! GetthecarGetTheCar!”

            Tilting her head slightly, Mariah watched his retreating back, almost wanting to laugh until another bolt of pain sizzled through her abdomen.
            “You can’t forget me you dolt! Hey! Roger! Hey!! You have to get me first!”
            Not listening, he kept running away until Mariah finally began to trudge off after him.

            Fortunately, he was only trying to pull up closer so she wouldn’t have to go quite as far.
            “You do know the hospital is the other way, right?”
            “What?!? No! It’s- this is the-Aw, PlumbBob! Sorry! I was just parked facing this way and I swear-geez. Sorry! Can you hold it?”
            “I don’t have to pee, I’m in labor! There is no ‘holding it!’”

            In the end, Roger was able to screw his head back on and get them safely to the labor and maternity ward. A short eternity later, Andre’s daughter was delivered.
            Mariah was still a little dazed as she carried her tiny girl outside for the first time, ready to go home.

            Roger must have been feeling nearly the same as he insisted they take a taxi home.
            Watching him approach the waiting cab she had to fight back a grin at the look on his face. He looks so happy. This baby wasn’t even his, but here he was beaming, making sure the baby was taken care of, excited about it all.

            Entering the house while Roger paid the fare didn’t help Mariah’s thoughts any, either. He is such a great guy! Now he’d left his awkward teenage years behind he probably had girls falling all over him, I would too, if things were different, yet he was intent on sticking around for the sake of a tiny little baby.

            She’d known for long enough now that she would be doing this on her own, and it was high time she quit needing him to make sure she had a healthy social life. He needed a healthy social life too, one that didn’t revolve around her.
            “Little birdie!” She cooed back to her cooing baby, placing her carefully in the crib for a nap. “You’re going to be my little bird of peace aren’t you? Mommy’s peaceful little Dove. All mine.”

            She's beautiful,” Mariah still had one foot on the stairs. Looking over she saw Roger hadn’t left. He was sitting there with a starry eyed smile, exultant, exhausted. With a resigned sigh she flopped down next to him. Might as well see if she could cut the ties now.
            “Yeah,” she answered. “She is.”
            “You know, uh, I’m not at all ad-adverse to-to pretend-”

            “-Yeah, I know. And thanks, but Im adverse to you pretending to be anything to her,” Mariah interrupted. Damn that sounded mean. And she hadn’t meant it that way. If he wanted to be a friend to Dove, that was fine. But that was also all she could let him be, and only if he meant it. He wasnt a friend of Doves just because he worried about her mom. He absolutely would not be pretending to be her dad just to save Mariah.
            Beside her Roger stiffened, inhaling sharply. Damn Damn. She hoped he hadn't misunderstood.
            “That little girl upstairs? Has a dad. It might not look like it and maybe our little town won’t think of it that way, but I would like to introduce you to her dad,” Mariah attempted to explain. Straightening up she half turned and extended her hand. “Hi. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Dove Sixkiller’s Dad. And Mom. And everything in between. Except for Aunt, because I’m sure Tibs will end up having a say in that once word gets around to her. Damn, I need to tell her, huh? She’s gonna kill me.”

            Roger looked perplexed as he took her hand a little too solemnly, shaking it, trying to hide the sadness behind his confusion. But Mariah could smell it coming off of him stronger than any cologne and was a little annoyed at his worry. This is the path she had chosen. He might not like it, he didn’t have to, but he would have to respect it. After all, it would be better for him to go ahead and move on now, live his life, find a girl, settle down.
            “There are other ways she could have a dad without anyone pretending to be anything,” he ventured.

            Nodding, Mariah pretended to inspect the backs of her hands, trying to buy time she knew she couldn’t afford. She needed to tell him she didn’t expect him to stick around, needed to let him go.
            She couldn't find her voice though. What words did you use to say something like that? How could anyone say it without feeling like they were doing more damage than good?

            “You shouldn’t have to do this totally alone. Besides, he ought to be paying you for the keeping of your little girl-”
            “-No. No, he shouldn’t. Because that would mean he’d also have rights to Do-”
            “-He does have rights to-”
            “-No he does not.
            “It takes-”
            “-One! It took one lousy time! It took him almost no time to get what he came for before turning around and forgetting about me. And when he did that he forfeited-”
            “-The law-”
            “-Screw the law! And screw him!” She had no idea she was on her feet.

            “He’s made it plenty clear he wants nothing to do with MY baby. And dammit Rog! She doesn’t deserve that swine! She shouldn’t have to live down my stupid mistakes. I might have screwed up her beginning pretty badly, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of being both her dad and her mom. I took care of my mom, and I can take care of Dove too.”
            “I’m not saying you can’t raise her on your own,” Roger reached up, taking one of her hands and pulling her back onto the couch. “I know you are more than capable of taking wonderful care of her all by yourself. I wanted you to know that you don’t have to do it alone.” Blushing furiously Roger ducked his head, encasing her hand in both of his.

            “Oh, Rog!” Mariah melted instantly wishing he felt the same way she did all while wishing oh, so hard that nothing would ever change between them. “You’re the best friend anyone could ever have, but I’ve got to do this on my own.” She kissed his shoulder before laying her head down on it. “I’m so glad you’re still my friend.”
            “Yeah,” Roger replied, sounding surprisingly miserable to Mariah. “I’m still your friend.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          I know there is no 'wrong way' in most Sim neighborhoods as the roads are laid out in circles for the most part, but Roger really did go the longest way around he could. It amused me.

            I would also like to take a moment and point out that I really didn't intend for the "Can you hold it?" bit to be in here so soon after another blogger used it in the same context. This has been written and waiting on me to finish photo editing things below for over a month now.  Perhaps the muse that suggested it to me was tired of waiting and passed it on elsewhere. ;)

            Dove Sixkiller is an Artistic Genius. If you catch her with headphones on, Geek Rock will be blaring in her ears. She's a sucker for a plate of crepes, and thinks Hot Pink is the queen of the color wheel. Dove is also a very special sim to me. Her birth marks the 10th generation of her family. Yes, she is the 4th generation of my Random Legacy, but Helen (Blue) Sixkiller was the 7th generation of a NIF challenge I'd been doing. So, you get a sneak peek at her as a YA. I will reveal further WHY I'm showing her now in a few chapters. ;) And of course I'm making you suffer through the rest of the family. I've never made it through 10 generations before so it's a big deal dammit. <3 (Note- This does Not represent each and every child, or even life loves or romantic partners. It's simply the genetic donors of the next generation.)


  1. Oh gosh those eyes. I love her eyes! Will she be your heir or are you currently undecided?

    I laughed throughout the whole chapter, but I feel absolutely horrible about laughing at the very end when Mariah called Roger her friend. Seriously dude, just fucking tell her! Even if she turns you down and stops talking to you, you know she'll smarten up in a few days and ask you to be friends again anyway!

    1. I can only say this: I know who the heir will be. :D If I can ever get past a few hang ups (that exist only in my head) you should also know who the heir will be soon.

      You're supposed to laugh! Well, maybe not at that part, but I get it. Really. Believe it or not, in his head he thinks he *is* telling her through his actions and the little hints he drops half-jokingly. He'll get it all figured out at some point.

      And you've really got the measure of Mariah there! She doesn't survive very well without her Roger does she? ;)

  2. Yikes! Friendzoned!

    He should just tell her that he loves her! Its not that difficult. First you say "I" which is pronounced like the body part (eye) then you say "love" which is Dove with an L so that should be easy enough. lastly its you, which is admittedly the hardest one, but if he trips up, just point at her! Its not that difficult Roger!

    Dove is a really pretty name <3 and I'm glad you could make it to 10 generations in a NF challenge.
    Please use her? Like Cece said, the eyes are gorgeous.

    Sim labor freak outs are always ridiculous and funny. The people around freak out more than the sim having a baby, and none of them seem to help.
    I only remembered seeing the "can you hold it?" line once you said someone else used it, so if you don't point it out, not many people will notice ;)

    1. Your instructions to Roger on how to say "I love you" made me laugh so hard I teared up. Sunny, you need to forward this comment to Roger! ;)

    2. Majorly friendzoned! Ah! But to him? All of those bits seem to trip his tongue up. Or at least his confidence. ;) And in his opinion he's telling her day in and day out with his actions. I realize that actions don't always equate to a hearty, good-for-the-soul confession of undying devotion, but he's still far too under rating of his own powers. So, will he get his act together? Maybe. At some point. :D

      Thank you! lol. And as I said to Cece, I know who the heir will be! (♪♫Mine eyes have seen the glory that is generation 4! There are twists and turns a plenty and a roll to be revealed.
      If you’ll just stick around and put up with my lazy ass
      The Sixkillers will march Ooooon!

      Glory, glory all hail Twallan!
      Generation 3 is gon’ be baaaaallin’
      Layla’s in the attic with a semi- automatic
      Story Progression goes marching Oooon!
      ♫♪ - to the tune of Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory- AKA Glory Glory Hallelujah!)

      Yeah. It's what makes it fun to poke fun at; the other sims' reaction to a laboring sim. And then eventually they go wandering off totally unconcerned. Comedic gold. :D

      Aye, but I'd rather give credit where it's due. I'm not totally unoriginal. ;)

    3. I literally winced when I read that bit.
      If my instructions don't work, he should practice saying it to his pillow, or stick a picture of her somewhere and say it (I almost put sing it because of the little song you have up there.) Worst comes to worst, just write her a few of those creepy love letters and hope she doesn't send back the ones with x's and arrows in.

      Who will the heir be? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours... We can do a trade :) and I don't know what tune I hummed the little song to, it was a broadway-esk theme, so yeah. Probably not what you were going for, but thar ye go.

      I would be quite angry if someone did that to me. I would just yell "Get back here asshole!" or something along those lines. But I suppose in Sims games, its fine because they're not real (otherwise I'd have a few lawsuits on my hands, heh heh...)
      Ah, I see your point there, but you should stop being so mainstream, ugh. (joking)

      Also, thanks Owly, I'm glad I made you laugh. It was really early when I wrote it and my weirdness was on an all time high.

    4. Try that for the tune. It's a little quiet though.

      Ah! Roger actually has sent her love letters, and he sent the sweet ones. <3 Andre sent the creepy ones with pics of his junk enclosed. O_o

      Lol! Once I get Dove a little more established I'll put her up for download. But I can't say who's heir just yet because there is quite a bit more to reveal first. It's coming though, and shouldn't take too terribly long.

      Yup! I'm with you there! Why panic if you're not going to do anything about it, only to lose interest in a moment? I'd be all "You put it in there, you will help me get it out!"

  3. Dove is such a pretty name. I will also add to the "she has beautiful eyes" compliment. What a cutie! <3

    Screw Andre. Mariah can be both mom and dad to Dove--plenty of women (and men, to be fair) kick ass at single parenting. Though I do desperately want her and Roger to get together. He needs to be upfront, though. Mariah is doing her fair share of saying exactly what she thinks, and now it's his turn.

    I laughed so hard when Roger told her to hold it in. It doesn't work that way, dummy! I once had to drive my sister to the emergency room, and I started to drive the wrong way because I was panicking so much, so I sympathize with him there. :p

    1. Thank you! I'm rather partial to her as well.

      There ya go! Mariah doesn't want to be dependent on anyone with this just to prove she can join the ranks of kick ass single parents. As she said, she feels this is her mistake and she'd rather clean it up without the help of someone unwilling to help. Oh yes, Roger is going to have to step up and state exactly what he's feeling before Mariah allows herself to change her own thinking. I'm betting he'll get there. He's beginning to see that she's not going to see things the way he wants just by him being a gentleman, which is a start.

      Lol! Oh no! At least you stuck around to help out though. In labor with my son most people would panic enough that they would run away before having the sense to offer assistance.

  4. Dove is lovely. But with Mariah and Andre as parents she had to be. Say what you want about her dad, but he's one pretty sob.

    Roger handled the birth like a real man, almost forgetting Mariah, going the wrong way, repeating his mantra. Go Roger:) He's right about the law beeing able to take care of Andre though, take him for all hes got. Even if he doesn't admit to anything. Andre has rights, so now let's hope he doesn't change his mind about Dove.

    Doesn't Mariah understand that he's interested, or has she chosen not to understand? It kind of seems like the last part. It feels like everyones waiting for Roger to do something, but Mariah can tell him what she feels to! We know very little about his lovelife after all. Has he even had any?

    Kids needs male rolemodels as much as female. But they don't have to be a parent for that after all. Though it's a bit strange that someone that just participated in a birth, suddenly gets shy. Maybe Roger had to wait outside....

    Mariahs comment about Andre using almost no time to get what he wanted, was to funny :) I choose to interprit that the way I want to.

    1. Thank you! And lol, he is for sure a pretty sob.

      He is right. And Mariah needs to realize just how right he is. She can still be a fantastic single parent without harming Dove's well being or Andre's rights. She's not ready to hear that at all though. And your fears about him changing his mind are well founded. Andre isn't known for his stability.

      She has chosen to not understand since he hasn't spelled it out. That way she guards herself from potential future hurt. Once he spits it out though, all bets are off as to what feelings she might be forced to deal with. And poor Roger is now hanging his head and blushing- he's a virgin still. In high school he was interested in no one but Mariah, and as an adult? It's the same. It really ticked him off that she hadn't been waiting for him too. He knows that's not wise (or fair,) but he's got a picture in his head of Mariah and all her virtues that he'd rather not disturb. ;)

      He wasn't shy quite for that reason. That was him trying very hard to say those three little words and stumbling. Badly. I don't think he'll be going anywhere, though, so Dove can still have an awesome male role model who is around a little. Will he eventually be around lots more? We'll have to wait and see.

      I meant it that way, so you did perfect! :D

  5. "Can you hold it?” --::dies of laughter:: Oh Roger.

    So Mariah admits to herself that she would probably be into him too, if things were different. It seems she for some reason thinks he's only there because of the baby, though. It's a little sad that she'd think that, given their many years of friendship. He's not doing this out of obligation or simply for Dove's benefit.

    It's sweet though, that she cares enough for him to feel that he needs a social life that doesn't revolve around her. Her wishing that he felt the same way as she did...I wonder how long before she begins to suspect that he does after all.

    Dayum. She friendzoned him *hard*.

    Woot! Congrats on 10 generations! Dove is beautiful.

    1. Oh Roger indeed. He's so close, and yet so clueless. :D

      Oh yes. It's all in her head. It's ALL in her head. She's doing everything she can possibly do to turn this into something that doesn't involve her emotions or romantic side. It's got to be about any thing else, or else she might be in a position to get hurt again.

      Hard. Very very hard. I'm betting that steps on his toes more than he'd like though, and that's something he won't stand for for long. Maybe. ;) Hopefully.

      Thank you! Yes she is. :D

  6. Aw, I felt so bad for him when he was trying to tell her he could pretend to be the father. Poor Roger!

    Congrats on 10 generations! That's a big deal & I LOVE the couples posing - especially Mariah with Andre & Roger!

    1. I know! It's awful isn't it? I felt terrible writing it. He's so good at the little things, but his own fear of failure there is painful!

      Thank you!!! And thank you! I liked that pose too. <3

  7. *brain breaks*
    DAMMIT! I had this super amazing comment in my head, then my mum rang and kept me talking about house stuff for 30 minutes and it's gone. Poof. And reading everyone elses comments didn't work to jog my memory. So, crappy comment ahead:

    Cool chapter bro.

    I'd add that Dove is pretty, but we don't want her head getting too big....

    1. Sweetheart: This comment was super amazing because you made it. <3 Thank you.

      Lol. I don't think her head will get too big. Mine, however, is starting to cause problems when I attempt to go through doors. ;)

  8. Oh Roger. Yummy yummy strawberry gum drops....

    I hollered when he asked her can she hold it. I never tire of the labor reactions I swear.

    Nuuuu Rog! Don't let her keep you in the friend zone! Quick, follow Carrie's advice and tell her you love her!! Come on man, activate that inner mack daddy, I knowww you got it in you somewhere. ;)

    Awww Dove is gorg. Wow congrats on 10 generations! I must ask how long did it take you to get there? I'm still on my first generation almost 7 months now. :c

    Great chapter, so glad I could catch up so quickly!

    1. You've got to admit, the labor freakout absolutely rocks. We've all seen it, and we all still laugh. :D

      He does, kind of. ;) He's just also desperate to show her how a gentleman really acts and wants to treat her like the goddess he believes she is. He's got an ornery side, and he's got a side that that's as pigheaded as she is. One of these days he might get fired up enough to tap into that. Maybe. ;)

      Thank you! THANK YOU! Last May was 2 years. o_o Blogging it really slows me down. :D I have an ISBI I play for fun that is on generation 4 after only like 4 months. It goes so much faster if you're not worrying about plot and pics and pretty. ;)

      Thank you! Yeah, I've been moving pretty slowly lately. My Offline Existence for 2014 has been far far far too busy to allow me to get this going as I'd hoped. I bet yours has been even worse. *hugs It's really good to see you again. :)

  9. Awww, isn't Roger adorable as he panics and freaks out over Mariah going into labor, lol It's interesting that Mariah feels this need to be so independent, I guess she hasn't quite figured out yet, that being independent does not necessarily mean having to do things on your own! Everyone can use help now and then. Hang on Roger, I'm sure Mariah will figure it out, she is quite smart, lol She's probably still reeling a bit from her 'relationship' with Andre, I bet it made her less confident in her decision making ability. In the meantime, maybe he could pick up some courage himself, and just come right out and tell her how he really feels!

    Dove is a doll! Even so, I hope she is not heir, because I am hoping for a Roger/Mariah baby/heir! =D

    Congrats on Gen 10! That is quite an accomplishment! =)

    1. She's still very much in the mindset she was in while caring for senile Layla. If someone finds out that things aren't perfect, they might come in and take over. She's very very used to operating on her own. Look at the day Roger showed up even. She hadn't planned on calling or telling him anything, trying to take care of everything as best she could even while falling apart. She needed someone to swoop in and put her life back together. She needs Roger and to a degree she knows that. And that scares her to death.

      Indeed, she's still reeling from Andre. He was her first romance, he was the first to show signs of obvious (to her) attention to her that was more than just friendly. The first one is the hardest one to move on from. So should he man up and spit it out? Well, yeah! She can justify his actions to death. She needs to hear it. ;)

      Thank you! And: Hurrhurrhurr. :D

      Thank you again!

  10. Dove's gorgeous in that pic at the end there!

    Roger is such a sweetie, but he really needs to get on with actually telling Mariah how he feels properly, not just trying to show her through actions!

    1. Thank you!

      He is too sweet for his own good. He's also a firm believer of "Actions speak louder than worlds." If only he'd add, 'when used With words they are even more effective." ;)

  11. I'm finally caught up! First, I just want to say that you're an amazing storyteller. I'm seriously jealous of your skills.

    Roger's reaction to the labor was just priceless. I've read that part probably a dozen times and it still makes me laugh every time I read it. Just brilliant.

    Poor Roger. He tried so hard to make Mariah understand his feelings, but instead he got badly friendzoned. I understand Mariah wanting to be independent and trying to prove she can manage as a single mother, but like Nirar said, independent doesn't mean she has to turn away offered help!

    Congrats on achieving 10 generations!

    1. Yay! Congrats! And thank you! I try. lol

      I laugh at it still too. lol. He goes from freaking out over Mariah yelling at the paper girl to a completely different freak out. But the labor freakout in game is so awesome! Tons of possibility and loads of fun to play.

      He really did try hard. But at this rate, it's almost a do or die since she is refusing to acknowledge what's right in front of her. She's been independent for so long she kind of forgets that, for an even longer time, she's had Roger by her side to help her and no one will count it against her if she still leans on someone.

      Thank you!!! =D

  12. Hey, I'm trying to catch up to all my reading, and not stopping to comment much,. But I wanted to say, Dove is such a pretty name!
    And I love Mariah, she's so fiery.

    1. Thank you! And no rush, and I completely understand reading and not stopping to comment much. I've done the same before. =D

      Lol. Yup. Mariah got her parent's tempers combined I think.

  13. 10 gen wonder woman! I don't think I've done 10 gens in sims 3 cus it always breaks, but in sims 2 I got to 15, but it was a bit easier there as you didn't have the open world clogging up the game memory and breaking things.

  14. That was too short. I'm bingeing here.

  15. That lineup of your legacy at the end was awesome! Dove looks just like her mommy - very pretty!

    Seeing Layla and Ignacio again made me sad... :,(

    1. Thank you! And yeah... she kind of does. Only her face is more narrow, like Andre's. I could have sworn I'd given her his nose too, but I'm not positive... Hmmm...

      Yeah. It was really bittersweet to pull all of those sims out of the grave. Buck was kind of my kryptonite in those shots. lol. =')