Friday, July 4, 2014


It is with great regret that I am having to announce a (hopefully) brief hiatus. It should only last the length of July though. My Offline Existence has really gone haywire recently. Between injured and ill family members, industry conferences to attend as the dutiful wifey (read: there's Free Booze at these things,) vacation(s), garden, house, kids, home therapies for my son while out of school and [idiotic/immature/selfish/annoying/stupid/negative/draining/thoughtless/rude] people determined to introduce unnecessary drama into the mix I am more than overwhelmed.
Part of the overwhelmed feeling is the next chapter. I'm really excited for this one and can't wait to show you all. But it's got to be perfect before I'll be able to release it. Lots of objects and poses and accessories are already made for it, it's written even, and still it needs so much more work. With the above going on while I try to get all of this together I don't feel I'm properly concentrating on anything. Once I can get the OE more settled and routine I'll get back to work on the chapter and will probably reappear then.
For those that stick around Mariah's story should be So much fun to get to do, I promise you won't be disappointed with what she gets up to in the end. Again, I'm really sorry for the delay. <3 *hugs


  1. I completely understand hun. Take your time. I've been extremely busy as well so I can relate! Sims will always be around unless the earth goes into an apocalypse lol. Real life always takes precedence :) Hugs. I hope all that is overwhelming you will stop, so you can go about life peacefully. Wishing you and your family many blessings.

  2. So sorry that your OE is currently stressful. Given everything, a hiatus is perfectly understandable! You've gotten me really excited about the next chapter, though, lol.

    I hope things get less stressful real soon. :)

  3. So sorry to hear all that's going on in your family :-(. I wish you all the best, and, by all means, take all the time offline that you need. *lots of hugs*

    Perhaps this is the time for me to (finally) catch up ;-).

    Again lots of hugs :-).

  4. Hope everything resolves itself soon, especially those damn idiotic/immature/selfish/annoying/stupid/negative/draining/thoughtless/rude] people(they're the worst!).

  5. As much as we readers enjoy your blog, ultimately your health and wellbeing comes before it. I really hope everything works out fine and once July (or when you choose to return) is over I will be happy to know you are feeling okay again. Don't push yourself to return your priorities lie at home but we will be here don't worry!!

  6. I was half wondering where you were, its seemed less Sunny on the forums ;) Not the best time for puns, I'm sorry.

    But I seriously hope everything's okay with your family, and all the hiatus causing stuff. Life can be a pain sometimes, but you gotta get through whatever it decides to throw, I just hope you're okay.
    I can't wait to see your next chapter, but take all the time you need <3 *Hugs even though I live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to you* (It's the 21st century, anything's possible! People can hug across an ocean if they wanna)