Thursday, March 17, 2016

Downloads-Objects-Sunny's Balloon Collection

It's that time again! Time for BIRTHDAY PREZZIES! We've got the streamers, we've got a ton of cake! Now we've got a ton of balloons, too!

Alternate title: It was at this moment they remembered why no one asked Aunt Sunny to host birthday parties anymore.

Balloon Cluster 1
Balloon Cluster 2
Ceiling Balloon Cluster
9 balloon arrangements to make your sims next party more complete! (so much better than that sickly looking balloon 'plant' EA made. EEeeewwwww.)

Balloon Wall, Preset 1
Preset 2
Preset 3
Preset 4
Preset 5
Preset 6
These babies come with 6 presets each. Included are variations for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and of course, St.Patrick's day. Clusters of 4 or 8 have 4 recolorable channels. Any less and it's one color per balloon. Strings are not recolorable.

Floor Balloon Cluster
Single Floor Balloon
Floor balloons are technically rugs so sims can walk through them. Consequently, the balloon rugs can be found under Decor/Rugs. All balloons can be found in Entertainment/Parties as well as Decor/Misc.Decor and Decor/Sculptures. They are §5 per balloon.

Single Ceiling Balloon (L) and Wall Balloon Cluster (R)
Ceiling, light, and wall balloons are shiftable. The single and wall cluster balloons are specifically designed to go with my Party Streamers.

Hanging Light Fixture Balloons
Using MoveObjects On to place these is highly recommended when placing balloons on hanging light fixtures or on the ceiling.

The poly count on any cluster of 8 balloons is just a smidge high. Not high enough for a warning or anything, but more just so you know. However, with 4 or fewer balloons the poly count is pretty good, if I do say so myself.

8 balloons + String
8 -No Strings
4 + Strings
4 -No Strings
3 balloons
1 Balloon

What are you waiting for? Download the goods and help me celebrate my birthday!

TOU can be seen here
Mediafire | Sim File Share

Thanks to: Gemma for convincing me to get a move on and get something made. lol. If you hadn't, I'd probably still be moaning about it. Ha!
To the anon who asked about the balloons seen in THIS chapter so long ago: If it hadn't been for your interest, I most likely would have shelved these little devils after the second remesh. While these are *not* the same balloon, they're a much lower poly version and I hope you find a use for them!
To all who download and take an interest in the Sixkillers. THANK YOU So Much!


  1. Maravilhosos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Obrigada por compartilhar!!!

  2. Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for these!!!

  3. Hhaaaaapppyyy biiiiirthdaaaaayyyy (for the other day)

    Me loves, and you are welcome. It just kinda made sense to release balloons on your birthday. lol. ;) xxx

    1. Thank you!

      Absolutely! And since I released party streamers last year, then I can pretend it was a planned theme all along. Ha! ;) Xxx

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