Friday, May 3, 2013

Downloads- Tattoos- Runic Tattoo Set

OMG! REAL RUNES! Yeah yeah. This is actually what got me started. I needed something specific for my dear Ignacio 's story and I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere. So I made it. Well, them. Here they are, simple as hell and probably awful, but The Runic Tattoo Set is for the sim looking for a little supernatural protection, strength, or who doesn't want a long string of runes running up their arm, or their leg, or their thigh, or their side, or their... Hmmm. Let's leave that there shall we? ;)

Now for a glimpse of the goods! I'd like to introduce our wonderful skin model Ignacio! He's going to help out while he's still taut and tight and totally tops. Ignacio? Would you mind letting these nice folks see today's wares?

Mmmmm! Nicely done dear. Doesn't his ARM look nice? Now for a breakdown:

So! The nifties:

Protection Rune: (The one on top in the pic below, yo.)

Everywhere I looked said this was a symbol of Protection. About 3 websites said it actually means Protection and Irresistibility. One Website said it means Protection and Irresistibility in Battle. Basically: pick your own meaning! For Ignacio it is a symbol of protection. But that'll come up later in the story. No more spoilers for you!

The bottom rune also has protection as a meaning. It is called Algiz. In game, my darling model has these two on his sides.

This one is the rune Uruz. According to my sources (Google Search-cause I just don't know myself so take the meanings with a huge grain of salt and feel free to correct me of these are insanely ludicrous meanings) it means Vitality, or Health.

The Lovely Lady on the upper part of his back is not available yet. Don't ask. I've got to finish coloring her lower wings. Obviously the shading didn't come out the way I wanted. You'll get your chance with her once I'm satisfied. (Ooh. Doesn't that sound naughty?)

But! The Tattoo on Ignacio's lovely lower back is Tiwaz. According to my 'sources' it means Male, Strength, Victory.

This bad boy is Sol, which means something about Health and Wholeness.


And finally, Eihwaz. This guy is supposed to mean Defense and Perserverance.  No cutout of my darling Iggy's torso though cause apparently I forgot to greenscreen this one. Oopsie.

And there you have it. Sunny's Runic Tattoo Collection. Downloadable separately! If I get a quiet moment maybe I'll bundle them into one nice little package for you all. But for now there are so many more tattoos I've made I want to get up! First things first you know.

Download the Protection Rune
Download Algiz
Download Uruz
Download Tiwaz
Download Sol
Download Eihwaz

Many thanks to Misty for kicking me in the rear to get me to just make it my own damn self (my words not hers) and for testing the original protection rune and all the other early ones so I knew I didn't accidentally just put glitter on dogcrap. *Hugs for Misty!
Also thanks to CMar, without his Tattooinator and tutorial I'd be in a real pickle.
Also thanks to LeeFish for his tutorial on making tattoos with color. (yeah yeah these are black and white but I had to figure out B&W before I could make my world more colorful)
I used Gimp and drew these by  my own damn self. So that's why they are STRAIGHT LINES. I can do better ones if someone else draws them. Just wait for the curvy butterfly up soon. Oooh! You know you want to see that!

And as of this moment, if you ask really nicely I might take a request. Patience is a virtue though as to when you might get it if I accept your request. Also, if you didn't draw it yourself, I might not be able to share it and I might not make it on principle. But if you get me a link I'll try to link back at the very least. Many tattoo artists seem to be okay with that, but please try to make sure first. I really don't want to step on anyone's toes.

Why are you still reading? Leave a comment and tell me I'm nuts for doing this!


  1. Ooooh the Eihwaz tattoo on the back like that looks awesome! Took me a minute to notice it though, I was busy staring at Iggy's ass in the other pics :P

  2. That is totally the goal. Selling via sex appeal. :p Yeah, I like it like that too. lol