Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chapter 2.48- So Blind

Where love is great, the littlest doubts are fear;
When little fears grow great, great love grows there.
-William Shakespeare

                High school had taken Mariah by surprise. It wasn’t just that she wasn’t picked on quite as much, though that had been nice, it was how quickly it had gone. With her faithful friend Roger by her side she’d successfully navigated 3 years of the horrifying place. Of course, this, her final year, would be the year of the curve ball and the challenges she faced started almost immediately.

                Pop! was a favored refuge for the two teens since Mariah had discovered she liked their coffee and Roger had discovered he really really liked to play video games. And bowl. And people watch. But today, he was mainly Mariah watching.

                “So,” Roger finally ventured to interrupt Mariah’s concentration. “So which teacher has dumped this load on you?”
                “Adkins,” Mariah promptly answered. “And it’s not just mine. It’s a partners project to be a large part of our final grade in May. I have the privilege of being partnered with Andre Parker-”

                “Privilege my-” Roger exploded.
                “That’s enough Roger-”
                “That pretty boy? Mr.Popularity? Playboy extraordinaire? The Jock Extreme?”
                “I know who he is Roger.”
                “Why the hell did you partner up with him?”
                “It wasn’t my-”
                “Wasn’t my ass! He sucked up to you didn’t he? He thinks you’re pretty and he hasn’t slept with you, the one girl in school he hasn’t tried yet, and you’re smart and he wants a good grade, and everyone knows he gets his latest study buddy to do his work for him in exchange for… And now you’ve given in-”

                “I did not give in to anything,” Mariah hissed, interrupting Roger. “I have never given in to anything, and I never will give in to anything. Mr.Adkins chose the partners. He chose that ass and I as partners because we came into the class with the highest grades from last year. He was afraid anyone partnering with us wouldn’t get do a fair share.
                “Now then. As to how he got those good grades, whether he truly deserves them or not, I don’t know. But I’m not risking it. That’s why I’ve got all this to read. It’s not for fun. It’s to make sure that dick can’t bring my grade down. I’m not happy about it. And I don’t need you on my back about it either.”

               Roger deflated a little, though he still met her steely gaze steadily and that made her angrier still. It was like he was accusing her of being something he ought to know she wasn’t. And why was he so concerned? Hadn’t they done plenty of Andre bashing over the years? It was a favorite pastime. Why should he be so upset over the study buddy assigned to her? It wasn’t like Roger had to put up with him.

                “Come on,” Roger responded to her tirade at last. “We’ve both heard the rumors about how he really got his good grades. I’m not ‘on your back’ about it. I’m just worried about what he might try-”
                Snorting, Mariah narrowed her eyes further in annoyance.
                “Do you really think I’m the type to fall for his supposed ‘charms?’ Don’t insult me, please,” she said. “Besides, there is no way he'd be interested in me like-”
                “But he’s the captain of the football team and every girl in school-”
                “-And do you know what I say to that?”

               Sticking her tongue out, she blew a loud raspberry at Roger. She was sick of this. He was acting like a child over it all and it wasn’t worth it to her. Sometimes he seemed to forget that she very well knew how to take care of herself and it irritated the life out of her. She was no damsel in distress.

                “Oh, nice,” Roger snarled. “That’s real mature ‘Riah.”
                “More mature than you’re being right now,” she snapped back. “I’m the one who has to put up with him, not you. As it was I’d been terrified Kelci would be the jealous one and would try to make my life difficult. Maybe it’s you I should have been worried about.
              “He’s not interested in me in any way Roger. No one in school is. Okay?”

                Squaring her shoulders she went back to her book. But she’d lost her place arguing with Roger and couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of anything written on the page before her. Angrily, she turned back to the beginning of the chapter to start again.
                When she got there she still couldn’t concentrate. She hated arguing with Roger. It was always awful. Usually he was patient and kind, occasionally overbearing when he tried to be protective but not always. It was the times he felt he needed to protect her when they would argue. Just like now. And every time, she’d be the one to approach him first, the one to try and heal the breach. He was just too damn nice and she hated to see him upset.

                As expected, when she looked up he was watching her, waiting for her to say something. But she had no words for him this time. She wasn’t the one who had flown into a temper just because a teacher had done something she didn’t like. Though he was her best friend. And weren’t best friends supposed to get upset when something upsetting happened? Maybe she had been too harsh with him.

                Mariah continued to gaze at Roger, trying to figure out how to apologize for getting upset at him getting upset at her being upset. That sounded terrible. It really was her fault. She shouldn’t have snapped back. But she had so much work to do! And that was a lame excuse. Her bestie deserved better than that from her. She had barely said two words to him since he’d joined her in their booth! Oops. That was just an oversight. An oversight she never should have made! Such a selfish asshole as she was didn’t deserve his friendship.

                Sweet memories of other times when Roger would comfort her when life just sucked curved her lips into a smile. Had she really just stuck out her tongue at him? Really? PlumbBob she was immature. The thought made her giggle a little and Rogers face finally cracked also. Mariah consoled herself by framing her apology in her mind. Her smile faded a little since she wanted to make sure she did the apology justice-
                “Hey Mariah.”

                Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of Roger folding in on himself as she hastily looked around to see with her own eyes just who was talking to her. It sounded like Kelci had come over to say hi. But Kelci had never spoken two words to Mariah if she could help it. Mariah was beneath the pretty cheerleaders haughty notice.
                When her eyes were able to confirm that Kelci really was talking to her, looking at her, standing at their booth her jaw dropped and she couldn’t return the unexpected greeting.

                “Hi Mariah,” Kelci repeated slowly, saying each word distinctly as if Mariah might not have understood her.
                “Uhm, hi?” Mariah had no idea what on Sim Planet she could want with her.
                “H-h-Hi Hi Kelci,” Roger stammered, his voice cracking.
                Both Kelci and Mariah turned to him. Mariah in shock, Kelci with a barely concealed grimace.

                Seeing the sneer on Kelci’s face when she turned back caused something to flare up in Mariah. The bitch had no right. He’d just said hi. But what the hell was up with his stutter and voice cracking? Hadn’t they both long ago agreed that Kelci was nothing more than a snot rag? What was up with that?
                “What do you want?” She flung at the girl standing beside her.
                “I just came to say hi and see how you’re doing,” Kelci widened her eyes as though innocent. “Looks like you’re working hard.”
                “Just to make up for the slack my study partner is going to leave me,” Mariah snarled as she heard Roger’s gasp.

                “Oh no no,” Kelci said sweetly. “See, my boyfriend, will do more than his fair share. Trust me.”
                “I’ll believe it when I see it,” sneered Mariah.
                For a moment, the two glared at each other. Years of hatred sparking between them.
                “Well, I honestly just wanted to say hi, but you don’t seem to want to talk so I’ll just go back to my date,” Kelci said.  “With my boyfriend.” She added as she turned to walk away.
                “Must be some date, if you’re over here, talking to me. And aren’t you guys here every day anyway?” Mariah shouted to Kelci’s retreating back.

                “What the hell Roger?”
                “What do you mean? Why did you attack her like that?”
                “Why did I- You’re defending her?”
                “No! She just wanted to say hi!”
                “You are so blind.”

                “I am not blind! My mom just says I’m too young for contacts! I can have them when I graduate.”
                “PlumbBob Roger, I did not mean literally!”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

               Not an original word up there and it's So full of cliches... Mariah is so much fun. I luff her so. <3
               And for those who follow my Tumblr- sorry. I know right now you’re probably super disappointed in me. And because of that- I’m donning this flak jacket and football helmet and hiding behind an overturned table for a little while. Just know that I love Roger too. Okay? I swear it.


  1. Oh my God! I think I'm first to comment! :D

    I love how she stuck her tongue out, and how you actually posed her to do that.
    Does Roger like Kelci? I think he does. I think he either is in love with or intimidated by her. I find it sweet how he cares about Mariah though.
    Mariah's lab partner seems like an ass. I may be jumping to conclusions but... He seems that way so far. He seems like a man whore to be honest, getting with most of the girls (Or did I just interpret that wrong?)

    1. I HATE YOU!!! *flails arms*
      I wanted to be first comment. *cries*

    2. *evil grin* Mwahahahaha! That's right, cry over the fact you're not first!
      (You'll probably be first next time though, it was mainly by chance I was first)

    3. Lol. FIRST! And yet here I am as your THIRD reply. Ha!
      Roger is a typical teenaged male. Pretty girl generally equals a crush that'll never be realized. So he doesn't love her, per se, but he does think she's worth of admiration. ;)

      Lol! We've met Andre before. Mariah beat him up on the playground for being mean to Roger. So is he still an ass? We'll see. But Mariah thinks so. Man whore is a yes. Most of the high schools I went to (we moved a lot) the quarterback could pretty much have whichever girl he wanted, all while keeping a steady girlfriend on the side. She would look the other way while he dallied just so she could be apart of his mystique with the hopes of one day being a trophy wife. Is that what's going on here? 100%!

      *Mom voice: Oh you two! Stop it now before I send you to separate corners!

    4. You're just jealous Gemma! Hmph! There's not much shame in being second ;)

      Ahaha, I remember him now! I remembered the name but couldn't remember where I remembered it from. Does that make sense? I think it does :) And I already hate the quarterbacks from your high school(s). I personally don't like sporty guys, mostly because I'm quite smart and we'd have nothing to talk about.
      I get the pretty girl thing with teenage boys. Lets just hope that Roger doesn't fall under the pretty girl scheme. I know a lot of girls that string along guys like that just for their help.

    5. lol. I wouldn't be too worried about Roger concerning Kelci. In Kelci's view- Not if he were the last guy on SimPlanet! She's quite happy with a boyfriend she's fairly sure will one day go far, and will take her along for the ride.

  2. <3 Brilliant. I absolutely LOVE reading and writing the teen years. So many confusing emotions, so many hilariously timed boner- uhm... Uh.... 0.o I mean...

    So, Roger things Andre like-likes Mariah, but Mariah doesn't even like Andre, or his stuck up girlfriend. Roger has a crush on Kelci, but Kelci is repulsed by him and has her cliched pairing with her King Jock boyfriend to worry about anyway, but figures she'll show Mariah her place by being 'nice'. We're still yet to hear if Andre does want to use Mariah like Roger said, but Mariah said that Roger was wrong and that she wouldn't doing anything like that anyway.
    About right? lol

    I'm interested to meet Andre properly and see what he does think of Mariah and what Mariah will make of that and whether Roger has now planted the idea there, meaning she's more likely to respond to any advances, and whether Roger really likes Kelci or if he's just nervous around girls in general.

    Those last two lines... BEST BIT <3

    ...I think I missed that on Tumblr. (surprise surprise. Worst. Tumblr'er. Ever. What did I miss?

    Also, I love Mariah too :) She's like me around Roger. Hehe! Except I'm the dumb one just chillin' while my friends study. or... I was. I don't have any friends that need to study now. I'll shuttup. lol.. <3 xx

    First? *crosses fingers*

    1. LOL! I totally didn't get that it looks like Roger popped a chub and he's trying to hide it! So fitting!

      Yup! Pretty much you got it spot on! Roger isn't afraid that Andre like-likes Mariah, though. He's just afraid that Mariah will look somewhere else. *shifty eyes. However, you got it on the nose that Kelci wants to show Mariah her place. Kelci is a bully. She's afraid her place in the world might not be as secure as she'd like it to be, or that King Jock will see through her to someone with more depth and then she's lost. And yes. Mariah has no intention of liking Andre in any way shape or form.

      As I'm not going to be introducing any other females to this story line (we've got 4 people and Lulu Layla) so that's probably enough to keep track of for now. So I'll go ahead and tell you that Roger is nervous around girls in general. He's just incredibly comfortable around Mariah. And his mom. And Layla. That's it though.

      Yeah, they bicker like siblings sometimes. They're so fun.

      Well then. You're not missing anything. *Throws off protective gear and hugs. Yay!

      lol. I think we've all been in Mariah's shoes to a degree. Bullied, but finally figuring out that we're okay. A best friend who's sometimes a little too dense, and yet they know you better than anyone. Trying to show the world you're responsible despite your age.

      First! First what? ;)

    2. Pahahaaa! It's the awkward smile that makes that shot. Suddenly his hands are near his crotch, and he looks like he'd be beetroot if sims could blush ;)

    3. Well, honestly, I was just kind of going for the body language of nervousness (trying to cover yourself with your arms) but yup. I surely didn't intend for his hands to be there for other reasons. I forget guys have different parts than I do sometimes. HA! And yes! If I could find a good all over face overlay (including ears) to do a good blush, he would have been blushing. Blotchily at that. lol

  3. Darn, I cannot get over how pretty Mariah is, lol It is such a pity that Layla and Iggy only had one child, they breed so well together!

    I love the relationship between Roger and Mariah, they are so cute together, and you can really tell how close they are. It's interesting that Mariah seems to have inherited some of Layla's frenetic energy, lol Though it seems Mariah is using it in a more positive way, kind of. If it causes her to shut her best friend out, in the end it could be just as damaging, at least she seems to somewhat aware of this.

    I already don't like Kelci, it's too bad when people have to look down on others. She may be pretty on the outside, but her personality isn't so pretty.

    I agree with Gemma---the last two lines---the best bit. =)

    1. Lol. Not really. 98% of the PWG tries I had were terrible- Female Iggys and Bucks making me think Ru Paul had invaded my CAS. And not in a good fishy way either. I had two to choose from in the end, though. Thank.God. Ha!

      Yeah, my characters are as hyper as I am I'm afraid. But Mariah is indeed trying to direct hers in a more positive way. She doesn't usually shut Roger out, as we'll see coming up. This time her frustrations had gotten the best of her though she is truly repentant about snapping at her friend. She's very aware of just how much she owes to Roger, and Roger is usually also the one to help her calm down, and tone down too.

      That's Kelci in a nutshell! Her character is really foreign to me so I'm basing her off of the girlfriend of a friend of ours' son who is almost exactly like this. I even based her looks off of her, just so I could try to get that personality right. Just so nasty on the inside. So shallow and insecure.

      Lol. Thank you!

  4. Hot Damn! I love Mariah!!

    Man, the teen emotions and drama all happening in one scene, brilliant! Any one can just start reading your legacy from here and tell that Roger and Mariah are thick as thieves and have an emotionally mixed up friendship who's been through a lot together, and I love that.

    Kelci...uhh yea. You messed up sweetie lol.
    And yea Roger what was all that? Huh? (sides with Mariah)

    Like Nirar and Gemma I loved those last lines!! LOL

    1. I love her too! She's a pistol for sure.

      Yes! We are oozing hormones here! And I'm really glad Mariah and Roger's relationship shines through. I worried about jumping this far ahead without spending some time to show how close. And they are So emotionally mixed up. Which should provide a lot of fun. Ha!

      Mmmmm! Yes. Kelci did open a bit of a can or worms there didn't she?

      Lol. Poor Roger. Poor teenage boy with testosterone running amok. He couldn't help it. =D

      Thank you! lol

  5. Squeee!! Lookit Roger! <3 And oh my did I read that right? That high school's already nearly over?

    But of course Roger likes to play video games, lol. And Mariah watch, uhm hum I bet. Wow Rog, took me by surprise with that little tirade over Andre! Don't act jealous or nothin', hehe. He seems like he can hold his own with her, though. Good for him.

    Do you really think I’m the type to fall for his supposed ‘charms?’ --and why does that have such an ominous ring to it?? I had to giggle at her sticking her tongue out at Roger, while thinking what a child he was being! heehee. Her cheeks are just too cute.

    No one in school is interested in her? HAHAHAH I think that's about to change in more ways than one.

    LOL. Their faces when Kelci comes to the booth. Kelci the pretentious snobby bitch who apparently sees a need to stake her territory. snort. Can't wait to see where this trainwreck is headed!

    1. Yes! We will not be spending too much time on her teen years even. Her story is ready to go, so let's go! But a year of high school lasts an eternity too, as I'm sure you well remember. ;)

      Oh yes. Years of hanging around with Mariah have taught him how to keep up with her, and even best her. Notice that just by staying silent, he was able to subdue her and even calm her down and get her to realize that it wasn't *entirely* his fault. But jealous? Perhaps. ;)

      IKR?!? I just want to pinch those chipmunk cheeks. <3 Yay! I'm so glad someone got the oxymoron there. However, their words really could have gone both ways there without either of them realizing it.

      Yeah, those faces were fun to make. And yup! Kelci most likely picked the wrong girl to try to take her frustrations out on because she just helped the trainwreck gather speed.

  6. Roger's grown up nicely there... Dare I hope that his reaction to Mariah's assigned study buddy indicates an interest on his part?

    Kelci appears to be a nasty piece of work and I don't believe for one minute that she actually "just wanted to say hi"

    1. I think you could hope with reason. ;)

      And you'd be right not to believe Kelci. Kelci was looking for someone to take out her frustrations on and bully a little to make herself feel better, and picked the wrong girl. But then, high schoolers aren't always known to make the wisest decisions.

  7. Heh, I thought he had a boner too..

    Roger's not crushing on Kelci is he? Please no. No no no no. He can't be. Not after that rant about Andre, how is Kelci any different? Andre & Kelci deserve each other, now go away and make babies who can bully the next generation.

    Is that a room from UL or did you build it yourself? It looks so much like the cafeteria from my uni, except it wasn't blue, and it had no pictures on the walls. Very interesting to know I'm sure!

    Loved this chapter, perfect use of poses and so funny! Mariah really has the cutest cheeks. Man you moved fast through high school though! Swoosh! I'm a little envious really.

    1. Lol! I'm just glad it was pointed out since it really is appropriate.

      Indeed, he is crushing on Kelci a little there. But most likely just because it's a pretty face. I doubt he likes her personality very much at all. lol And she'd never ever consider Roger (at this point) anything more than some gross little dork who is as beneath her notice as Mariah usually is. And ah! You've hit it there. How are Andre and Kelci any different? Let the little jealousies and fears run free! ;)

      I built that myself. That's in a hangout I built just for Mariah and Roger's fun. However, every time I turn around it seems like most of the town is hanging out here. lol. I'm trying to make sure I've got the CC to a minimum and I'll probably offer it cause it's perdy in game too.

      Thank you! I worked my tail off on those poses so I really appreciate that. Doesn't she? I just Love those cheeks! So pinchable! Yup! And I hope to only have about 5 chapters more of high school before moving right on to Mariah's roll. I spent way too much time on Layla's story line, so this one is much simpler and easier to do.

  8. I'm so sorry that I'm so behind. Anyway, loved this chapter. Roger being concerned over Mariah possibly being fooled by football guy, and then he trips over himself to defend the obvious stuck uop bitch because she's 'pretty'. Boys, lol. I'm glad Mariah is too smart for that.

  9. Nah, don't worry about it. Life happens. And aren't we glad it does. ;)

    Lol. Yes. Boys are silly little creatures aren't they? It's been too long since we had a teen boy to make fun of. =D

  10. I didn't feel there was an overabundance of cliches in this chapter. Although, I do know the feeling when you look back at what you just wrote and see nothing but uninspired crap. That describes my whole day! I'm working on another book, and I'm spending WAY too much time on the first 6 paragraphs.
    This wasn't crap. :)

    Yeah, what was up with Roger pulling that whole double-standard with telling her not to go ga-ga over Andre but then he goes and turns to mush when Kelci simply walks up to him? Or in his general direction?
    I'm happy to see he got that wild mane under control. Tho, why do I feel like it's because of that teenage boy too-much-grease-from-not-enough-showers kind of thing? After all, why bathe when you can game? LOL. Maybe I'm making assumptions.
    I have a feeling this is going to be SOME senior year... :)

    1. Wow! A new book. But Boo that the first 6 paragraphs aren't cooperating. I'm sure they're not crap either.

      Lol. Roger doesn't see it. He believes that he's 100% perfectly safe from Kelci ever paying him any attention and as such he's in no danger from her without realizing that he really is putting himself in danger with such a crush. Couple that with his feeling an intense need to protect Mariah as she once did for him and you've got double standard city.

      Yes! Have a cookie! You're the first one to spot that. He's gamey. He's alright with deodorant, but not showering every day (or after a workout,) and he's not on board with antiperspirant. There were days Mariah would have loved nothing more than to hose him down with some Lysol. Ha!

      Oh yes. Mariah will gain quite an education this year. ;)

  11. I like the way you led into that scene - with the wide shot including the couple in the front and then zooming in. It felt very cinematic :D And the poses were very well done too!

    The dynamic between Mariah and Roger is so sweet. I hope they'll get together eventually <3

    1. Cinematic is actually my background, so that made me feel quite good. Thanks! Those poses. UGH. They gave me such a headache! Booths in game are not meant for teens. :/ Still. lol. Those faces they made. xD

      Mariah and Roger have a fantastic rapport, don't they? Love them.