Monday, February 17, 2014

Downloads-Poses- Sunny's Homework Buddies, Pt.1

Ah ha! I am back with more poses for you! More I say more! Don't get me wrong, the EA animation for doing homework is just fine. Just.Fine. Except when you need your sims to be spewing dislike at each other while they do it. Or when you want them to do... other things ;)... as well... on the floor. *shifty eyes. So I made some homework poses for my simmies and thought I'd share. They need Picky Pikachu's Accessory pen, and I'd recommend her flat open notebook as well.

Since teens are different sizes and I use Blender and don't have a teen rig I had to use the adult rig and then manipulate the poses so that they'd fit onto teens with the result that there are two sets. One for adults, one for teens. You may have both in your game at the same time if you'd like.

If you use the Pose By Name feature, and you are using the poses for teens, you need to add a 't' to the end of the posecode.

There are 6 options for you to choose from. 3 are poselisted, 3 are not. If you choose one of the Combined packages do NOT put in one of the Adult or Teen packages. The above images are included in each of the archives for reference.

One More Time, If you are Using these poses for Teens and are using the Pose By Name feature, you need to add a 't' to the end of the posecode.

Sunny's Homework Buddies Pt.1- For Teens-No Poselist 
                                                       For Adults-No Poselist
                                                       Combined-No Poselist

Sunny's Homework Buddies Pt.1- For Teens-Poselist Enabled
                                                       For Adults-Poselist Enabled
                                                       Combined-Poselist Enabled

A standard TOU applies- Do NOT upload to anywhere else with anything else, link back to here please. Don't claim as your own.

THANK YOU my wonderful readers and downloaders! You're all so awesome, and thank you for coming to take a look here. And if you like it, leave a comment! If you use it, leave a link! I'd love to see my poses in use in your game. Also- did you modify it to fit your needs? Cool! I'd love to see those also. Just don't redistribute without permission, please.


  1. These will for sure come in handy! Thank you for making them.

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