Monday, February 3, 2014

Downloads- Tattoos- Flight of Fancy Feathers

I'm BACK!!!! You didn't expect me to learn something new and cool like Tattoo making and not keep it in practice did you? Sillies... So! This time! New Man Model. But he's only here for the first one because I made him in like 2 seconds for testing and when I discovered the gorgeous I'd created I decided to keep the photos. (Can't keep using Ignacio y'know? Not since I killed him. HA!) Come on out Axl and show all the ladies the goods. No need to be that enthusiastic boy. You won't be back.

It's a FEATHER!!! And it's so beautiful! *sobs at the pretty. It is ONE channel. ONE!!! But you can recolor that one channel if you'd like. But wait a moment! What's that? Ah! Well spotted! That does indeed look like a colorful feather on his chest (so with a little CAS magic we'll... ah-huh. Uh huh. Yup! There we go.)

But of course I worked my tail off and made it recolored! I know it's not as full as the black one, but pixels. You don't want huge blocky pixels on your pixel dollies do you? Of course not.

It's Three Recolorable Channels for your tattooing pleasure. Red is the tip, Green in the middle, and blue at the base.

So you can change those puppies up, or use one of the three nifty presets that are included.

SECOND! This bit of awesomeness that I lovingly carved out and made. But this time, we'll use our new man model. Oh Garrett! Garrett is our new piece of ManMeat to model the goods. Isn't he pretty?

Isn't it Lovely? This wonderous beauty took me two days to make sure I kept as much of the beautiful original as I could.The pen strokes won't pixelate and It's really stunning in game. But of course I couldn't take away your right to color your world! So there are 2 options!

Option 2 has 4 recolorable channels. 4! The alpha channel is the feather itself (Black in the picture.) And the birds are a 3 channel gradient.

Option 2 Preset 2

 Option 2 Preset 3. Colors closer to white or very bright colors are going to look a little funny in game, but they'll try to deceive you by looking brilliant in CAS. Just a warning. Other than that these bad boys are going to look awesome in game and on your sims.

What are you waiting for? Download the Goods!
Download Solid Feather Tattoo by Sunny
Download Graded Feather Tattoo by Sunny

Download Flying Feather Tattoo by Sunny
Download Graded Flying Feather Tattoo by Sunny
As always my thanks to the most fabulous CMar for his Tattooinator and tutorial without which I couldn't have made these beauties. Thank You!
And to my copy of GIMP because GIMP Rocks. You're So Wonderful! My thanks.
And to Gemma for the idea for a feather tattoo from some hot piece of Manmeat Rock Star. Gemma- you Rock my world darlin'. *licks
And of course my thanks to you my wonderful followers.

So what are you still reading for? Go grab the goods and then leave me a comment telling me how much you love them! *MWUAH! Kisses for you!


  1. I love them! *pecks cheek, wipes slobber from face*
    Thank youuu!! :D

    And it was Dave Grohl. The hot piece of manmeat rock star. <3 I would die if I met him.

    I reaaaaallly like tattoo 2, option 2, preset 2 <3 So subtle and so beautiful.
    Why will white/light colours look weird?

    1. You are quite welcome love!

      Ah! I shall have to amend my post then. Thank you!

      I like Tat2 best also. So lovely.

      It depends on your graphics card and settings as to how odd it could potentially look, but pretty much the game just doesn't read as HQ as CAS. For whatever reason, when you go in game the game tries to put a border around the border less birds. It appears to be a shade darker than the color chosen. And when you have lower graphics settings and a bright color immediately next to a more muted one it decides to show only one color so pixels will appear to be missing

    2. in certain birds' wings. It's not all of them, and you've got to be super up close and using lower graphics settings to really see it. I just wanted to issue a fair warning. =D

  2. Yay! They turned out so pretty!

  3. Amazing! I love them. I am going to have to download them when I get home tonight. Just out of curiosity, would you be willing to take a request for a tattoo? I have one that I would love to see done but I haven't figured out how to create them yet. I have read the info but haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

    1. I would be more than willing to take a look, for sure! Just shoot me an email at a_ray_of_sunshyne@yahoo . com and let's see what I can do for you.

      And thank you! I love them too. :)

    2. I sent the email. I hope the graphic will work. :)

    3. I am going to do my very best darlin'! Thanks for your request!

  4. Very nice. I especially love the second one! :O

    1. IKR? Isn't it just stunning? I looove the details in it. Love.It. Thank you!