Monday, December 22, 2014

Downloads- Sims- Ceeven Sixkiller

Happy Monday! lol.

Today is my darling Ceeven.

Gosh, I love him. In the above, he's wearing a custom skin blend I made as well as this hair. (Use caution with that link. I highly recommend having Adblock Plus and an disabler before you click on it.) Since the skin blend is made from others work, I can't give it out and that really bites. However, the main of the skin is the non-default E-Skin Fresh which you can get here: . (Scroll down until you see the .rar link under the word Download in Red. When the next screen comes up, you want to click on the white button to the right of the blue button at the top. It'll have 6.3M in the button.)

He's packaged using default skin, as well as with the non-default linked to above. In both instances he's wearing BG hair and clothing. He has NO cc on him. This is what he'll look like in CAS with the ESkin Fresh skin:

Here's what he'll look like in CAS with default skin:

Again, he uses no custom sliders. Though I have slider values set to 4 for him.

He comes with the Good, Loves the Outdoors, Absent Minded, Green Thumb and Hopeless Romantic traits. His LTW is The Perfect Garden.

TOU: Do NOT reupload him anywhere else for any reason. Do NOT claim him as your own.

Ceeven Sixkiller.sim
Default skin version
Non Default ESkin Fresh version (Use only if you have ESkin Fresh in your game!) 

Happy Holidays!


  1. I seriously love the guy and his hair sooooo much. But I am to afraid to download the hair. I got severell virus in the past through unsecure Websites andhad to pay for the removal. I am crying right now a little bit, because I searched for exactly that hair a lifetime - ok only for 4 years ;-). Nevertheless it is the hair made for me. But I get a serious warning, because the phising site. Is there a possibility to get the hair on another downloadlink? By the way...your stuff is great...I downloaded so much...I need a new harddrive :-).

    1. HI! Thank you and YAY! I love Ceeven too. <3. It might take a little more time, but I'll look.

    2. Well... That was easier than expected. lol

      It's the Lindy Hop converted by JingleStark