Sunday, December 21, 2014

Downloads- Sims- Dove Sixkiller

In the giving spirit of the holidays I've decided to let my Gen 3 babies fly free before their turn to take over comes. Today is a real wrench, because I adore my Dove baby.

Above, you can see the potential cc has to make her a doll. I did NOT package her with any CC. I also packaged her in a save that is BG only, so she no longer likes Geek Rock or Crepes. However, Hot Pink still rocks her world.

Give her that Newsea Shero hair, put her in your game and take a pic and I'll forever love you.

This is what she'll look like in CAS:

I have my default slider multiplier set to 2, so if you don't have that setting and try to change her appearance her features will probably snap to your normal values. She does NOT use custom sliders though.

She comes with default BG hair, skin and eyes. She has NO cc on her. Her traits are Genius, Artistic, Handy, Perfectionist and Hopeless Romantic. Her set lifetime wish is Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler. Please note that these traits are subject to change since she's still a toddler in my game.

TOU- Don't reupload her anywhere else. After that, I would love to know if she's running around your game. =D

Dove Sixkiller.sim

Thank you heaps and heaps!

Happy Holidays!   


  1. She's so pretty Sunny--thanks for sharing her! <3 (Jack thanks you too!)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your family! =)

    1. Yes! She's so pretty. <3 And you're quite welcome! You don't have to put her with Jack if he's not so inclined. lol. Jaxine is really lovely. ;)

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours as well! =D

  2. Coming back to pick up her siblings, thought I already had them, but I didn't see them in CAS. I think she's perfect for Jack---with her traits, and his traits, I won't understand anything that they talk about, but they'll sure look cute together! <3 PS--spoiler alert---Jaxine is his daughter. ;)

    1. Oh I know. I had to go get her (and make her a teen) for that spin the bottle shoot from somewhere as well as read about who her daddy is. :D Which I have to echo on the comment I left on him on TFM's: The link to Monty's hair is broken and it made me sad. Do you remember the name or the creator so perhaps I could track it down somehow? I really like it.

      So once again, if he'd rather be with Jaxine's mother that's absolutely okay. But I want him so I can put them together in my game because jeebus. He be pretty and the Dove in my head bathes in eau de JackFangurl. lol

  3. Jaxine's mom is dead. Yeah, shocked me too when I finally went to look for her, lol :P I sometimes forget about the passage of time because uh---fairies, ha!

    And you left a comment? I, sorry, I didn't see it. I'll go look and leave the answer there, so I don't clog up your comment thing here. =)

    You'd like Jack? For you---sure--I can do that. Take me a day or so to rid him of his CC. =)

    1. !!! Lol! Oopsie!

      Uhm, actually I think I got a message I sent to you on MTS and the comments on TFMs mixed up. (Scrambled brain is extra scrambled lately,my apologies.)

      And YESSS! I'd LOVE to have Jack.If I had Jack? Jack would absolutely be the one and only for Dove. I wouldn't even let her (or him) have another chance with anyone else. Though I might have to hide his wings for story since I don't think I'm going to intro supes as I'd thought possible. There's about to be a lot going on and I'd rather not confuse anyone even more. lol