Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Downloads- Sims- Vivia Sixkiller

ViviAAAAAAA! Vivi is loud. Let me tell you. lol

Today is the last of my holiday gifts to you. Vivia Sixkiller was a complete surprise to me and still has me reevaluating how she's changing things up.

Since I packaged her in a save that has only the basegame, Hip Hop is no longer her favorite music. lol. She's also going to look different since she's wearing a custom skinblend I made for myself. However, the ESkin Fresh ND skin is the base of it, so she doesn't look too too different if you use that. (Download instructions are in the previous post for Ceeven if Chinese isn't your thing.)

Here she is in CAS with the ESkin Fresh ND skin:

Here she is in CAS with (my) default skin:

She is packaged in BG hair, makeup and clothing. She has NO cc on her. Her traits are Artistic, Genius, Brave, Daredevil and Hopeless Romantic. I had a booboo and forgot that Genius was supposed to be Athletic. Oopsie (should have written it down before going in game. Heh.) Her LTW is to be a Forensic Specialist: Dynamic DNA Profiler.

TOU: Do NOT reupload her anywhere for any reason.

Vivia Sixkiller
Default Skin Version
Non Default Skin Version (Use only if you have ESkin Fresh in your game!)

Happy Holidays!


  1. She's really pretty. And so is your own skin blend!!! E-skins have great texture but I don't like the greenish tint - I have some sims in my game running around looking positively, well, dead. Yours on the other hand is perfect! *pouts*

    I hope you had/are having a great holiday, by the by.

    1. Yes she is, and THANK YOU! I have to agree about the eskins. It's one of the reasons why I tweaked this one. The paint job and definition and textures... Ah! Lovely! Only some of the details irk me (the spine is usually a little too deep for my tastes) and the color ramps drive me nuts.

      We had a great holiday season (or *are* having, since New Years is still to come. ;) ,) thank you! Here's hoping you and yours also had a wonderful time. *hugs

  2. Can't wait to see what she gets up to! She's gosh, so, so beautiful. I'm so tempted to add her to Cotes when I get it back up and running, but I guess I have a few Sixkillers already. Colin and Layla were still going strong, and Rogriah were expecting their first. Hmm...maybe I'll work on that save when I get this next update done!

    1. That still trips me out that SP put Colin and Layla together. All I can picture is angry sex. xD

      I'd love to see more of your Cotes save! It's been too long. However, CHAPTER!!! Two so close together will be a treat!