Friday, January 30, 2015

Chapter 3.10- These Fantasies

Language Warning!
If you don't like foul language, skip the text below the second pic with the moving truck in it. ;)

“Strange… how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time.” ― Ransom Riggs, Hollow City




            “What the-”





            “Roger! Catch me!”

            “You can fly!”
            “I can do anything, Roger. I’m the most amazing woman you know.”

            “Marry me, Roger.”
            “Huh? Whu-Wa-What? What?”
            “Marry me!”
            “M-marry you-you? I thought we’d-we’d talked about this. That-that staying in my job was-was good and you wanted to do this on-on your own a little bit?”
            “You’re too good for me. I realize that now and I don’t want to lose you to some floozy in Lucky Palms. Quit your job. Come home to Appaloosa. Marry me.”

            “Marry me, Roger! Come home to me, Roger! The kids miss you. I miss you.”
            “I need you! The kids need you! Your family needs you! Come home! Marry me.”
            “I just- I mean- I love you so-so much, but this isn’t what we’d talked about. I want to be with all of you more. But I don’t know how to leave.”

            “I taught you better than this. Don’t make her beg.”
            “No! You need to marry the mother of your children! We’ve talked about this. It’s high time you quit these fantasies you have of being some hot shot undercover cop and come home. Settle down. Be a father. Your brother needs you, too. Without you here to smooth things out for him, he’ll probably go to prison this time. They got the car back though! No harm done. But he needs you to help him out.”
            “Fine! Fine, I’ll figure something out.”
            “That’s my boy. Now give Mama a kiss.”

            “Mom! No! Geez!”
            “Oh, just one kiss! You look so sweet when you’re asleep. You’ll never even know…”

            “AAAAAUUUUURRRRGGGHHHH! Nooooooo!”
            “What?!?!? NO!”
            “Dammit, Devi!”
            “What the hell, Rocky?!?”

            “Jus’ tryin’ to wake ya up gently,” Devi grumbled, eyes narrowed. “No need ta knock me down.”
            “Yeah, I’m not sorry, Devi,” Roger scrubbed at his eyes, trying to focus. “How did you get in here?”
            “Tex gave me a key,” she replied icily, standing up taller than her usual slouch allowed for. “He wants to see you. Now. An’ I would’ve let you have an extra half hour or so if you’d jus’ lemme.”
            Roger looked up in disgust at Devi who had melted back into her usual attempt at sexy.

            “Come on, Rocky,” she purred. “You’re the only one of ‘a boys who won’t take a little stress relief. You know it’d be good. Relax ya a little. You’re so uptight. So tense.”
            Any remorse he had felt at accidentally striking her, knocking her down, evaporated as he pulled on a shirt. Devi forever tried to force herself on him. He’d never harmed a woman before though. His mom would kill him if she knew. Aaand there’s that remorse right back where it should be.
            “No. And I won’t keep Tex waiting. Is his limo outside?”
            “Nah, ‘e’s down at the bar.”
            “Is it two already? Did I sleep that long?”
            “Nah! It’s only ten. He don’t do business there when it’s open. Ya oughta know that.”
            “No, Devi. I don’t ‘oughtta know’ that. I’ve only met him at the warehouse before. Did he send a cab?”
            “Nah, but I can call one.”
            “Nah, we’ll walk. I need to work some kinks out.”
            “I can help you work some ‘kinks’ out, Rock. Got a strap on if that’s what tempt’s ya.”
            “Bite me, Devorah.”
            “Gosh, I’d love to.”

            Roger cringed as the sunlight poked his eyes. He needed to get a move on if he wanted to shake Devi.
            To his chagrin he felt her arm slip through his, her claws tearing into him before he’d even made it two steps.
            “What’s he wantin’ to see ya ‘bout this time?”
            “Dunno. Figured you knew.”
            “Not this time. He’s been tight lipped since that last incident.”
            Roger sneered. That was probably what this was about. Lucky Palms PD had at last managed to slip in someone from their own department, but she was screwing things up badly. He’d so hoped she would have worked out so he could have made his exit, gone back home.

            “Not that one,” a familiar voice trilled near to him. “Andre! Not that one! The one marked kitchen! Not den silly. Why would I put your dishes in a box marked for the den?”
            Roger stopped abruptly, making Devi crash into him. That voice. In this house. Tex owned this house. He owned all the houses on this street. Which meant…
            “New neighbor. Tex hired ‘im. He’s got some fancy degree and connections like you wouldn’t believe. Tex thinks he can turn the casino around, make it profitable again. I hope so. I haven’t had a new fur from ‘im for nearly five years,” Devi whispered, thinking he was only gawking at the new comers.

            Roger hadn’t seen Andre since graduation, almost… five years ago? Yup. Five years. Dove would be heading off to kindergarten shortly after her birthday coming up. The asshole hadn’t sent a single dime to help Mariah out in all that time, never bothered to learn his daughter’s name. Not a letter. No phone calls. No visits. For all Andre knew, Dove didn’t exist.
            White hot rage bubbled up in him. Dove knew Roger wasn’t really her daddy, smart little thing. Not like they’d tried to keep it a secret, much less not like he treated her any different from his own. Still though, Dove called him Daddy along with his own two children. He’d had more to do with her and her upbringing than any other person besides Mariah and it made him seethe that this fucked up, self-absorbed, swaggering piece of shit had the right to one day waltz in and take his daughter. Dove was his daughter. Not Andre’s. His. His Dove. His Mariah.

            “Uhm, Rock?”
            Imagining the hurt he could give Andre gave him great satisfaction. He’d learned a lot after three years working for Tex, five years on the force. Using that, first he’d-
            “-Rocky?” Devi tugged urgently on his arm until he finally turned to her.
            “Rocky, we need to get goin’. He’s waitin’. You a’ight?”
            “Get off me, Devi. I’m fine. Let’s go.”

            “You’ve kept me waiting.”
            Roger fought back a desire to roll his eyes. Tex would take offense to that.
            “He insisted on walkin’,” Devi piped up from behind Roger.
            “I don’t have time for walking. If you won’t call a cab, I’ll send a car next time. Or perhaps it’s time for you to buy your own? You could get a nice one with a little foresight.”
            Roger strode over to the table Tex sat at, throwing himself in a chair. Most of his money went into a savings account for the kids to one day attend college or buy a house, or whatever they wanted. Mariah had refused his offers to pay child support so he was left doing this instead. But it left him plenty short on buying a car to stay in Lucky Palms with him. He had one in Appaloosa Plains…

            “Make Rock a drink, Dev. He looks a bit riled up today. It’s too early to be so surly.”
            Realizing he’d just shooed Devi off for a more private conversation, Roger tentatively raised his eyes to Tex’s.
            “What the hell happened Thursday?”
            Dammit. He’d never get to go home.
            “It was a mess.”
            “Someone tipped the cops off. Your crew was on duty that night, Rocky. Therefore, you’ve got a mole.”
            “Yeah. That’s what I figured, too.” LPPD would be pissed to no end when he sent their mole packing after only two weeks. But she’d tipped the department off too cleanly, too early on.
            “Find them. Finish them.” Tex was entirely too casual, leaning back in his chair once more. “I don’t want it to happen again. We lost over a hundred grand that night.”

            Roger stole a glance at Tex. His crew had nearly twenty people on it, more than twice what he needed. Tex would employ anyone who came to him with a sob story. It betrayed a naturally generous nature he would have loved to explore more thoroughly. A lot of people’s kids had diapers and full bellies due to his kindness.
            Hell. Devi? Was a giver. They were both products of circumstance and bad luck with so much more potential. At times Roger hated himself for finding what they did, who they were, despicable. Life hadn’t given them much choice. Yet, they did have a choice and Roger hated the choices each of them had made.

            “I know you’ve got a lot of people to go through to find who did it,” Tex continued, his gaze piercing. “But if you find who did it, I’ll let you take a break. Maybe you won’t have to have such a sloppy crew, either.”
            There he went. Tex and his generous side.
            “I’ll find ‘em.”
            “I know you will. Or I’ll start finding out where you go on your days off.”
            The blood drained out of Roger’s head quickly enough he thought he might be sick.

            “Drinks for both a’ ya!”
            Tex leaned back, ignoring the outstretched tray.
            “Ah. I thought that would do it. Sorry, Rock. But I gotta make sure you’re motivated, loyal. Like I said, it was your crew, and you disappear a little more ‘n I like. C’mon Devi. There’s a new hot tub in the penthouse suite I’ve been dying to try out.”

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

I.Am. SOOOOOOO sorry for the delay getting this one out! So sorry. It ended up taking a lot more effort than I’d imagined. Two worlds to set up, 6 lots to get straightened out, an object to make (I NEEDED those stepping stones to lead to the column dammit! Needed them!) 2 characters to make, poses to find and make, accessories to reposition and make blahblahblahblaaaaahblahblahblahdeblahblah. Excuses Excuses. Sorry. I love you all. Thank you for your patience.<3

I get the above might have been a little confusing. Please PLEASE feel free to ask about anything that might not have made perfect sense.

Oh, One of Roger’s brothers really is a klepto. I’m forever getting pop ups about him failing to steal this, that and the other. One time, he got caught trying to steal a coffee table from Roger himself! Ha!


  1. You did an amazing job with the sets. I love Roger's dream sequence. Poor guy, it's eating him up, isn't it.
    Roger better watch himself with Tex. I really hope he makes it home to Mariah & the kids again.

    1. Aw. Thanks! We won't be seeing them again. lol. Which was probably part of the delay in getting this out.

      Yup! He's pretty desperate there, isn't he? Honestly, Sally really doesn't care either way. She's just in it for the grandbabies. But Roger? Roger's playing for keeps.

      Roger's pretty sharp, as is Tex. But I think Roger's reason for keeping afloat might end up trumping anything Tex can throw at him. Or, at least I hope it does. ;)

  2. Actually, I lied, I had to come check out the pics, at least, before Dome. LOL @ Roger's facial expressions in that first sequence!
    Be back to read and comment proper in a bit <3

    1. Hmm, is this a dream projection of what Roger wants? Or what he thinks he should do?

      Bwahaha, Sally telling him to kiss her cracked me up. Dat face! That's gotta be a weird dream that I bet he won't be able to shake off. Mariah turns into his mother turns into some floozy who really was trying to kiss him, lol. Classy of her to assume that just because he isn't into her 'stress relief' that he'd be the strap-on type.

      Ooooo. Andre. And working for Tex? Does this mean Roger is going to come into contact with him? Is Andre involved in shady dealings? Undercover? Legit? Roger's seeming rage could blow his cover or make this really, really messy. Then again, the desert is a great place for someone to disappear...but nah, Roger would never do that.

      Over a hundred grand? Geez, what is this Tex guy into? Interesting juxtaposition that Rog's basically working to out these people, yet he can see the good in them. Or, the potential good, anyway. Tex is still dangerous. And perceptive to be interested where Roger goes on his days off. That probably wouldn't be a good thing.

    2. I had way too much fun with that bit. I love how overdrawn some of the facials can be, and what better time to pull those out when it's all supposed to be overdrawn? lol

      It's more a projection of what he wants. What's bringing it out so vibrantly in his head is he can't figure out what he should do about what he wants. He's also using his mom as pressure when Sally really couldn't care less one way or the other. She's in it for the grandbabies and thinks him being around more would give her more. so. lol Yeah.

      Yyyeeeup. I'm sure that one will haunt him for a while. At least he didn't end up in an embarrassing position with mom. Ha! Yeah. Devi's not what you'd call a 'lady.'

      No, Roger won't be in contact with Andre unless it's accidental. Andre will be at the casino working as a manager or something. Roger even admitted that he doesn't usually see Tex unless it's at a warehouse. While Andre will most likely learn of Tex's extracurricular income that flows into the casino, I doubt he'd ever be needed to mix with those who help Tex earn that. Thankfully. Otherwise, I'm not sure Roger would be able to resist the urge to take out some frustrations on him. lol

      Tex is into money laundering. lol. Roger has grown close to those he's working with. How can he help it? So he's getting to see that they're not all 'evil' as TV would like to show them to be.Oh yes, Tex is very perceptive, he has to be to get to where he is now. ;) Will it be good or bad? We'll see.

  3. I read this for realsies about three hours ago (my 4 am in the morning) but I was on my phone so I couldn't comment :3

    *sigh of relief* for a moment there, I was scared you had given Roger long hair. That dream was rather odd. Can Mariah really fly? And does she want to marry him? Taking the flying is just his thoughts but does he want to marry her too? He should go back home, and leave everything in Lucky Palms.

    *hisses* Andre! It took me a moment, but I remembered why that name was bad! Mean Andre. Oh God, please tell me he doesn't blow Roger's cover? Or that he somehow gets back into Mariah's life? *sighs* Nothin' but trouble from that boy. Nothin' but trouble.

    No, no no, let's not find out where Roger goes on his days off. No, no, no. We don't need to know that, Tex. No, no. Just make him stay in his little hot tub and lock Andre up in the bedroom or the dishless kitchen or something.
    Oh dear, Roger should just run home right now I think :( Nothing good will come with him staying there.

    1. LOL! Oh no. NOnonononono. Actually, I had fits trying to find a longer hair that was 'right' for him. And then Mariah started gushing over one of them (not this one, it was a lot more feminine, more foofy,) blah. No. No long hair for Roger. lol Roger is desperate to marry Mariah. He can see a single end to his days and that's with her. But going back home would risk jeopardizing all the work that has been put in to getting someone close enough to Tex that they might be able to shut the entire operation down. And is Tex really the pinnacle in the chain of command? We don't know yet. Roger might want to go home, but he could never be selfish enough to throw away all that has happened before he was there even.

      Lol. Andre's surely nothing but trouble. xD I don't think Andre would ever recognize the geeky kid Roger from high school as the surly loner Rocky who lives down the street. They won't meet at work either, thankfully. Andre will be working with Tex's more legitimate business interests, so... Yeah. lol

      Ah, but Tex has to make sure things are on the up and up. It's up to Roger to stay a step ahead is all. ;)
      Lol! Poor Andre. No dishes to eat off of. Actually, I ended up tempted to lock Andre up when I first started shooting in LP. He kept throwing tantrums and walking into shots with a grumpy face. Finally, I put him in a rather embarrassing pose on the roof to get him out of my hair. Ha! Sorry. Tangent.

      We'll see if he sticks around later. ;)

  4. Holy Tolito, Batman! This does not look good! Love the sets and the new characters - definitely adds a twist to shake things up!

    1. Thank you! Though I kind of doubt we'll see any of it again. lol. There were certain things I needed to get out there at this point in the story and this was the best way to explain quite a few things down the road so hard work now to rest later it is! lol

  5. Haha! Loved the dream sequence, the only thing that could have made it better is if Roger forgot to wear his pants too... lol!!! Mariah morphing into his mother, morphing into Devi---and waking up to THAT---I don't blame him for knocking her on her behind.

    And Andre? He's mixed into this---whatever it is, lol Whelp, that can't be good, Andre knows things that Tex might want to know. Like who Roger/Rocky might be visiting.

    And---what's up with that girl? If she hadn't slipped up--Roger could have already been on his way home to Mariah and the kids.

    I hope Roger doesn't get caught, something tells me Tex would be less than pleased to find out who the real mole is!

    1. I... actually toyed with the idea that he was in his undies or nekid. But that pose with Sally nixed that in the end. I couldn't do that to him with his Mama. Ha! Though I still couldn't resist turning the dream into a waking nightmare. He's so much fun to mess with, why not? =D

      Andre is going to be blissfully ignorant about Rocky. They won't be meeting up in their lines of work and Andre would feel it to be beneath him to pay too much attention to the rather rough looking guy down the street. But he *will* be involved in laundering the money Tex makes on the side, so...

      Aw, things can't be too easy for the hero. ;) Roger just needs to shake himself out of his homesickness and keep one step ahead and he'll be alright... for the moment.

  6. That was a great chapter, especially the part where his mum wanted a kiss. And Devi should really get that a guy doesn't want her, when the sight of her face is worse than that of his mother!

    Poor Roger has such a hard time.He want's to marry Mariah, he meets Andre, his brothers a criminal, he dreams of kissing his mother and works with Devi, his co worker failed, and now Tex (who looks cool in his cowboyhat, sorry but he does) threatens Mariah and the kids. But he's so tough when he's undercover. Nothing like the Roger we all know. And I for once thinks he looks great with long hair, he really pulls off so many looks.

    Ugh, Andre's back. Andre's so full of himself that he'd wear Tex' hat on his nose anyway, it's unlikely he'd notice Roger if he stood straight infront of him *grumbles about Andre*

    1. Aw! Thank you! Lol! Yup, it's pretty bad when a kiss from Mama is a better option than a kiss from Devi! Ha!

      He does pull off lots of looks, and now I know he does I'm having far too much fun playing dress up with him and Mariah. lol. But, yeah. Roger's for sure under a lot of pressure and has a lot that could distract him. He's playing a tough guy, but that lovable geek is underneath it all still. Who knows? Maybe that side will get to show itself sooner rather than later?

      LOL! That's a pretty good sum up of Andre! Yeah, he's not going to notice Roger, and wouldn't unless Roger appeared in a suit with a fist full of money. =D

  7. I really like Roger with long hair. I think it fits him. I like the whole greek god/goddess vibe you had going there in the dream. And of course Mariah can fly, how can such an amazing woman not? XD It does show just how much respect Roger has for Mariah. Pity the mole from LPPD had to make such a mess. I guess it's going to take a while before Roger will be able to get out. :( And Tex finding out about where Roger spends his free time will not be good at all.

    Andre...hmm. I can't really see how Andre would instigate something, but I think Roger might. Maybe Roger should just try to stay away from Andre as much as possible. Either way, Andre being there is bad news. :(

    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun figuring it all out. LOL! Mariah! The amazing flying mom! xD Oh yes, it was all about how Roger is feeling, where he's at in his head. Yeah, Roger isn't going to be able to back out of what he's doing any time soon if he's not able to get a successor in place first. Ah, but that's partly on Roger. If he keeps his focus he ought to be able to make sure Tex has no idea. He's just got to keep focused to do that.

      Andre is indeed bad news. But I think Roger will be able to keep away from him for the most part, which will help. ;)

  8. Wow, this is so ambitious! Well done you! Loved both the dream set and the desert set.

    Mum's pucker face! HAHAHAHA

    Poor Roger. Missing Mariah and the kids so much and still he has to work undercover in the middle of the desert. I had to read it twice to understand what was happening. And then Andre so near his workplace to top everything off. Isn't that dangerous? I'd be nervous as hell to blow my cover if I were Roger.

    Haha, honestly I really don't like the long hair on him so I'm glad it was just a dream. ;)

    1. Thank you! =D

      Yes! Sally. <3 lol

      Aw, I'm sorry it got confusing. There was a lot there for sure. *hugs. The good thing is Andre really didn't pay Roger much attention when they were teens, and the chances of him recognizing the kid from high school as the the same person as the loner down the street are slim. So long as Roger is able to keep up his act and not lose focus he ought to be okay. So we'll see. ;)

      Lol! I had one, one, long hair I liked on him. But it covered his face too much for use here. But yeah.Long hair isn't something that'll be sticking around on him. Ha! I might prefer it to be a little longer than what it is now, but nothing more than a little. I do miss his big muscley muscles though. Ha!

  9. Loved this! I hope Tex hasn't already looked into where he goes on his days off, I kinda get the feeling he's the kinda guy who probably knows already...

    1. Thankfully, Tex honestly doesn't yet know. To this point he'd trusted Roger enough that he hadn't thought to be suspicious. Unfortunately, that's over now. :(

  10. Kelci said 'why would I put YOUR dishes in a box marked den?' HIS dishes, not THEIR dishes? Am I making too much of this? I know things are not always what they seem.

    I like long-haired Roger. Having Mariah fly shows he thinks she can do anything. He loves her so much.
    And now he's stuck in Lucky Palms even more because he's too good at his job. Apparently though, he's not so good at hiding where he actually goes. Maybe Tex was bluffing; who knows.

    1. Ah! Nope! You are NOT reading too much into it. That was done on purpose, and very carefully. Let's dissect! Instead of a single emphasis within the sentence, how about we add one more? 'why would *I* put *your* dishes in a box marked den?' See it yet?

      Kelci packed his things. At this point, it's been about 4 and a half years since high school, just enough time for Andre to graduate University. With his master plans, he had no intentions of tying the knot until he was sure he couldn't find any one better to step on along his way. If not, then he'd be sure to marry her once he managed to establish himself in such a way to support her as she is used to. (ie: Pampered princess style) So now he's on his way, and what girlfriend would pack her boyfriend in such a way that he couldn't find his own way around his own things if she didn't intend for them to be *her* things soon too? ;) I could have probably just said that, but there's lots more going on here. Gosh, there is SO much going on up there! Can't.Wait!

      Y'know? He was a booger to fit in just the right long hair. Ha! But that one looks soooo good on him. lol. He loves her more than life himself. It really is a grand passion for him. *sigh.
      Yes. Before this he'd generally just disappeared before really letting anyone know he was gone and then made a habit of being back so quickly afterwards they would never know how far he'd really gone. But now trust has been broken that most likely won't be possible. Then again, Tex did know that he disappears. So someone's been paying attention.

  11. Really beautiful job with that dream sequence! And then the conversation between Devi and Roger - hilarious! "Got a strap on if that’s what tempt’s ya.” - lol!

    Ugh, look how much great use Andre is making of his degree from Simvard. Going to work for a criminal. I bet he's mighty proud of himself. I hope Roger can tear him down!

    1. Thank you! I liked your dream sequence too. Loved how Charity just faded away. So sad. I had too much fun making Devi as stereotypical as I could. I like playing with those ideas.

      Mmmhmm! And, of course, since he's here and not totally gone, there's much more for him to be up to also... Hmmm...