Friday, October 23, 2015

Downloads-Poses-Comfort Pt.2

Continuing the part two theme, More Poses!

As you can see above there are two sets of snap together poses. On each, add an ' a ' at the end of the pose code and the poses are centered at floor height for your OMSP using pleasure.

Per the usual the above images (as well as an image for 4a) are included in the archive. There are two versions, poselisted and NOT poselisted. Only put one in your game or you'll have two in your game.


Sunny's Comfort Pt.2-Poselisted

Sunny's Comfort Pt.2-NOT Poselisted

If you used my poses in your game I WANNA SEE! Leave a linky dink in the comments or tag me on tumblr (sunnyssims) and I'll leave some love back!


  1. Aw, poor guy. =( Great poses though, as usual. =)

    1. Yeah. =( But guys cry too... sometimes. Don't tell Colin though. He'd probably call those guys wussies... or something much worse. xD You're welcome!