Friday, October 23, 2015

Downloads-Poses-Emotional Reaction Pt.2

Happy Simblreen! Have some poses.

6 Poses of varying reactions originally used in Secrets of the Sixkillers and one random reaction used for Simblreen that I couldn't resist offering because we made such archaic gestures of disgust when I was growing up with the dinosaurs thank you very much.

As per usual, the above images are included in the download. There are two options, poselisted and NOT poselisted. Only put one in your game at a time. Otherwise you'll have two in your game.

Huge thanks to Gemma for giggling over the gag me pose with me.


Sunny's Emotional Reaction Pt.2-Poselisted

Sunny's Emotional Reaction Pt.2- NOT Poselisted

I truly hope you enjoy! If you use these poses in your game and post the pictures somewhere I'd LOVE to see! Leave a link in the comments or tag me on Tumblr (sunnyssims) and I'll leave some love back!


  1. Poor confused Mariah, she's her own worst enemy. I love that pose you made for her though---the crying one---and I chuckled at the gag one---I taught my kids that, so they can be archaic with me, lol

    1. I love that crying one too. <3 Took me hours to get it just so.

      Yay for archaic kids! lol