Sunday, September 1, 2013

Downloads- Poses- Sunny's Sadness and Sympathy Poses

This is a pose pack from my Wordless Wonder chapter. These were made just for Ignacio and Sabria, which means Sabria's poses were originally made for Photoskinned clothing. I have since made iterations for meshed clothing so that if anyone wanted to use them the hand wouldn't clip (as badly). This package also includes bonus poses that are too intimate for a mother and son, but which suggested themselves simply from the positions they were in. Also, can I just say that the sadness and sympathy pose13 totally makes me want to stage a prom where prince charming comes to claim the wall flower's hand? The download includes: 24 poses plus variations for meshed clothing on the 'sympathy' poses, and images including the posecodes. These poses are not pose list compatible currently. Hopefully when I get more time I can make them compatible.

Big note on this one: There is no a_sunny_sad_iggy1. I fingergunned it into oblivion after it morphed into something it was never supposed to be on accident. (Think Hulk accident. It really did morph and I have no idea how I did that.) Also, there is no a_sunny_sad_iggy5. Let's just say it essploded, that way everyone will be safe. O_o

Seriously, yo. Her hands move up. It's just hard to see it in the preview pics.

I really hope your imagination finds ways to use this pose pack outside of just the scene it was created for. And if you use my poses I'd Love to stalk you and see for myself, just leave a link in the comments below. I'll even leave a comment in return! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


  1. This one is my favourite pack. I'll definately be able to use this one, paahaa! Nice and depressing.

    Also, that up-shot of 'Sarbriahrs' face is so amazing.

    1. Oh yay! I'm glad you like it and will be able to use it! Oh yes. It's dead depressing isn't iiiitttt.... OOoooooohohohohhh m m mmmmmmmyyyyy lllllllkkkkkkkekekeeeeeeeeyeyyyyyybbbbbbobobooooaoaoaoaaararararararrrrrrrddddddddddd jjjjjssususususususuststststttt t ddddidididiiiiiidddddddddd sssssosososososomomomomeoeeeeeetttthththhhiiiiiiiininnnngngnggg rrrrerereeeaaallllllllylylylylyly wwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeiiiiirrrrdd.. OOOoohohohh gggggooooooooddddyy.

    2. Ok. Now that's fixed. (Though I had no idea you could adjust that just by hitting random buttons on your keyboard O_o) It's dead depressing isn't it? lol. At least they both cheer up a bit at the end. Ha!

    3. Something with the repeat rate. Most likely something only my ADD and I can do. *facepalm