Sunday, September 1, 2013

Download- Poses- Sunny's Wonder Mini Pose Pack

I really shouldn't release this but I'm going to. I made this pose after seeing another pose where I loved the positions and the emotion conveyed but was horrified at the clipping and twisting and brokenness of it. At first I really freaked out about stealing intellectual property until someone else pointed out that the pose I used as my inspiration had been copied from another pose and posemaker whose original was far superior to the one I had copied from.

In the end I'm releasing it because the true original was by Delight33 and my entire Wordless Wonder chapter was inspired by her poses and site. While my pose pales in comparison to her original I do want to offer it so I can have an opportunity mention how inspired I am by her.

This pose is NOT for a pregnant sim. It is for a non showing/non pregnant sim. I used this pose in story for Layla and Ignacio. Each download includes: 2 poses, and images including posecodes. One of the downloads has the posepack enabled for the poselist, the other is purely if you want to input names and don't use the poselist. ONLY INSTALL ONE. Also, do NOT request other posepacks to be poselist enabled. I will get to them when I can darn it.


  1. Hehe :D You know Delight33 won't mind the plug, and unlike the other person (who we won't mention) who actually stole these, you didn't claim as your own, and so unlike him/her we don't have to worry about a lawsuit :)

    1. I hope she doesn't mind the plug. lol. Yeah, there's no way I'll mention that other posemaker or link to it. Just gross. Lol! I'm more worried about stepping on toes than anything else. Ha!