Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Downloads- Objects- Party Streamers

It's.My.BIRTHDAY!!! Which means:
Wait though, there aren't NEARLY enough party decorations for Sims3 out there!
 So I reached into my magic bag and pulled some new party decor out. xD

Look! Faux Twisted Crepe Paper Streamers!

With 2 recolorable channels!

Optional ribbons for the ends! Just one hanging down?

Or is two more your style?
 They're shiftable! They're stackable! They come with 4 presets! They were featured in my story!

I will admit that when placing next to a perpendicular wall the wall tends to swallow the ends, this is also true of the end ribbons. They no longer clip into the ceiling though when they're shifted that high. lol. I was just too lazy to take a new preview pic to prove their shiftiness.
And while you can put patterns on the swags, it looks pretty crappy on them. Patterns on the end ribbons look awesome. (Smoothing groups on these babies gave me grief m'kay?)

You will need to use MOO to put the ribbons on the swags. :D

So throw a party or decorate your prom with Sunny's Faux Crepe Paper Streamers today!
Found in... brace yourself... Misc. Decor , or Party, for §5.

Standard TOU applies: Do NOT reupload ANYWHERE else for any reason, EVER. PERIOD.
Do NOT claim as your own.
Do NOT include with your own upload. Please link back to this page.

DOWNLOAD- Sunny's Party Streamers

Huge thanks to Misty for patiently, wearily, saying 'Of course you do' when I told her I had yet another project started. (She could have hit me upside the head and chose not to.) And then for putting up with all the pictures once I'd finished. *hugs and kisses for you! You're amazing!

And THANK YOU! For stopping by to help make my birthday more awesome! You're awesome!

Now then! Go to the next post to get my next gift to you! I saved the best for last!