Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Downloads- Poses- Spin The Bottle

Aaand I'm back with more! Three gifts down, one more to go. This one has been in the works for several months now. Not that the stepping stones didn't take months of tweaking, but this one has had a lot of love put into it and I really hope you all like it. Introducing: Spin the Bottle, a posepack for teens and adults.

This posepack is kind of huge. 26 poses huge.
There are a ton of options on this one. For teens only, for adults only, for both. Poselisted, not poselisted on it all.
The bottle I used for spinning can be found HERE. Either the accessory or the laying down bottle object will work just fine. You'll need to use Alt+Shifting to position the object, but it's very easy.

Standard TOU applies: Do NOT reupload my work ANYWHERE for any reason, EVER. PERIOD.
Do NOT claim as your own.
Do NOT include with your own upload. Please link back to this page.

Do enjoy these!

Each archive contains the posecoded images above.

For Adults
For Teens

NOT Poselisted:
For Adults
For Teens

Super Huge THANK YOU and HUGS to Nirar for suggesting these. What a great idea!

Just as huge a thanks goes out to: Gemma for Rose Mattell and Myles Belcher;
Ali for Dorylis Yat Sen;
Buckley for Luca McKinley (I messed up his hair, SORRY!);
and Nirar (again!) for (Claudio) Monty and Jaxine McAllister (I Really messed up Monty's hair! Ack!) all of whom appear in the above photoshoot. Thank you guys so much for your lovely sims!

And finally, thank YOU! I truly hope you enjoy all of these. If you do use them, I would Love to see them in your game. Leave a link and I'll respond with some Love.

Sadly folks, that's the end of my bag of tricks for this year.
However, this date next year is only 366 (leap year folks) days away. ;)

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  1. Ahhhh..your poses are sooooo cute. Thank you very much! Can´t wait to try them out. If it doesn´t bother you to much, do you by chance know the name of the Hair of your Model with the pose a_sunny_stb6b(+)...I am searching like crazy for it.