Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Downloads- Objects- Stepping Stone Rugs




 So! ♫♪Stepping Stones, Stepping stones, Stepping stones, Stepping stones. Never need a reason, never need a rhyme. Stepping sto-ones Stepping.stones!♪♫  The audio is crap, but it's the tune that counts. <3

 Have some stepping stone rugs for your game!

These babies gave me so much grief. So.Much.Grief. But I learned a lot about the shaders in game and how they work so Yay!

Three presets!

Fully mapped with one recolorable channel!

 They float on water!

Your sims walk right through them with nary a routing error! WIN!

Wait no longer, act today! Download the stepping stones and make that rocky path go your sims way!

Found under Decor->Rugs. OR in Outdoors>Accents or Lawn Ornaments for §15 each.

Standard TOU applies, Do NOT reupload ANYWHERE for ANY reason, PERIOD. EVER.
Do NOT claim as your own.
Do NOT include with your own uploads. Please link back to this page.

DOWNLOAD Sunny's Stepping Stone Rugs!

Huge thanks to Misty for putting up with my neverending "I've been poking around and I think if I do this, that might happen and I might like it better." Incessant. There are about 6 versions of these rugs prior to these and I believe Misty tried most of them in her own game, patiently placing them over and over and taking pics for me. She didn't even get the final 2 versions I felt so bad. =D

My thanks to Suza at http://www.simplystyling.de/. It was her stepping stones that got me to thinking it could be doable to make rock shaped rugs.

And thanks to YOU for stopping by to help celebrate the greatest day ever! Thank you! Want more birthday gifts from me? Go on to the next post!


  1. Happy Birthday, and THank You for all the awesome gifts!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you're doing something awesome. And thank you for all of these lovely gifts! <3

    1. Thank you! I'm having entirely too much fun with the gifs today. HA! You're quite welcome, love! <3

  3. Lol. Yes, you were incessant! But they turned out lovely!