Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Downloads- Poses- CouchKiss

Birthday madness continues with Poses!!! 'Cause that's what I do. Poses. ;)

They're so cute aren't they? <3 I'mma just eat them up. <3

Oh hush, Ms.P.

Two poses, her and him. Posecoded image included in the download. One poselisted, one not. If you use a different couch you might need to alt+shift it or use an OMSP to lower/raise it.

Standard TOU applies: Do NOT upload anywhere else for any reason, EVER. PERIOD.
Do NOT claim as your own.
Do NOT include with your own upload. Please link back here.
Do NOT tweak and offer as your own.

Do Enjoy! If you use it in game, take a pic and post it online somewhere I'd LOVE to see! Leave a link and I'll leave some love in return!

NOT Poselisted

Huge thanks to Hyperkaos for the wonderful feedback when I got too close to these and couldn't see the forest for the trees. You're a gem, darling!

Thanks to Misty for laughing with me when the anatomy went hilariously wrong. I have horrible aim. Ha!

And a GIANT thanks to you for helping celebrate my birthday today! Woot! Let's go party!

Want more birthday goodies from me? Go on to the next post!


  1. HA. That was a rather interesting anatomy OOPS

  2. Interesting is about the best thing you could say about that. HA!