Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chapter 1.14

Chapter 1.14- How Fires Start

                Birthdays are a big deal when you are little, and the three that care enjoy making as big a deal as they can. An enormous cake, candles, music in the background, and Buck with a noisemaker all help make Cyrus feel special.

                It isn’t until Buck blows as hard as he can on the paper horn that Helen realizes something isn’t quite right. Maybe Buck blew too hard. Maybe the candles were faulty.

                Helen walked away trying to get Cyrus away from the flames that were creeping up the table legs. Once Buck finally realized what was going on he drew a deep breath before becoming momentarily frozen.

                It's only when the flames begin to lick the ceiling that Buck drops his arms. His life flashes before his eyesassuring him he can only fear for his life.
                It surprised Helen to watch Buck race out the front door without a word, but Helen kept her head and dialed the emergency line.

                Figuring that Buck is outside Helen snatched Cyrus and put the boy outside where Buck can keep an eye on him. Phedra is napping in her crib, she’ll get her next. But it takes her second trip to finally register what it is she’s stepping over as she goes in and out.
                It’s Buck. The fire inside making him unable to cope with the world.

                Hearing the fire truck nearing Helen races back inside, hoping to point the way. (Cause, you know, the house is huge and they might not know where the fire is…O_o)

                Helen is shocked to see the firefighters act like they don’t really know what to do. One simply looks on as the other futilely battles a blaze that is growing. Finally, out of frustration and fear that the house will burn down completely if she doesn't do something, Helen grabs the extinguisher out of a cabinet and attempts to help.

                If Helen had been paying more attention, she’d have noticed that she left the front door wide open. Most importantly, she would have noticed that her little boy had walked right back in. In normal moments, this would have mortified Helen. In Cyrus' opinion, this was the show of his life. He had a great time.

                Giving a final blast with her near empty extinguisher while the firefighters look around the soot blackened room Helen is extremely relieved that she can see no more flames.
                ‘I could have done it myself if I’d known these two would be worthless,' Helen thinks.

                Rubbing  her neck, and panting Helen takes a better look at the rest of the room. The table is done for, as are most of the chairs, but they can replace those easily. Thankfully, the flames seemed to stay confined to the table.
                She looks up, trying to see the damage on the ceiling when she notices both women are glowering at her.

                “Wow! Thanks, you guys! Looks like the fire is out now!” Helen’s eyes are wide, and the women’s silent disapproval is making her extremely uncomfortable.
                The dark haired one stares silently at Helen. Her disapproval almost visible in the still smoky room.

                Buck finally reenters the house, picking up Cyrus, making sure that he’s ok when the dark haired firewoman speaks.
                “Ma’am,”she says in a harsh voice. “You really shouldn’t play with matches. It’s not safe, and it’s how fires can start.”
                “But, I wasn’t playing with matches,” Helen is shocked. “It’s my sons birthday we were-“
                “-Ma’am? Don’t play with matches. It’s not safe and it’s how fires start.”
Helen drops it, realizing this woman has no sense of how fire can be fun. (Gosh that sounds awful-says the daughter of the town pyromaniac)
                “Ok. No more matches for me,” Helen’s voice is over-bright and falsely cheery, but it’s lost on the irate woman.
                “We’ll leave now,” she responds. “And remember, only you can prevent house fires. Don’t play with matches.”

                Buck had been roused by two sisters who live near-by. They had been worried by the fire truck and the ‘dead’ man laying on the ground outside.
                Helen invites them in for a second attempt at Cyrus’ birthday. She's so frazzled that it's only after they're in the house that she realizes the girls are Trenton’s step-children. One of them, the pink one, is Sadie, her niece, William’s daughter. Though she highly doubts Lily Pad would have ever told the girl the family connection. They make Helen a little more wary, than she would be otherwise and regrets inviting them in for cake.
                Buck just ignores them all. He’s still a little groggy, and just wants this birthday celebration to be over.

               After blowing out his candles, (with Buck's help this time), Buck sets Cyrus on the floor. He’s excited for his little buddy to grow up and is planning on their first big boy fishing trip when a little noise from Helen distracts him.

               Helen is surprised Buck doesn’t pass out again.

              It’s pretty typical, though, that instead of being elated over his dearest wish coming true, instead he is only focused on his fear of doctors.
             “You know what this means,” Buck asks through chattering teeth. “Doctors. We’re going to have to see doctors, lots and lots of them!”
              “Yeah,” Helen barely hears him.

                Cyrus' clapping finally gets Buck out of his own head. He now realizes just what this means.
                “We’re going to have a baby!”
                Helen is happy, don’t doubt her, but another long slog losing her figure, aches and pains abounding, isn’t the most joyous of news to her. Especially not after tonights fire.

                The radio is playing “Walk Like an Egyptian” which inspires Cyrus to try just that when the sparkles overtake him.

                He looks so much like Norris, that Helen is overcome for a moment. He may have her hair color and mouth, but everything else is from his father. Except the olive green eyes. Those belong to Peter, her brother.

                It's only after everyone enjoys cake, and Buck goes in for his shift, that Cyrus finally notices the new girls in the house to help celebrate his birthday.
                Cyrus is excited that one of the girls is his age. He wants to talk to Olivia, get to know her, make friends, but she sounds just like his mom. All she can talk about is how much she hates dirty dishes, and germs.

                He walks away, saddened by her topic choice, but he’s quickly buoyed up again when she runs up to him, punching his arm and yelling “Tag!”
                Maybe he’s got a friend after all.
                Helen isn't so sure.
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1.) Ok, There are no good shots of Sadie because she did nothing... NOTHING... but talk to the fridge the entire time. Totally not useable. Enough of that...
2.) Love love LOVE Buck passed out in front of the house. That made me lol SO much when he did it! I love Buck.
3.) And I'm sorry this was awfully choppy. I just couldn't make the fire flow the way I wanted to.
4.) Generational Goals has been updated with Cyrus as a child and his new trait.
5.) Seriously. My Dad is one of the notable pyros in his town. It's only because a cousin (nephew for him) is a fire chief that they only keep a close EYE on him instead of putting him in jail every time one of his "little burns" gets out of control and another building burns down. I love my dad. Okay. Fine. I admit. Fire is Fun.


  1. Buck is a gem! I adore him.
    The whole birthday fire scenario was hilarious. The don't play with matches things made me lol.

    1. I couldn't resist. Both of the firefighters had these super stern expressions and thought bubbles of matches instead of the fire picture. Usually, my dad gets a lecture after each of the fires he starts that the fire dept. has to control. So it's true to life for me.

  2. Lmfao poor buck had so many shocks! I wonder if he will faint when she goes into labor.

    1. He doesn't handle the unexpected very well does he? lol

  3. HAHALOLLL this was soooo funny!! <3 Buck, your reactions are so funny, I love you more each chapter and I don't care that you're having a baby with someone else, one day...
    "The radio is playing “Walk Like an Egyptian” which inspires Cyrus to try just that when the sparkles overtake him."
    I'm dead now...

    PS, did you notice that in the screen where Buck is scared of doctors, Helen is considering abortion... 0_o

    1. I did, only I decided to turn author commentary off for that part. In all honesty, I wasn't sure if she was wanting to terminate baby or Buck. Or maybe another pregnancy was going to kill her. I can try to figure out how to package sims and upload Buck somewhere if you'd like. I've though about researching that... just haven't done it yet.

    2. Haha, I hadn't thought of those other options. It's ok, I probably wouldn't play him that much and he'd get ruined by story progression. I like just reading about him. For now, anyway ;)

    3. I'll save him somewhere safe just in case then. lol

  4. I loved the lecture from the firefighters, and I have to admit, I like fire too (although I only ever play with fire in strictly controlled situations)

    1. Yeeeeeaaaaah... that's what my dad says... ;) lol. I've never had firefighters spawn and behave that way in game before. It was like they secretly had the rebellious trait and were using their push allowance to the max. Then they got all angry about it.

  5. Sim Firefighters - you nailed them! XD And Buck is hilarious!

    1. Thanks! I knew the firefighters were (in general in my game) unfriendly, but yeesh. These ladies were brutal! And I'm going to have to slip a coward or two into each generation from now on. They make great little actions!

  6. I love that Helen is the tough guy in the relationship. Poor Buck. Fires and babies are so much to handle!

    1. lol. A lot of life is too much for poor Buck to handle.

    Wow, I've never had a birthday cake make everything catch fire like that. I AM MISSING OUT ON LIFE!!!!! :)
    I have a new 'thing' to accomplish now: fire from birthday cake. It used to be to make ambrosia, but I did that. Hey! I have a new goal! XD

    One time, my sister thought she was being "helpful." My mom had scooped out (with the little shovel-looking thing) the soot from the fireplace. We have one of those Fisher wood burning stove thingies. Well, the typical way to do that was to dump all the soot into an old washtub, 'bout 2 ft wide maybe. Then, she'd go set it on the concrete sidewalk, wait several days in case there are any live embers, and go dump it in the woods. Not 36 hours had gone by, and my sister thought she'd do a good deed and keep Mom from having to lug that heavy washtub with pathetic handles into the woods. (Our woods, btw.) She goes out and dumps it and happily goes back inside. About 45 minutes later, she looks out the window and the woods are on fire!!! It was just her and our two other younger sisters, about 10 and 8. The 8 year old gets on the phone to call 911 while her and the 10, maybe 11 year old desperately start spraying the woods with the garden hose. The fire department got there before it could reach the house, and the woods recovered, but my sister learned her lesson!

    Oh, and I thought for sure the firewoman in this chapter was going to get onto her about calling for the fire dept with no fire since Helen put it out. I hate it when they do that. "Yeah, you took too long, so I put it out myself." "Well, don't call the fire department when there's no fire! Here's a $500 fine." -.-

    1. Lol! Yay for a new thing to do in game! lol. Not sure you really want that huge of a fire though. Ha! I tend to have horrible luck with birthday cake fires in game, too. This one wasn't legacy threatening like the most recent one was. However, the most recent birthday cake fire was officially the most severe. I have Got to get pics of that one up. It nearly ended the legacy!

      LOL! Such a wonderful helping dear! Wow! That's quite a fire! My dad usually starts small "trash fires" on purpose. 5 hours and 4 fire trucks later he'll admit that he hadn't prepared that well. lol. So at least his fires are intentional. Ha!

      Yeah, that's the one that'll get ya. Though I think in this instance they just gave Helen dirty looks. (Cheaper than $500 on a starter legacy's salary!) One of the firewomen actually used her extinguisher is why I think the fine didn't happen this time. Maybe. lol