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Chapter 1.27-1-3am Friday Morning

Chapter 1.27- Carried Through

Nearly 20 years ago, when the town was full to bursting with sims in a rainbow of hues the police department had received a massive overhaul to incorporate a picture of the town leader on almost every surface. When Sim Nation had reclaimed the local government the police department had immediately been closed down, the building boarded up. Now, what has been resurrected of the department resides in City Hall. In the basement.

            There had been plenty of plans throughout the years to tear the old department down and build a more suitable building in its place, but funding never seemed to come through.
            Add to that the very small number of sims actually living in town now coupled with an incredibly low crime rate and no one was pushing too hard for new one.  No one, except for members of the police force and the handful of miscreants regularly brought in for a variety of normally petty reasons.

            In fact, it was the committal of just such a petty crime for which Helen had been called that morning. Still bleary eyed and wishing she had bathed before bed she trudged around in the murky lighting that made the low ceiled halls feel even more like a dungeon.
            “How very appropriate,” she thought, turning into a door where an officer sat. Seeing her though the glass he pushed a button releasing the lock on the door and allowing her admission.

            “Who are you here for?” He asked Helen without preamble. Helen had expected to be met with gruffness, but not quite so soon. Before answering, she checked his badge.
            “Cyrus Sixkiller, Officer Langley,” she said, trying to remain polite. Trying oh so hard to remain polite.

            The officer gave her a reproachful look full of teasing.
            “Actually, it’s Sergeant Langley,” he smiled just a bit. “I got prompted just yesterday.”
            Helen remained mute as he puffed his chest out. Seeing that she had no intentions of responding he shrugged.
            “Take a seat over there,” he pointed to a couple of loveseats pushed haphazardly into a cluttered corner. “Lieutenant Renteria is in charge of Mr.Sixkiller’s case. I’ll go get her.”

            Helen sat looking around. The office had an air of temporary permanence about it. It was shabby and cluttered. Trash lay near baskets, but not actually in them. Boxes were everywhere. Obviously they were desperately in need of more file storage.
            Staring at post-it notes stuck on the wall by the Sergeant’s desk she hadn’t noticed the woman who had walked up and who was now staring at her.
            “Mrs. Sixkiller?”
            Helen jumped, trying to force a smile at the person who spoke.
            “Did you bring the identification documents I asked you about over the phone?”
            Helen nodded and reaching inside her jacket handed the woman several notebooks.
            “Follow me, please.”

            Following Lt. Renteria was a little more challenging than she had expected. There were books and papers strewn almost carelessly on the floor. Helen frowned. Her OCD could never handle working in such a confined space, nor would it ever allow her to not pick up all the mess.
            “Watch your step!” Chucked Sergeant Langley as he passed them. Obviously, her disapproval showed.
            Lieutenant Renteria huffed. “Langley? Why on Sim Planet is there a sticky note on my office wall? Could you not have just stuck your thick little neck in and told me?”
            “Then I would miss out on the thrill of annoying you,” There was a smirk behind his words. “Ready to move me back to day shift yet?”
            “Not on your life,” The Lieutenant answered, ripping the pink post-it off the cubicle wall.

            Entering the cubicle, Lt. Renteria indicated a seat for Helen to take as she read over the note.  Placing the notebooks gently on her desk, she crumpled the post-it and carefully made sure it went into the basket.
            “If you will give me just a moment to input the information you just gave me into Mr.Sixkiller’s file, I will tell you just why you are here.” The woman turned to Helen, using a softer tone this time.

            As the sound of the Lieutenant typing began, Helen took the opportunity to steal a few glances around the cubicle itself. Though it was small, it was neat and clean which made it stand out from the rest of the department by miles. It also put Helen enough at her ease to let some of her frustration show finally.
            How could she have not had a closer eye on Cyrus? On the drive over, she had mulled over memories that she seemed to have forgotten. How could she have forgotten? It was so important! But whatever was blocking her memory before was gone now, and she vowed never to let her son out of the house again.
            Finally, Lt. Renteria looked up, closing the notebooks Helen had brought with her.

            “Ok, I have just a few questions for you Mrs. Sixkiller,” she said softly, looking up over her computer screen. “There is paperwork in here that indicates that Mr. Cyrus Sixkiller was adopted as a child by a  Mr.Buck Sixkiller who is also your husband, is this correct?”
            Helen nodded stiffly, her frown deepening.
            “Ok,” Lieutenant Renteria looked back at the monitor for a moment, adding notes.
            Helen returned her gaze to the floor suddenly upset over this intrusion into her family’s private matters. The kids didn’t even know that Buck had had to adopt them. Cyrus had just been told that he was no longer Cyrus Blue, which had been Helen’s maiden-name. He had assumed with the innocence of childhood that when Buck had married Helen, he had married Cyrus and Phedra too. Helen hadn’t felt it necessary to tell him then that Buck wasn’t really his or Phedra’s dad. In fact, she still didn’t feel it was necessary. For anyone to know. Ever.

            “Alright, that seems to be all in order, then,” the Lieutenant said, looking up and down her monitor. “Ok, now you were called here because we picked up your son, Cyrus Sixkiller tonight. He had broken into the school and was attempting to vandalize a rather large cage of frogs that were being held in the science department of the school. We have surveillance footage showing Mr.Sixkiller in the act.” She paused. “However, there is some good news.”

            Helen looked up sharply. Good news? With your son in jail? Riiiiight.
            “When school administrators were contacted they were more than ready to vouch for Mr. Sixkillers behavior. In fact, they have agreed not to press charges provided Mr. Sixkiller write a letter of apology to the school board and the school’s administration which he can then read aloud at the next school board meeting. If they feel he has shown proper remorse for what he has done they will let him off with a warning and in-school suspension only.”
            Helen didn’t reply. She merely rolled her eyes, returning her gaze to the dirty Berber carpeting.

            Helen’s behavior was starting to worry Lt. Renteria.
            “Mrs. Sixkiller?” She asked. “I just told you your son could be let off the hook with only a few hours in holding and no legal counseling necessary. Most parents would be jumping with joy.”
            Helen sighed heavily. “Only I’m still pissed he attempted such a thing in the first place. Why was he breaking into the school? Why the science lab? How did I not realize he wasn’t at home and in bed where he belonged? He should have known better. I know he does know better! I taught him better than that! This is inexcusable.”

            Standing, Lt. Renteria came around the desk trying to force Helen to look at her.
            “Mrs.Sixkiller? Your son spent his first half-hour here crying so badly we thought we’d have to get medical personnel in to take care of him. He’s admitted to everyone who would listen that what he did was wrong and that he wishes he had never even had the idea. In fact? His idea was at least a somewhat high-minded one. He was going to release the frogs before they could be dissected. In his words: Mass-murdered.  When we told the Principal that he actually laughed. We woke the man up at 12:30 this morning and he laughed. Told us that Mr.Sixkiller isn’t any trouble and even that he admired the gumption it took for him to break in. Also, he caused only minimal damage to two locks.”
            Again, the Lieutenant was sharp. “You will agree to cover the cost of the locks, keys and the labor to replace them, understood?”
            Helen nodded, still contemplating the floor.

            Lt. Renteria sighed, pursing her lips and shaking her head at Helen who didn’t see.
            “Well,” she said. “I guess all that is left is to go and get Mr.Sixkiller. Are you ready?”
            Helen leaned forward, looking up at the woman in exasperation. She’d never be ready to see her son in jail. Never.
            “Ok,” Lt. Renteria was getting irritated now. “Fine. You may not be ready but it’s time. I’ve already explained to Mr.Sixkiller the situation and what he has to do. We’ll just have to sign him out to you and there will be a few papers you’ll have to sign.”
            She reached behind her on the desk and handed the notebooks back over to Helen with a sharp look.
            “We’ll need Sgt. Langley with us when we go in to the holding area. I have to ask you to please not speak to any of the others in holding even if they attempt to speak to you. Do you understand?”
            Again, Helen mutely nodded.
            “Then let’s go and collect the Sergeant and then your son.”

            The hallway was even worse than Helen had remembered as the trio walked to the door she had peered in when first arriving.
            Sgt. Langley led the way, but paused considering the security panel in front of him.
            “If only I could be moved back to day shift, maybe when I’m not so tired I can remember the code to get in there better…”
            “Alright, alright, keep your shirt on.” He answered placing his finger on a print scanner before punching an impossibly long code into the panel.
            After an eternity to Helen, the door made a series of loud beeps followed by the *click* of a lock being released. Sgt. Langley stood aside to let Lt. Renteria in first, his eyes following her back through the door. Helen decided she didn’t like Langley. He was entirely too flippant for a police officer.

            Helen’s anger toward Cyrus grew with each and every step she took through the large room containing the holding cell. Two of those inside paid attention to their entrance. Though the others, including Cyrus seemed to be in their own worlds. One of those paying attention was writhing and undulating on the floor. She was moving from one provocative position to the next in a motion so fluid Helen was momentarily mesmerized. It took the woman’s sultry smile at Helen to get her to snap her focus back to her son, disgusted with herself.
            And there he sat, hunched over his knees. The only thing Helen could find to be happy about was that he was ignoring the show given by the woman on the floor.

            “Mr. Sixkiller?” Lt. Renteria called. “There’s someone here for you.”
            Helen put her sternest expression on as he finally looked up, closing his eyes painfully when he saw Helen.
During the interminable wait he’d been hoping Buck would be the one to come and get him. Wasn’t this type of thing a dad’s job? At least, that’s the reasoning he’d come up with. His mom was the last person he wanted to face. She’d never understand. She’d never understood.

            Slowly, with lead in his stomach, his heart in his throat, Cyrus stood and walked to the door of the holding cell.
            As he did, the woman on the floor rolled onto her stomach and started to sing to the drain in the floor, tracing a finger lightly along the square holes in the metal plate, her eyes swimming in their sockets.
            “Mr.Sixkiller, I’ve explained the situation to your mother. She knows what happened. I’ve also explained to her the terms of your release, which I’ve already discussed with you. Are you ready to live up to your part of the bargain?”
            Cyrus nodded glumly as the woman’s singing grew in volume. His eyes flicked toward her. To him, the words she sang sounded like gibberish.

            Lieutenant Renteria looked sharply at the woman.
            “Langley?” she called over her shoulder. Langley was on a computer behind them with Helen’s notebooks on the desk beside him. He was typing furiously trying to get identification and release papers ready.
            “Has tox been down to see to Ms.Richardson?”
            “Then let’s get them down here. Now. I really don’t want her to blow on my watch. And if she does you’re doing the paperwork, understood?
            Cyrus’ eyes flicked toward his irate mother momentarily. Reading her extreme disgust of the situation, he quickly looked away, back at the floor. Behind Helen, Langley had taken a break from typing and was talking on the phone to someone; presumably someone from the toxicology department.

            Lt. Renteria finally walked forward, taking a large ring of keys out of her pocket as she did so.
            “Come on, Mr.Sixkiller,” she said. “It’s almost time to go home.”
            Cyrus obediently walked through once she had the cell door open. As she relocked it, he joined Helen, at a safe distance, in waiting on Langley to finish the paperwork.
            “Mr.Sixkiller?” The Lieutenant had finished relocking the door and was behind Sergeant Langley. “Mr.Sixkiller I hope you realize that if you choose to break the law again you will not be let off so lightly. You will be charged and prosecuted. Do you understand?”
            Cyrus nodded, lowering his head further, wishing a worm hole would open in the floor to swallow him.

            Finally, Sgt. Langley shoved several papers and a pen across the desk toward Helen. She bent over and signed where indicated.
            After she had pushed the papers back toward Sgt. Langley he offered her back the notebooks which she again stowed in her jacket. Without another word she turned and walked toward the outer door.
            Once Helen was within a few steps of exiting, the Lieutenant spoke again.
            “Mr.Sixkiller? I kind of thought you wanted to go home.”
            Cyrus looked up, then did a double take before running to catch up to his mom.
            “Stay outta trouble, Mr.Sixkiller. I don’t want to see you in here again.” Lt. Renteria called toward his retreating back.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            Once outside, Helen had struggled getting behind the wheel. Finally, she extracted the notebooks, throwing them at Cyrus who was sitting in the passenger seat. The ride home was silent, and Cyrus practically ran in the door once they had arrived. Unfortunately, Helen did run.
            “What the hell were you thinking?” She kept her voice just below a yell, but the snarl on her face still carried through to her words.
            Heart pounding, Cyrus raised his hands, trying to ward off the attack he was sure was coming based on her expression and previous forward rush.

            Helen took a single step forward, one hand balled into a fist. The other curling, clutching at the air, wishing it were her sons hair she could grasp.
            “Do you know what I thought when I got a call at 1 o’clock this morning telling me my son, MY SON was in jail??? I though surely not, my son is a well-mannered, well-behaved boy who would never even consider breaking the law! But NO! I’m WRONG! My son is indeed a delinquent!
            Helen’s words were getting more and more shrill. Cyrus had finally lowered his hands, realizing that his mother wasn’t going to get any closer to him than she already was. He also knew that she was right. He was officially a delinquent.

            “Then it occurred to me, I should have known you’d be capable of such a thing. After all, you’ve been capable of carrying on a relationship with that little slut Olivia behind my back for so long.”
            Cyrus’ face burned, tears forming in his eyes. He couldn’t believe his mother knew, or that she’d say such a thing. His mouth opened and closed soundlessly as he tried to find the right words to sting his mother with. However, Helen was not at a loss for words yet.
            “Never. Absolutely never will you be allowed to see her again. I swear to PlumbBob that if I ever hear anything about the two of you being spotted together, or if you even think of her, I’ll ship you off to a boarding school so fast your head will spin.
            “And that’s not all. You’re grounded, to the house grounded, from the phone grounded, until you graduate. There will never again be a moment where someone is not watching you the remainder of your time under my roof. Do you understand? I’ll even call the school to make sure you’re under surveillance there as well.”

            Finally, Cyrus could handle no more. He stopped trying to think up a come back, an excuse. Helen had said it all.
            Crying bitterly, he rushed past Helen and went into his room, almost slamming the door before he remembered the sleeping Galen and instead closing it softly against Helen’s furious glare.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

            A little break for now. Cyrus’ misery continues next chapter.
            I realize that a lot of that was a little stiff, but I'm still getting used to getting the angles right for posing. I'll figure it out. Really.
And for those in the know, the chick on the floor I was having entirely too much fun with in the holding cell? That's a heavily made over June Shallow. Just because she annoyed me once. MWUUUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!


  1. :o

    Omg, seriously?

    Cyrus, you so naughty.

    This is the time when we need a 'clip round the ear' pose. Haha, I'd have given him a swift one if he was my son. How embarrassing for Helen!
    It would have gone a lot differently if Buck had gone, (although, being the adoptive father rather than the birth father it would have made less sense) and I think Cyrus may have felt worse because his speech would've been calmer but more 'I'm very disappointed in you, you've let us all down' etc etc.

    I loved the holding cell, the entire set tbh. (In England, we don't tend to have more than one person per cell at a police station because of murder/discussing stories. I realise it's more common in the US now I think back to anything I've ever watched with somene getting arrested in)
    You must've spent ages setting this up, I love it!
    There's a set coming up in my story in a couple of chapters time, that I spend 3 HOURS making, only to use two corners of it lol! You can't even see any of the stuff that took me ages because it was in the wrong parts! But it is a re-usable set, so it's ok.
    How long did this set take to make?

    (Sorry, long comment :|)

    1. I've never actually been priviledged (LOL) enough to see a holding cell myself. I'm totally going off of TV and movies. lol! Usually I try to do a little real life research, but I had in my head what I wanted and just went with that. Also, I had a lot of fun with the extras in the background. There's a whole little story between red and yellow going on back there. WAY to much fun. And that office took me like 8 hours to get right. Each of the cubicles is totally furnished for an imaginary occupant that I fleshed out WAY too much in my head. There were a lot of other shots that showed bits and pieces of their interiors, and sadly, none of them made it. Oh well. I'm dang proud of how complete it is. So thank you!
      Buck probably would have handled it completely different. And I will say that as I know the outcome of all of this, it most likely would have been a better ending for all. But where's the fun writing that? HA! Besides, Cyrus doesn't know that Buck isn't Daddy... *shifty eyes

  2. Silly Cy, as *if* Buck would ever go near a jail voluntarily. perish the thought! lol
    I should've known it was the frogs he was after. I was thinking it had something to do with Olivia for some reason.

    He must be close to adulthood by now though right? How long can Helen hold him back?

  3. Um... How close he is to YA is revealed in 3 chapters. So, that one is coming up. Promise.
    And this is simply what HAPPENED, what Cyrus was planning. Explanations and revelations are still coming with this story line. I gotta draw it out or I'd have nothing going on! lol

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    1. I totally agree that it was out of order. Generally, speaking out of anger is never a good idea. She's met Olivia one time when she was a child and has no right to say such things. Also, it's never a good idea to tell a teenager that they *can't* have/say/do anything. It's guaranteed to come right back around at you.

  5. You really did a great job with that set. Just amazing!
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      There might be more to Cyrus' story. You'll have to see next chapter.

  6. I agree with everyone else. Excellent set work! I think Helen was a little bit too hard on him. It's not like he hurt anyone She's letting her personal feelings about Olivia cloud her judgement. But then again, maybe so did Cyrus...

    1. Thank you! I think her personal feelings are very very much into play here. As for Cyrus...

  7. I agree that Helen was a bit hard on him. Afterall, he's got a soft spot for those frogs.

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    And now, on to the next chapter! I want to know his take on the matter.

    1. Thank you!

      Ah! But is it really what he's up to? ;) And Helen was far too hard on him. I think a little of her guilt in that she's a bit of an absent parent in comparison to Buck probably fueled some of that.

  9. At first, I was mad at Helen because I understood why Cyrus did what he did. But then, I started thinking that I would react the exact same way if my 16-year-old son had done something like that.
    Not happy about her telling him he can't see Olivia anymore, but I knew that was coming.

    1. Helen's reaction was very knee jerk. She reacted that way, because she's a parent. What she has forgotten, both in her reax and in telling him that Olivia is out, was that she was once young and did stupid things too. Yeah, that was coming. *nods

  10. The police station really does look awesome!

    Whoa, Helen overreacted there a little, huh? It's like she just jumped at the excuse to keep Cy away from Olivia :/

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