Friday, January 25, 2013

Chapter 1.24

Chapter 1.24- Tons of Grit

            Another night where Helen decided to check on Barfer, another appearance of the Unicorn.
            Helen stroked the velvety fur on the unicorn’s nose, enjoying the way it nuzzled her gently. When he appeared she often felt calm and relaxed for hours, sleeping deeply and peacefully afterward.
            “Little one, let go.”
            And now, it’s another night where Helen is left alone in the night wondering why she’s in the backyard in the first place.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            Convincing the staff at school to let her out of regular courses and into the more difficult and demanding AP courses took several months of constant study and several tons of grit. But, at last, the teachers and administrators conceded that Phedra indeed had the drive and knowledge to be moved up into these courses early on in her career at the high school. Cyrus is taking several AP courses as well. Though, to his never-ending relief, they are not in the same rooms or classes at the same time.
            However, Phedra can’t resist the opportunity to talk to Cyrus about everything. Her heavy cramming schedule left her with no social life within the high school. And now that she’s the youngest in her classes she’s finding making new friends particularly hard.

            The topic at hand tonight is an upcoming science fair. It’s still a ways away but the teachers are already forcing their students to prepare. Many different schools from all over Sim Nation had been invited to participate and each school was hoping to win the grand prize of ten extra scholarships for their students and grant money for the AP programs.
            The science fair was to be held in the gymnasium with a showcasing of each school’s class projects in the morning. That afternoon was to be a large dissection contest, where each student would showcase their knowledge of biology receiving individual grades. At the end of the day, the school whose class project and individual knowledge cumulative total was highest would win the monetary prizes. All of the teachers were anxious for their students to do well.
            “Now,” Cyrus said. “Now why would I tell you what our class project is going to be?”

            Confused, Phedra takes a second before responding.
            “Because I asked?” she said, frowning. “We’re all on the same team here going into this. And I’m just curious. It’s not like we won’t know what your class is doing tomorrow. Mr.Teal was going to ask your teacher just to make sure we don’t do the same class project as each other.”

            When Cyrus still doesn’t offer her anything to work with, Phedra plows on. In reality she was only asking to be polite. Her class had adopted her idea and she was incredibly proud and anxious to tell someone.
            “We’re going to do an exploration of a delicate ecosystem,” Phedra is beaming with pride. “Show how small changes can shift the balances within them and how the effects can trickle into the wider world with long lasting and far reaching repercussions.”

            Cyrus continues to look blank as Phedra pushes her idea harder. Desperate to get her to shut up Cyrus tries to shift her focus to the second half of the science fair.
            “The dissection,” Cyrus interrupts wearily. “Do you know how much that gym is going to smell with that many of us dissecting at the same time?”

            “Oh, Cyrus! All those poor frogs! And I’m not up to speed on physical biology and anatomy yet! I’ll have no idea what I’m doing and we’re supposed to label it all and separate it and find it-” Phedra wails.
            Surprised doesn’t even begin to describe what Cyrus feels after seeing his sister so visibly shaken. She never, never, has a problem that she can’t conquer through sheer determination. It’s almost upsetting to him to see her distress.

            The bewilderment on Cyrus’ face made Phedra pull up short. She can’t admit a weakness in her education to him! It could ruin every attempt to be the better sibling!
            “I mean,” Phedra backs up to change her tack. ”Those poor frogs!”
            Still confused, Cyrus nods slowly at her, his mouth slightly agape.

            “How would you feel if you were living happily,” Phedra tries to bury her previous statements. “Living free, the way you’re supposed to be. And then, someone snatches you, stuffs you in a jar and then puts that jar in a refrigerator! It’s horrible! It’s inhumane!”
            Cyrus decides she must really mean what she’s preaching about now. She doesn’t get this passionate about nothing… wait a second… she’s this passionate about everything. Just go with it.

            “It’s terrible,” Cyrus agrees, hoping this will get her to end her diatribe sooner. “Terrible what they do to the frogs. And with this many kids coming in just to dissect them, there’ll be hundreds of them whose lives will end in this horrible manner. I just wish there was something we could do for them.”

            Relieved that he isn’t asking about her being woefully ignorant about anatomy, Phedra grabs onto his interest in the plight of the frogs.
            “I know!” She agrees. “If only there was something we could do. But short of staging a protest amongst all the schools… or just getting our hands on the frogs and making them disappear before the dissection takes place, what could we do?”

            During this rare moment of unity amongst the teens, Buck walked in. At first he’s more than thrilled to see that they had an actual conversation about something instead of having it dissolve into a power struggle like normal. But the longer he listens the more concerned he grows. They’re not just having a conversation, they’re being nice and courteous to each other. Does this mean Sim Planet is about to explode? He sure hopes not.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

            “Just try it again,” Layla encourages Galen. “Go over it until you feel comfortable.”
            The twins sit in front of the old dollhouse, each with two dolls clutched tightly in their fists. Galen had imparted the conversation between Phedra and Cyrus to Layla several days ago now. Both were concerned that Phedra was trying to get Cyrus in trouble. They just weren’t sure how.

            “Ok,” Galen said. “Cyrus? I’d like to talk to you.”
            Holding the dolls up higher, he mimes the smaller one walking up to the taller one.
            (In a deeper voice) “Yes Galen? You’d like to speak to me?” Galen waggles the green one as though it is talking.
            “I would indeed, brother. I heard you and Phedra talking about the frogs and it occurred to me that perhaps she is trying to get you to do something that might get you into trouble.” This time the red doll is made to act as though it is talking.
            (Deep Voice) “Trouble?”
            “Yes, Cyrus. Trouble. You should be careful.”
            (Deep Voice) “Well of course I will! Thank you for making me aware of it! I wonder how I didn’t notice that she wants to get me into trouble before! Thank you, brother!” and Galen then makes the dolls “walk” away from the other humming happily.

            “That was awesome!” Layla breathed. “I can never get mine to sound like Cyrus like yours do.”
            “I liked that take better too,” Galen said quietly. “Maybe I ought to go ahead and do it.”
            “You’re all dressed for it,” Layla answered, frowning at Galen in puzzlement. “Dressing nice makes people give you more respeck.”
            Both twins puzzle over that for a moment, looking at each other. Finally Galen shrugs, which is returned by Layla.
            “Mom told you that, huh?”
            “I don’t get it either,” Galen shakes his head, trying to figure his mom out has been something the twins have tried to accomplish for years. “Might as well go and find him. Phedra just left for her extra study sessions at school.”
            “Good luck,” Layla calls to Galen’s back.

            Taking a deep breath, Galen approaches Cyrus with his head high and shoulders back.
            “Cyrus? I’d like to talk to you about Phedra.” He says sternly.
            Surprised, Cyrus turns to face his little brother. The twins are close enough that it’s been difficult to really get to know them as separate units.
            “Ok. What’s up?”
            Galen blinks hard. That wasn’t what ‘Cyrus’ said when he practiced it.
            “Uh…” Galen goes blank momentarily.

            His firm resolve disappearing, Galen drops his gaze trying to remember just what he and Layla had talked about.
            Cyrus waits patiently, finally smiling a little at his confused brother. “Phedra is trying to get me into trouble?”

            “Yes! Yes she is! I’m so glad that you see that she’s trying to get you into trouble too!” Galen is so excited that Cyrus caught on.
            “And I’m afraid that mom will be really mad if you do let Phedra get you into trouble!”
            Cyrus does his best to keep his face straight, but it’s proving difficult.

            “So,” Galen continues. “So please don’t let Phedra get you into trouble with Mom.”
            Cyrus sighs deeply in an effort to keep from laughing. It’s very obvious that Galen is taking this very, very, seriously and he really doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.
            “Galen, thank you for the warning and for looking out for me. I will try my hardest not to let Phedra make mom mad at me. Ok?”  
            This, however, is as much as Cyrus can offer his brother. Quickly, before his laughter bubbles out, he runs off to their shared room leaving Galen in the kitchen.

            Layla had been lurking behind her door during the conversation. The moment she heard the boys’ door close behind Cyrus she came out to talk to Galen.
            “I think that went really well,” Layla said.
            “Harrumph,” Galen snorted. “He didn’t do anything the way he should have.”
            “But he listened,” Layla soothed. “And you told him, and he said he wouldn’t let Phedra get him in trouble.”
            “He didn’t do it right, and I messed up my lines at the start.”
            “Yeah,” Layla looked around for Barfer. “Hey, wanna go play outside with Barfer?”
            There was quiet for a moment as Galen considered.
            “Yeah, ok.”
            And the twins ran off to play, forgetting Cyrus and Phedra in a lively game of chase with the dog.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

That's it for the Unicorn. I made it go away. He appeared in the backyard every night for a solid two sim weeks. Every time, Helen would get out of bed, get dressed and go to feed it treats. Then she would sparkle for hours after it blessed her… AGAIN. She didn’t appear much in this chapter because she was too sparkly. And if you look very closely, he actually made a couple of appearances this chapter. 
Also, this chapter took a LONG time to write because I weighed the words of three of the characters very very very carefully. In the second chapter I mentioned that my characters are going to lie a LOT. This still holds true. And I define twisting the truth. deceit, and ommission to be forms of lies as well.
            I have no idea why Galen was in his formal clothes. No… Idea…
            I'll be posting every other day for a little bit. I've got a lot of parallel development to do and the next scene I need to shoot is going to take quite a bit of work. This should allow me a little wiggle room. If I get far enough ahead, I'll go back to once a day. But for now,


  1. Bless Galen, he and Layla were so sweet when they were trying to warn Cyrus

    1. They're really sweet in game too. Phedra was always such a bold as brass kid, with Cyrus only wanting to be fishing all.the.time that it's been a long time since I've had nice sweet little sim kids. lol

  2. Phedra is trying to get Cyrus into trouble? I think Galen is smarter than me, I didn't get that from their conversation. I just thought she was being nosey! I loved the dollhouse scene. That was brilliant. Layla seems like a very level-headed girl. Clearly more normal than she should be living in this house! Maybe it's the hair?

    I loved Bucks terrified face in the background haha! And the unicorn outside the window!

    I can't wait to find out what the unicorn has been talking about. I don't think Helen remembers any of it? But I'm sure she will when the time is right ;)

    1. (This is why I usually hold what I write a little longer. just to reread and make sure I make sense!lol) Galen misunderstood the conversation between the teens. Remember, he's the absent minded one who is easily confused. He had decided that Phedra was trying to convince Cyrus to do something he shouldn't do- save the frogs style. He was just trying to step in before potential drama started.
      Layla is a sharp little thing. She also purposely holds herself apart from the family and prefers to observe things.
      No. Helen remembers nothing, again. lol

    2. Ah, gotcha! I forgot his traits, all makes sense now. I thought I'd missed something that Phedra said haha.
      Also, what the hell? I was in game earlier and saw a townie with pink hair! Not as vibrant as Helen, Cyrus and Phedras, but definately pink! Was in too much shock to take a picture, because (in my legacy save at least) I've never made a sim with non-natural hair colour! :s I think your sims have contaminated mine, I think I'll have to pick a female heir just so I can breed with him, if I can find him again ;)

    3. lol. That [i]is[/i] odd. I've never heard of that happening naturally. Huh.
      Check out the top tabs. In particular the right side. Enjoy.

  3. Respeck? lol!


    1. Team FROGS For the WIN! lol

      I never heard things correctly as a kid. that word was one of them. hahaha

  4. I really love all the interactions your kids have.

    1. Thanks! I don't send them out in the world enough, so they're stuck interacting with each other a LOT. lol

  5. Set loose the frogs! I love the twins. They are so cute.

  6. In one of the first chapters of my Rose legacy, I have her narrate, 'and then I change into my formal attire for no apparent reason. I'm a sim; go with it.' Something like that. The next pic is the one I used for my profile pic. Well, a cropped version of it but yeah.

    I love that your characters lie. I don't WANT everything revealed to me all the time. Nothing like a good red herring too.

    Save the frogs!

    1. That's right! Sometimes, you just go with it because sims. lol

      Yes! All the lying lets you figure it out on your own.

      Team Frogs!

  7. Hi, don't mind me, just catching up with your legacy and I thought I'd comment along the way. :D

    Helen is super beautiful! Her eye shape in particular. And Buck is so endearing :) The kids are great too, curious to see what they're up to.

    Maybe Galen was having a tea party with a stuffed toy before? Kids change into their formal wear for that!

    1. Hi! Welcome to the blog! Forgive my partial absence. Haha.

      Thank you! I think so too. Loved her. and BUCK! My Buck. <3 He's so awesome.

      That could very well be it. lol. That would totally fit with him, too since most of his siblings kind of ignored him most of the time. Haha.