Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chapter 1.16

Chapter 1.16- Phedra’s Big Adventure.

                Phedra had been with Helen to each of her visits to the doctor. Because of the yelling, this was where she was sure her Mama went.

                Also, because of this, she was fairly sure she remembered the way. First was the subway station at the park by their house. There was a station at the hospital where she could get out.

                Normally, she didn’t meet the height requirements to ride by herself, but Phedra had toddler glitch magic. She’d just stretch her skeleton for a moment.

                Popping back to her normal size at the hospital unbalanced her. But she was at the hospital.

                She had no idea that there was an electronic eye you had to trigger for the doors to work.

                It was a surprise that she couldn’t get in to her Mama. It just made her believe all the more, though, that her Mama was in there.

                She waited a long time. The sun was even starting to set, and still she sat.

                Finally, Mama came out carrying a baby.

                She didn’t see Phedra, and Phedra started to cry.

                Phedra looked up and saw her Daddy through the glass, but he didn’t see her either.
                ‘PlumbBob, that sounds like Phedra,” Helen thought as she walked toward the subway entrance. She looked behind her to make sure Buck was following.

                Buck looked directly at the little girl wailing in distress. But it just didn’t register that it could really be Phedra. Phedra was at home with the sitter and Cyrus. She couldn’t get here, could she?

                And so Buck, too, walked away from Phedra.

                So Phedra got up and followed the two.

                Her tiny feet were starting to get a little tired, but she was going to get back to Mama.

                Back to the subway station…

                Again, Helen heard what sounded like Phedra’s wail inside the station, but it just couldn’t be.

                And out again at the station at the park. Phedra could see her mother walking ahead of her. Mama was going home. Phedra would go home, too.

It’s a miracle there were no cars.

                Phedra heard the bicycle bell ring, but didn’t realize it was because of her. She just wanted to get back to Mama.

                Phedra was almost there. She had left hours ago and had only stopped a short time.

                There were lights on at home. She wasn’t used to seeing the house from outside after dark. It was pretty.

So close…

                The grass was much softer for her feet than the concrete was.

                Almost there…


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Notes: I simply sat back and took pictures here as I could barely believe what I was watching. I have never ever heard of a toddler following a laboring sim mother to the hospital and back home again in the end. I have the “toddler interactions” mod that I believe caused it. It hadn’t been updated for the coding with patch 1.42 when this occured and if I looked at Phedra’s maptag it said “explore around,” which is an interaction associated with this particular mod (her action queue was empty.) The mod has been updated now, and I love it and highly reccommend it. You can find it here: Toddler Interactions Mod by Cherry92 at Modthesims.info
This is the final birth in THIS household!
And so the roll reveal: 4 kids!
And the Misc. Fun roll is half-siblings. I did help Helen have twins a bit as I really didn’t want another baby daddy while the family structure is Couple. She listened to the kids station on the radio for about 4 hours one day. I’m calling it luck that it worked out to only twins with one boy and one girl. Names are next chapter. ;)


  1. ooooh twins! I didn't even realize that they were BOTH carrying out a baby until I read that last part!

    1. Yup! I'm glad it was subtle. That's what I was going for. ;)


    Phedra is a little adventurer, maybe you could play on that as she gets older.

    I like how you did the whole chapter from her perspective, and didn't mention the babies at all. I wonder if Helen and Buck realised that she wasn't home when they got back?

    Love how you said she had 'toddler glitch magic'. I would probably have just not used those screens, but I'm glad you did :)

    1. Don't forget, she's already told Helen she's going exploring on an air plane.
      You'll see what happens when they were home and she wasn't next chapter.
      I couldn't believe what I was seeing with that. I was taking pics figuring no one else would believe me that it had happened that way if I didn't. Especially with the stretched skeleton. It was crazy.

  3. Awesome, Phedra's Big Adventure. That was pretty amazing.
    I'm glad you got twins so Helen doesn't have to cheat on Buck (or Buck cheat on Helen!).

    1. I'm glad someone got that. :D. I had nightmares the first time I saw that movie, and to be honest, the stretched skeleton toddler was pretty weird.
      Yeah, if she hadn't popped out two I'm not entirely sure what would have happened. Both of them are really strong people, and I'm afraid keeping them in a relationship wouldn't have worked either in game or in the story had an affair occured. Though it totally would have been Helen's promiscuous ass that cheated.

    2. I have a PeeWee's Playhouse lunchbox. Just sayin'

    3. Ok. That's awesome. My dad forced my brother and I to watch it every Saturday morning until we were nearly teenagers. Admittedly, we did like it up until we were 8 or so.

    4. PeeWee's Playhouse was during my college/stoner years, so, yeah. That explains everything. Mostly.

    5. LOL! I can only imagine watching that while stoned! That's fabulous!

  4. I can't believe neither Helen nor Buck noticed Phedra outside the hospital! I hope the experience hasn't damaged her in any way

    1. Yup. They just kept on walking. Even when she was crying! I think she'll be okay, though. Toddlers can be pretty resilient.

  5. Oh, Phedra. You little nutball. This was a great chapter.

  6. Wow, Phedra's adventure was just..., O.o both hilarious and creepy. This was a great chapter.

    1. Lol. Thank you! Very creepy that the toddler, on her own, undertakes to following her laboring mother complete with crazy stretching. It was... surprising at best.

  7. Well that was something. O.O
    I had to scroll back up. I'm like 'huh?!" When I saw it was twins. :)

    1. Yup! So focused on the purple haired toddler wandering around on her own, details like that are lost. ha! And I looked just like that when it happened! O.O