Friday, May 3, 2013

Chapter 2.15- Lights Out

A Warning now! This chapter is a little more graphic than anything I usually do! Turn back now if Sim Buttocks offends you! You have been Warned.

          The day had turned out to be not just warm, but the hottest summer day she’d ever known. The light rain of the morning made the air steamy and Layla had dug around her things until she found clothes that weren’t so heavy.
          Once she had changed she had lain listless on the sofa thinking about all she had learned the last two days. It was a grim picture and she had nearly made up her mind to start really sucking up to Ned so that he would keep at least Cyrus on his staff. She could sacrifice her youthful lust with life and settle down just to keep her brother around, couldn’t she?

          Facing a future she hadn’t expected had taken so much of her energy that she really could do no more than shuffle her feet around the kitchen. But it felt better than lying on the sofa wishing she had a ceiling fan to make the air move, or a way to change the inevitable. And the Deejay was doing a great job with the upbeat tunes tonight.

          If nothing else, she could always dance her troubled thoughts away.

          With the radio up so loud in both the living room and the kitchen she hadn’t heard the latch of the gate click, but she could see Ignacio approaching long enough for her to decide she couldn’t muster the strength to fight with him tonight.
          Maybe she’d get him to join her, then at least she wouldn’t feel so alone.

          He looked as grim as she felt she saw to her satisfaction. Misery loves company right? So she bounced her way closer, reaching out and pulling him into the room as the song segued into another lively dance tune.

          "C'mon. Dance with me."

          At first he had resisted her, which surprised Layla.

          “If there’s nothing more we can do, we might as well dance right?” She said only allowing her voice to be just a little louder than the beat.

          His arms continued to hang limply for a moment, then he shrugged and joined her. It had been a long time since she’d danced with someone, but she welcomed having a partner once again.

          When he leaned in close to her, heat flooded her cheeks and her breath caught.
          “You like to dance?” he asked.
          “Yes,” Layla breathed.
          “It makes you happy, makes you forget your troubles?”
          She nodded, not breaking eye contact, but he leaned back again once he’d received her answer. Looking at her soberly for a moment only, he stepped behind her, taking her hips in his hands moving them in time with his. She smiled and stepped back just enough so that she could feel his torso against her back. If he wanted to drive, she’d gladly let him take over.

          Completely letting go felt so good and she was soon smiling and swaying enthusiastically. When he chuckled in her ear she had a moment of surprise. He'd been so grim when he came in and now he was laughing, albeit lightly.
          “You do love to dance don’ you?” he asked.
          “Only it’s been too long since I’ve had a partner to dance with,” she answered with almost a laugh in her own voice.

          The Deejay slowed the final chorus noticeably. He was about to change gears and play a few slower ballads. Standing still for a moment, she gently ran her fingers through his thick hair leaning into him. Would she feel this way about Ned one day? Maybe she could teach him to dance like that and it would come to him.
          But Ignacio didn’t allow her to relax into him for long, using the hand he held at her waist to turn her around to face him.

(It's a still only, it's just for the music.)

          “May I have the honor of this dance, madam?” He looked more relaxed as he said it. Layla grinned back, nodding, only upset that he had put a generous amount of space between the two of them.
          One step backwards slowly, another to the side, and so one in a slow whirl around her kitchen. He genuinely knew how to dance, Layla thought with surprise. When had he learned? Did someone in town teach dance? She’d have to ask Sally.

          When she could no longer look at him she closed her eyes instead of trying to focus on anything else. Ned would hardly touch her and she missed tender human contact so much. The two still had space between them but she could sense his nearness, even with her eyes closed tight.

          Eyes flying back open when she bumped into the wall she took in a sharp breath. She hadn’t expected to find him so close to her, though he looked like he hadn’t meant to be that close either.
          Her eyes darted between his as a glow swept through her from her stomach to her finger tips and toes making goose bumps erupt.

          Eyelids fluttering, Layla found she couldn’t keep them open any longer. Breath coming more and more quickly she tilted her head wishing and hoping she didn’t look like a fool.
          Feeling his breath on her face she knew just how close he was, but he’d stopped. When she pushed herself a little closer to him he backed away.

          Wanting to find out what was wrong, she again opened her eyes. The look Ignacio gave her was both hungry and sad. Tentatively, she ran her hand up his arm, brushing his sideburns with the tips of her fingers hoping he’d understand that she wasn't upset by his nearness.
          “I cannot do this to Ned,” he said breathlessly.
          “You’re not doing anything to Ned,” she said.
          “He has great feelings for you. You’d be his first,” his eyes were becoming more worried by the second.
          Layla dropped her hand defeated. Heart breaking as she suddenly saw Ned in front of her and just the vision made her angry at herself for her own stupid actions. If Ignacio refused to touch her, it was her own fault.
“But I don’t want him," she whispered. "I want you."

          Immediately he ran both his hands up her cheeks bending near and she thought she would cry. Once again he hesitated just as her lips parted.
          “I will not be able to stop if we start, Mi Llamita,” he breathed.
          “Did I say I wanted you to ever stop?”

          At last, he brushed her lips gently with his own, then finally kissing her as her heart sprouted wings and flew away.
          Wrapping her arms around his neck she gave herself over completely, pressing herself against him. When he pressed back she suddenly remembered Cyrus entering this room and freaking out; Aunt Estella bursting through the front door and then remembered the open curtains in the living room and the lights on throughout the house. At the very least the lights would all have to be turned off to avoid Aunt Estella seeing. Or someone else seeing and telling Aunt Estella.
          She pulled back only enough so that her lips were free.
          “We’ve gotta turn out the lights,” she breathed, nuzzling his cheek with her nose.
          He immediately flipped the switch next to his hand and pushed her harder against the wall than before.
          “No,” she shook her head, trying to get him to look at her. “All of them. All of the lights in the house.”
          “Okay,” he answered, pulling her to him and rolling along the wall, around the phone and around the corner into the dining room.

          “Where is the switch?” Ignacio asked as he fumbled with the wall behind her.
          “Over there,” she said. “The other wall.”
          “Oh,” he said, pulling her away from the wall, refusing to stop touching her, but trying to walk. At the same time she finally managed to get her hands up his shirt, tugging it over his head and throwing it on the floor. She’d wanted to see if his chest was as hard as Joel’s for a long time now.

The chair clattering to the floor made her open her eyes to see where they had ended up. Ignacio moved to kiss her neck as she felt something hard against the back of her thighs.
          “It’s the table,” she muttered to herself figuring it out as he pushed her up onto the table top.

          “We’ve-” he cut her off by pulling her tank top over her head and letting it drop.
          Catching his eye she raised her eyebrows hoping he’d focus for a second.
          “We’ve got to get the lights out. Really,” she said as sternly as she could.
          “Where’s the switch?”
          “Over there, behind you under the cabinet.”
          “Right.” And he pulled her to him, off the table.

          Making it over to the counter he leaned back while she blindly swatted at the wall hoping to find the switch. The first two swipes managed to knock over a vase of flowers and to send a sunstone flying. She was so relieved when she managed to turn the dining room light off.
          “The living room lights,” she told him.

          Layla had managed to get them to the front door steering blindly. But by that point it was a few minutes before she remembered she was supposed to be turning the lights off. Again, she gave a few blind sweeps of her hand before finding the switch knocking off several of the gems perched on the stereo in the process.


          But once she’d finally gotten the lights off there still was a light shining in the room. She’d forgotten about the lamp on the end table.
          “The lamp.”
          They’d figured out a way to stay attached and moving at the same time at last, but she’d be glad once the lights were all turned out. It would really simplify things.

          She overshot on her aim, again, and sent the lamp and the rest of the items on the end table crashing to the floor. One of the gems skittered along the floorboards making Layla briefly wonder where it had finally ended up.
          Ignacio leaned over her as she put a hand up to stop him. The hall light was still on.

          “The hall light,” she panted. “The hall light still has to be turned out.”
          Ignacio blinked slowly at her.
          “Do you turn on all of your lights?”
          “It makes me feel safe.”
          “Locking your doors would do the same thing more effectively.”
          “But if I locked my doors you wouldn’t have been able to come in tonight.”
          “Fair enough,” he said, pulling her up trying to choose where he stepped carefully. The floor was littered with all manner of objects and neither wanted to stop due to an unexpected injury now.

          In the hall Ignacio took his turn to feel up the wall looking for the light switch.
          “Where is it?” he asked after failing to locate the switch.
          “It’s on the other wall.”
          “Of course it is.”

          Layla pushed him across the small hallway with more force than she had intended and they crashed into the wall several feet from the switch.
          Lifting her leg she intended to flip it with her toe, her hands were busy at the moment and she was tired of sacrificing moments just to find yet another switch. Ignacio helped.

          When the pair had finally been left in absolute darkness relief swept through her. Swearing to herself that she'd never turn on her lights at night again she let Ignacio carry her out of the hallway.
          There would be a mess and a half to clean up tomorrow, but she couldn’t worry about it tonight.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

          I had way too much fun making that mess of Layla’s house. But it’s so spread out that it was hard to get a pic that shows it all. I’d been hoarding individual laundry piles in the foundation for a couple of sim days in game so I’d have them for this scene. Though I found a prop bra, boxers and panties to use for giggles.

          And I have no idea why Layla’s earrings changed in those last shots. Just ignore them please.

Next up: The aftermath! Dun da DUN!!! Of course there’s aftermath.


  1. First thought...well at least she's got clothes on while she danced this time. Girl still needsta use curtains though.

    Oh boy I saw the lamp, I saw the lamp! ::forces self to read from the top::

    I bet her asking him to dance with her really threw him for a loop. Talk about a 180, she's been cold-shouldering him all this time thinking he was an aggravating purpose, and now all the sudden this. Crap, every time I scroll back down to add to this comment, I get distracted by the lamp. Kinda sweet that he wanted to know if dancing makes her happy. Why does the phrase 'takes two to tango' come to mind? Oh right, the lamp :P

    "he looked like he hadn’t meant to be that close either" hehe, it's a gravitational pull. Loved the little byplay about locked doors.

    *cough* That was awesome. I believe he snagged himself a tigress.

    1. Yes! Clothes help. And yes she does. I wish EA had done their curtains in an open, and pulled back version. It would really have helped.
      lol. The lamp!

      Oh, I believe he fully expected to get yelled at at the very least when he came up. She's made her preference clear, but she's also done her very best to berate him almost every time she sees him. The Lamp!

      Everyone mentions to her that she needs to lock her doors. And they're right! She just doesn't like to be wrong.

      Thank you. :)

  2. Woowee---they just took their dancing to a whole other level, lol I wonder how many neighbors were on the their rooftops that night? They'd have an eyeful since they made out in every room they went into! :P

    Poor Ned though, if he ever finds out, he is going to be crushed, especially since he considers them both friends, and he wants more from Layla. Though really, I doubt Ned would know what to do with Layla if he had her, lol She's a wild one!

    I think Layla kept her doors unlocked just hoping that Ignacio would someday be the one to walk in on her. And so it happened! =)

    1. I doubt there were many sims out stargazing that night. And if they were, I'm not entirely sure they'd be too comfortable saying anything. Ha!

      Ned is really caught in the crossfire here isn't he? And no. He'd be at a total loss with Layla, just as she'd be at a loss with him. The mutual shock at the knowledge difference would be pretty funny though.

      Y'know, there's probably a good bit of truth in that. And she has admitted before that she likes people just showing up and walking in. So it would be very easy to extend that to Ignacio being the one to walk in on her.

  3. LOVE.
    Really love.
    Really love lots and lots.

    It's so descriptive, without being vulgar or going over the top.
    I love the use of tipsy and OMSP. I'm guessing that was fun? And having the forethought to save laundry for this is brilliant.

    I like how Layla could still think straight enough to turn the lights off, and love the trail of destruction as they made their way to the bedroom. HOT.
    The crazy thing is, you let us use our imaginations, making it seem hotter than it really is. If you just read it without thinking about anything, it's crazy sweet and romantic.

    I hope Ned either doesn't have to hear about this (though, as there is an aftermath, I doubt that) or tells Layla and Iggy where to shove it. I don't think he has the stones to tell them how he really feels and kick them out of his life, but I hope he can, and that he finds happiness with someone better suited.

    I'm with Nirar. I hadn't thought of it until she mentioned it, but maybe she subconciously did leave her doors unlocked so he'd come in and sweep her off her feet (literally).

    What will the town think of Layla now? Iggy already has a reputation for this kind of thing, and I think Layla will be dragged down with him, unfortunately.

    Well done! :) Proud a ya.

    1. Thank you! Yes it was a lot of fun with the tipsy on top of all the other omsp's I've got in that house. The Build mode screen was hard to sift through to grab the right omsp when I needed it since there were SO many in the end.

      She wasn't thinking 'straight enough' so much as it was terror that Aunt Estella might come and chew her out again. lol. and Thank you again! I would rather you use your imagination a little bit.

      Poor Ned. Ned is a pretty gentle person, but at the same time I think he has just enough pride to deal with such a personal insult more directly that he usually would. And I hope he can be happy one day, too.

      I kinda think there is some truth in that as to why she leaves them unlocked and open.

      That is the question. Next time. ;)

      Thank you.

  4. Oh Layla, I can see this going horribly horribly wrong... I can't imagine no-one in the town will have noticed so Ned is going to hear about this and while he's not right for Layla he's a sweet guy and it's going to hurt him a lot.

    1. You are quite right that there is no way such a tryst will ever come out on the right side of things. And he's really going to be hurt. But with any luck he can move on sooner rather than later.

  5. Love the mess!
    I feel so bad for Ned. It's like a double betrayal, from 'his' girl and his closest friend.

    1. Thanks!

      Yup. Right now there are four people in town who he actively talks to. Two of them just stabbed him in the back. It's not going to be happy for him for a little while.

  6. Oh dear. I want to feel bad for Ned. But he's just so...BORING. I like Ignacio's fire. And this chapter sure was steamy! :D

    1. Ned is a little bit boring to me too. He's nice, don't get me wrong. But Layla likes someone who doesn't mind putting a toe (or a leg) over that line occasionally. Ignacio's fire makes me happy too. ;) Very steamy. lol

  7. Oh nuts. And I mean big walnuts in the biggest nutcracker ever.
    But, the 'hoarding the laundry piles' cracked me up. I was actually wondering how you got them. I figured buydebug. Making a mess is fun!
    Yeah, like, poor Ned, but he is totally boring. He's just not RIGHT for her. And she'd just break his heart because she's not who he thinks she is. <---big mistake when done

  8. Lol. Yup. Big nuts. :p

    I couldn't find the individual piles in buydebug, just the big pile. Certainly could have overlooked it though. However, hoarding worked. Haha.

    Layla also would only have stayed with Ned for Cyrus. Eventually that would have led to resentment on top of incompatibility to begin with. There was no way it would go well. Nor would it be fair to Ned.

  9. Oh Layla, curtains. Curtains! Get them. Close them. The chaos they left in their wake was too funny :D

    1. Thankfully! There are now curtains in the living room. However! They're still open. xD I'd kill for curtains with both an open and close state. It would add so much to the realism when that's what you're going for.

      Thank you! I loved that mess too. lol. *blushing all the way. Still. Three years later.* Ha!