Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chapter 2.22- Breathe Dammit

          Leisure Day was the day. The big one. The one they had picked together. He was moving in. And Layla was so excited she waited on her front steps so she could greet him the moment he came up her walk. Their walk

          She could still hardly believe she’d had the courage to ask him to move in with her. And was even more surprised that they were both going to go through with it. She’d spent almost an hour on the phone with her mother the day before enthusing about how wonderful things were going.

          And when he appeared her heart skipped a beat. He was finally coming, it was really happening. But that didn’t look like a suitcase or boxes he was carrying. It looked like- a toddler?

          What the hell?

          It was. It really was. He was carrying a child.

          How was it that until this very moment she’d forgotten to he said he had a daughter? Shit. If she was honest with herself she'd thought that was a joke! She'd treated it as a joke! He should have known that!

          But didn't he say eventually? That eventually she'd move in with them? Why does he have her here now?

          Maybe it's Nalleli's kid. But wouldn't he have mentioned a niece?

          And why would you bring your sister’s child with you when you are about to move in with your girlfriend? Hell! It is his isn’t it?!? Those rumors around town are true and he has a daughter?!? She thought rumors were all supposed to be lies!

          Did she have time to run? Time to Hide? Could she effectively disappear if she tried hard enough?

          Oh Hell no. She definitely was not ready for this. What had she been thinking?

          Just keep smiling. Just keep smiling. Just keep smiling, smiling, smiling.

 (a la Ellen DeGeneres as Dory in Finding Nemo)

          Why the hell is he still smiling? How can he smile? This-Is-A-Disaster!

          Stop! I forbid you to get closer with my telepathic abilities! Mmmmmmmph! Stop! Stop stop stop stop stop! Fine! I have no telepathic abilities! Stop anyway!

          So now you stop. At the top of my stairs? The baby looked at me! Oh PlumbBob. Does it have Clarvoyant Mediumcy like Sabria? Does it know what I’m thinking?!?

          Oh crap. Spots in my vision. Breathe dammit! Breathe breath breathe breathe Breathe! Ok. Stop breathing. No more hyperventilating. Stop stop stop. Holy shit.

          “Layla this is Tiburcia, my little girl. I told you about her, remember? I’m jus’ going to leave Tibi here with you while I got get some of my things. You two should get to know each other.”

          You told me and I thought you were joking! This thing playing with it's feet is not a joke! This is not funny!

          “What am I supposed to do with you?”


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I had WAY too much fun with the Moviemaker cheats on this one. Sorry.


  1. Holy crikey, look at all those gnomes! Run Layla, run! LMFAO. LOVED the look on her face when she saw Tibi and remembered he'd said he had a daughter. Oh Layla. There's nearly always a grain of truth in every rumor.

    Telepathic abilities. *snort* Now that would be awfully fun for us and bad for Layla if Tibi has her grandmother's abilities. Never thought of that.

    Tibi is a really cute toddler, can't wait to see her as she ages. And, can't wait to see what happens when Ignacio comes back. That ought to be entertaining to say the least. Of course he knew she didn't take him seriously when he told her about his daughter, and that she'd be living with them, and now he deposits her on Layla's porch and leaves to get his stuff. That is awesome. He totally knows what he's doing to her :P

    1. Yeah. I'd like one of each, but I think I have two laundry gnomes and two regular mysterious Mr.Gnomes, but those two are in the hopes that they will breed for me. I likes the gnome babies. =D

      Yup. You'd figure she wouldn't discount all of it, but with any luck we'll let her explain her reasoning next time. Tibi is all normal though. No special powers. Other than the uncanny ability to freak Layla out.

      Leaving Tibi with Layla right off the bat like that was very much premeditated, though I'm not entirely sure he thought she would respond quite like that. To him, he told her and assumed that as she had heard the stories about him she had taken him at least half seriously since she hadn't questioned it.

  2. *ignores PM to read chapter*

    LOL!!! LOL, LOL, LOL and LMAO.
    (I'd like to add that the above reaction was while I was reading. I'm now angry because I'm watching the news. I dunno if it's worldwide news, but a British soldier was knifed to death by terrorists the other day in Woolwich, London. Makes me sad and angry, so if this comment doesn't fit the general mood, that's why.)

    Tiburcia (how is that pronounced, by the way? 'Ty-burch-ee-a' 'Ty-bur-sea' 'Ty-bur-see-a'?) is a cutie. I hope Layla can learn to get on with her! Love how you basically used the same picture for the whole chapter, just zooming in a bit. That was brilliant.

    By your comment on Misty's comment, I'm assuming Ig's knew Layla didn't believe him, and so rubbed his daughter in her face. I'm kinda assuming he's not expecting her to move in 'today', but wanted to make sure Layla knew she existed? I wonder if Layla will just stand there looking at her until Iggy comes back? I wonder if he'll comment on her facial expression? What will she say? Will she be angry at him? Or will she be annoyed at herself?

    Hope the power stays on all day soon so you can get pics! :)
    (I don't have time to reply to PM now, but I'll be home before you get up, and hopefully reply before you log on, but... hairdyeeeee!)

    1. Hey, don't blame you for being angry about that. And yes it's worldwide news. Very sad.

      Your third attempt at Tiburcia is how the little girl at Lou's school says her name, so that's the one I'm going with. Only it's got a very very slight "sh" in the C. Almost an accented c pronunciation. And she's turning her head ever so slightly in each one as she watches Iggy's progress up the walk. So not quite the same, but almost. lol.

      He had only a slight hunch that she didn't believe him. He definitely knew that she didn't listen to him though. She may have heard the words, but she did not let them saturate. And no, Tibi isn't moving in today and I'll let him explain why next time. It's not even because of Layla that Tibi isn't moving in today.

      You'll just have to see on all of those won't you? ;) Though I think she'll probably open the door and shoo the poor child inside if nothing else.

      I hope the power stays on today all day too! I'm tired of this nonsense where it's out and on and out and on. I know they are fixing the lines from the storms this week but geez. Just leave it on long enough for me to be productive! Pretty please?

  3. Hehehehe, I loved Layla's reaction! It was priceless and I'm positive Ignacio knew exactly how much showing up with Tibi would freak Layla out!

    1. I did too! lol. But I don't think he knows just how that reaction went in her head. Not that her face wasn't a dead give away, but he didn't think she'd be That freaked out. Maybe she'll learn a little something here. Teehee.

  4. Hahaha! Awesome. I love Layla's face as reality came crashing down on her.
    Also love your gnome army. =D

    1. Oh, how the mighty doth fall eh? She's about to get a good dose of reality right there.

      I loves my gnomes. <3 Like to the point it's hard to sell the duplicates. They give a lot of personality to the lot and game for me.


    Seriously, I loved this chapter.

    ...That is all. =D

    1. Thank you! lol. So glad you got giggles out of it. ;)

  6. Awww, the gnomes are cute!

    Loved Layla's reaction, that was funny, especially that last pic.

    Tibi is adorable though!

    I am working on catching up on your story now. Reading is not the problem, it's leaving the comments that takes me a little longer, lol =)

    1. I love my gnomes!

      Thank you! I had a lot of fun doing it and kept cracking up at the look on her face.

      She is a cutie.

      Yay! Aw that's fine. I get it. I can't wait to see what Ryder (Alder) and co. get up to in Dragon Valley. Can't.Wait. And what will Spring do now that she's supposed to be the calm one?

  7. Bahahahahaahahahahaahahaha! Loved LOVED the pics

  8. Thank you! It was too fun doing it to Layla. lol